The Secret Seven (Storytellers part.2)

Bailey and her five friends all knew she was different, there was nothing to deny it. Sitting in the middle of the woods across from the cemetery? Yeah no that's normal. But what happens when the six begin to tell stories of indescribable measure? It's all fun and games until the Seventh arrives.
Special thank you to Secrets Unfold for making the cover I love it! Amazing work, check 'em out as well!


3. Jewls: The Curse

"When I was a little girl, my father would tell me stories how the Norseman believed in many gods, because we had many lives in our own person. He used to say the spirits would one day walk amongst us, waiting for their chance to live once again, to make this life better than the one before, for better or worse. I never believed him though, that death was real and people could get hurt. I was only a kid, what could I have known? But that's how the story goes, I don't believe in it though. After all, it's only a story right? I like your story, so I think I'll continue it from Jewl's point of view." I said to my friends who were eager to listen.

"Let's see, how about a week after the party and the horrible crash, Jewls invites everyone over, and things begin to get very interesting...


"It's open! You can come in!" I called out.

"Hi Jewls." Bennet said sheepishly.

I merely smiled, I was still mad at him for leaving me alone with Lorena Rich, stupid girl, trying to always get attention.

"We come bearing gifts!" Ethan said trying to be jovial.

"By gifts he means, alcohol" Bailey said unimpressed as she sat on the sofa across from me.

"Yes I bring the gift or alcohol, I think we could all use a stress reliever." he said rolling his eyes.

What was it with them? Bailey is my best friend, but the last thing I remember from the crash was the stupid argument she and Ethan were having. It was true that he'd broken up with her, but it wasn't his fault. She'd been acting really distant to the point where he was done with it. Ethan was Bennet's best friend so it wasn't a huge surprise to me that he'd be here. I'm sure Bailey wasn't to thrilled but at least they were being civilized.

"Victor is with Korin, she was pretty shaken when she heard we'd crashed." I said aloud.

"I'm just glad she gets to see him. We were lucky we weren't seriously hurt." Ethan said.

"Issac was going to come, but he got grounded again." Bailey said into her glass.

"Well that's fine, we shall miss his presence." I said with out any comfort.

"We'll I be lucky if I'm even able to drive before I'm fifty." Bennet said, taking off his glasses so he could clean them.

"It wasn't your fault Bennet, the car was messed up." Bailey tried to reassure him.

"Yeah well trying to explain that to my parents was like trying to tell them I was from the planet Krypton, they didn't buy it."

"It wasn't you're fault." she insisted.

"Because it was yours." I said as I took a sip of the wine Ethan had brought.

Bailey turned to look at me, "What?"

"I said let's go out doors."

I stood and she followed, what the hell was going on with me? I knew the car was messed up, but a little part of me did blame Bailey. It was her fight that distracted Bennet in the first place. I opened the back door that led to the patio, then closed it behind her.

"Too bad Issac couldn't come. He's always the life of the party." I said to her.

"Yeah, well now he can be Violet's party. I swear she's the only normal one in our crazy family." she replied.

"Everyone get's a little crazy."

Bailey went to sit on the patio furniture and I sat directly in front of her.

"If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, you know I'm here for you."

"Thanks Jewls, but I'm fine, really I am." she said smiling.

"No you're not. You're hiding from us, we are your friends Bailey, you can talk to us." I said as I got up from the couch.

"Jewls enough, I'm fine okay?" she said. She tried not to get angry she was trying so hard.

"You aren't just fine. You're Bailey Grey, everyone in this little town would give anything to be you for a second." I said trying to get her to understand my point.

"I highly doubt that." she said in all seriousness. "Besides, I'll graduate in a few weeks, move far away and they'll for get all about their oh so precious Bailey Grey."

I was slowly moving towards the wooden spears my dad had placed in a cabinet with the outdoor wine glasses. What if it just managed to find it's way through her head? There would be no more Bailey Grey, you would be even more popular.

"Hey there you girls are.

I dropped turned away from the cabinet and went to sit at the patio bar and Bennet came to join me.

"Where's you camera?" I asked him.

"It ultimately got destroyed in the crash," he said sadly, "but I'll be getting a new one soon."

"Oh well here."

I reached to the seat that was next to him, and grabbed the little black bag. I pulled out my dad's digital camera and handed it to him.

"Film me." I commanded.

"Okay? Doing what?" he said surprised.

"What you don't like the new me?" I said offended. Then I looked over to Bailey and Ethan who were talking.

"Bailey does!" I said louder, "Don't you Bailey?"

I turned back to Bennet and got a searing headache.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

"I'm fine, just peachy. Why?" I said trying to hold my own. It wasn't fair how did Bailey get all the attention and I couldn't

"It's just you've been acting strange, and the way your dressing."

I looked down, I was only wear a black spaghetti strap top and black skinny jeans. What was wrong with that? At the party I wore something way more fetch.

"I see how it is. Bailey can dress and act how she wants to get attention, but when I do it it's weird!"

"Jewls what the hell is wrong with you?" Bailey asked concerned.

"Oh that's just great to hear from you. You're supposed to be my friend, and all you ever do it make things worse!"

"Cut it out Jewls, Bailey's done nothing to you." Ethan said getting up from his seat.

"Oh cut the crap, Ethan, you know she doesn't want you. Why do you keep trying?" I said as I wrapped my arms around him.

He pushed me away and then turned to Bailey, "Do you wanna go?"

"Ugh you're so pathetic." I growled. "All of you! So caught up in your own messed up lives! I see all of you, and none of you have ever seen me!"

They all looked at one another, shocked and hurt.

"Jewls, this isn't you." Bennet tried to say.

"GET OUT! ALL OF YOU JUST LEAVE!" I shouted as they all ran for the door.

I turned to face the spears and heard Ethan call out for Bailey. I never knew that Bennet had stayed behind.

There was somehing wrong with Jewls she wasn't being herself. I noticed when she had her pain her eyes turned this gold yellow color. I thought maybe her dad would have some Norse/ Scandinavian information on this and I was sitting on the living room floor when I noticed a shadow.

"Agh!" I yellep when I saw Jewls' mom in the hallway. She was from Russia, and was very scary.

"It is Conrad yes?" she said in her own form of English.

"Yes! It's Bennet, Conrad Bennet. Uh, missis Aleksandr , vy prekrasno vyglyadite?" I tried to speak in what little Russian I did know.

"Charming." she said icily. "Moy muzh sobral mnogo istoriy iz svoyey kul'tury , a takzhe kak mozhno bol'she informatsii . YA schitayu, eto tak grubo , chto nasha doch' druz'ya prosto poshel by vokrug i sovat' svoy nos v nego."

"Prosti, chto ya iskal ... v vannoy, i ya vdrug bol'she ne nuzhno idti. YA ostavlyu teper' mne zhal' , spokoynoy noch!" I stammered as I got up from the floor and bolted out the door.

I saw her walking down the street. She was headed to the crash sight, and she was all alone.


"Hi Ben," Violet said as she answered the door.

"Hey there Violet, where's you brother and sister?"

"Violet who is it?" I heard Issac call from the other room. What was he doing home?

Violet ran to the arms of her big brother and Issac stepped into view.

"Hi Bennet, what can I do for you?" he said.

"I was wondering if you'd seen Bailey?"

"Not after she stormed out, Ethan's sitting in the living room."

"He looks sad." Violet said frowning.

"C'mon in." Issac said opening the door wider. "I'm going to get Violet ready for bed."

"Bennet?" Ethan's voice came from the living room.

"Hey! Ethan we got something big here! Something huge!"

"What's up?"


"This what?" he said confused.

"No no, Dis, according to Norse mythology it's a woman spirit associated with fate who can be both benevolent and antagonistic towards mortal people.The disir are explicitly called dead women and a secondary belief that the disir were the souls of dead women. They're original purpose was to protect their clans from evil spirits as well as be the matron spirit."

"I don't get why this is so important." Ethan said sadly.

"Look, this spirit was said to be a protector, but because it was too powerful for mortals, it was locked away in a talisman, and once the talisman was broken the spirit was released." I pulled out a torn paper from Jewls' father's book and showed Ethan a picture of a really old necklace.

"Look familiar?"

"Isn't that the necklace Jewls was wearing at the party? She doesn't wear it any more." he said with certainty.

"That's cause it got smashed like my camera and it unleashed the spirit inside of her!"

"That's why she was acting so hostile towards Bailey-"

"We need to find Bailey!" I said finishing his sentence.

As if right on cue, Ethan's phone rang. It was Bailey.

"Bailey?" he said as he stood.

"Hey, look I'm sorry I ran off, I just needed to clear my head. Look I'm at the crash site and I think we should talk."

"Bailey stay right there, we are coming-"

*White Noise*

"Ethan? Are you there?"

*White noise* Click.

"The call dropped! We have to go find her!" Ethan said nearly shouting.

We bolted for the door, and Issac carrying Violet, who was dressed in her pajamas, said,

"We're coming too. To my car!"

I guess they just thought that they could return to their normal lives, as if nothing had happened. That simply wasn't the case. Whose to say who we are? Our inherited traits and cultures , or our darkest desires are only a part of who we are, because it's in our blood. But maybe, it's the perfect chance to let them out to play. Maybe all we need is absolution, the green light to let them out. And we all know what happens next..."



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