The Secret Seven (Storytellers part.2)

Bailey and her five friends all knew she was different, there was nothing to deny it. Sitting in the middle of the woods across from the cemetery? Yeah no that's normal. But what happens when the six begin to tell stories of indescribable measure? It's all fun and games until the Seventh arrives.
Special thank you to Secrets Unfold for making the cover I love it! Amazing work, check 'em out as well!


4. Ethan: Realization

"Don't think Ethan Scott doesn't know about the stories that are told about guys like him. Handsome, athletic, popular, knocked up one girl then another and another. It's the same bullshit from the same story retold over and over again."

"So tell us something new." my friend said as she leaned against a tree.

"Alright I will."

My friends were on the edge of their seats as they listened to my story.

"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ethan, and one day he finally woke up...

"I know what I saw." I told my self for the hundredth time. "Bailey moved the car."

I was staring at the bathroom mirror trying to convince myself that I wasn't crazy, I'd seen her do it, and it was unreal. That night we crashed, rattled all of us, so tonight we were going over to Jewls' house to relax. I wanted to talk to Bailey but she was cutting me off. She never wanted to see me at school and avoided me at all costs. But now ever since the crash, she wanted me around. They wouldn't let me see her when they took her to the emergency room (not that she need to she moved the car and was perfectly fine.) and when we went back to school she looked at me and even went to lunch with me. It was like old times, but a little voice in my head kept telling me not to get too close. I shook my head and splashed some water on my face, Bennet was at my house and we were going to pick up Bailey. As I washed my face and looked up in the mirror there was a dead person in the reflection!


I jumped and turned to look for the corpse, but it wasn't there.

"What the hell?"

"Hey Ethan! You ready yet?" I heard Bennet call.

"Yeah! I'm coming!"

We-Well I drove to Bailey's house seeing as Bennet was not so ready to drive again, and as I pulled up to the house Bennet said he wanted to stay in the car.

"You okay?" I asked him.

"Yeah yeah, I just wanted to collect my thoughts."

"It's Bailey and she forgives you." I said trying to calm him down.

He nodded and I got out of he car. Bailey's brother let me in and went to finish making dinner for his little sister. I stood in the entry way and then saw Bailey coming down the stairs.

"Beautiful as always." I said as I brushed a strand of dark hair from her face.

"You don't look to bad yourself." she said smiling.

"On of the perks of being me." I teased.

Before I knew it her lips were on mine, and we were kissing. She broke away and smiled at me, and I felt like I was on cloud nine. I'd even almost forgotten about the dead guy in my bathroom. Almost.

Jewls' house was only a block away so we pulled Bennet out of the car and made our way over. We hadn't told our friends we were back together, so I walked behind them as Bennet began talking to an imaginary reporter on how he survived the fiery car crash.

"You know surviving that car crash really helps out your reputation." he said to Bailey.

"Really? How so?"

"Oh Bennet you're so tragically brave and ruggedly handsome! I can't believe you saved all your friends from that car , just seconds before it blew up into a million pieces."

"Yes, because that's what really happened." Bailey said teasing him.

"Well, I may have improvised a bit."

I stopped listening though. I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched like something creepy was looking at me. And then I saw it again. That dead guy, he walked right next to Bailey, but she didn't seem to notice. It was like I was the only one who could see it.

"Why are you so fancy?" Bailey asked Bennet, and I was brought back to reality.

"Why is it too much?" he said worriedly.

We made it Jewls' house and we all had a glass of wine in our hands in a matter or minutes. Except for Bailey she didn't drink. Ever.

"Lets go out doors." Jewls said, and we were following when Bennet doubled over. 

"You okay man?"

"Yeah, just still feeling it from the accident." he grimaced.

"It doesn't even seem real." I mumbled as I took a swig of wine.

"Well the damaged sure seemed real. I'm just glad we are all alive."

I nodded then we went to find the girls..

Bennet sat with Jewls, and I made my way over to Bailey.

"You okay?" I asked her.

"I'm just thinking." she said.


"Us, why we broke up."

I nodded and sat down with her.

"We used to be inseparable. Do you remember? I was your everything, and I never wanted to make you unhappy. I never wanted to break up with you, but i was tired of being put last. It was like you didn't care."

"You know that's not true." she said defensively.

"We used to talk for hours." I said getting angry.

"Did we though? Or was it just you?" she said firmly.

"I saw what you did at the accident. How you moved the car." I said suddenly.

At this her eyes widened then she quickly said,

"Just drop it, you don't know what you're talking about."

"Then tell me! Because I don't want to go back to this again Bailey."  I whispered.

"Bailey does, dont you Bailey?" Jewls called out.

Ignoring her Bailey said, "I know things have been different since the accident-"

"Not just since the accident Bailey. Ever since we met you always had something up your sleeve. I just want to know you, that's all I want."

I grabbed her hands, "Bailey I do love you, but I need you to love me back, otherwise I don't know what we are doing here."

"Bailey can dress and act however she wants to get attention, but when I do it its strange?"

"Jewls, this isn't you." Bennet said cautiously.

"GET OUT! ALL OF YOU LEAVE NOW!" Jewls shouted.

I stared at Jewls thinking she'd gone off the deep end, then I realized Bailey was gone.

"Bailey? Bailey!" I called for her. But she wasn't any where.

I left Jewl's house looking for Bailey, but I couldn't find her. Then I stopped in front of the park near our school. The memories came flooding in. She was sitting on a bench watching Jewls and the other cheerleaders practice, and she had a book in her hands. Bennet was watching the cheerleaders and I kept my eyes on her. She finally looked up at me then smiled. Her green eyes bright and big. I fiddled with the chain around my neck. On it was our promise rings, she'd given me mine then her, when I broke up with her. I remember that day too.

"What's going on with you?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"All I wanted is to be apart of your world. I want you to let me in!"

"Just stop it!"

"Bailey, I want us to start a life together so we can experience things, the good and the bad!"

"You don't know how dangerous it could get." she cried. "I don't know how bad things could get, I don't want to hurt you."

I didn't look at her and she didn't try to get me to face her.

"I just need you to trust me Ethan." she pleaded.

"What if I can't." I meant it as a question but it came out harsh.

About three days later we broke up. I ended it. Then memories of the party how she was by herself and how I punched Sam, to when we crashed, and then how we kissed just a couple hours ago. I put the rings back under my shirt and left. Before I knew it I was back at Bailey's house. I knocked on the door, I had to make sure she was okay. Issac answered the door.

"Ethan? What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Hey, is um, is Bailey here?" I asked shakily.

"No, isn't she still at Jewls?"

"No, I don't know. Can I wait inside until she gets back?"

"Yeah, sure, have a seat."

I went and sat on the couch and looked at the ground. Violet came in and tapped on my shoulder.

"Why so sad Ethy?" she asked.

"I don't know if I'm going to see you much anymore Vivi," I sad sadly. She looked so much like Bailey.

"Violet, why don't you go pick up your toys before bed." Issac told her.

"Okay Issac. Bye-bye Ethy." she skipped into the other room.

"Did you guys, um, what happened?" Issac asked.

"Nothing, I just need to tell her something." I said to him trying to push back the hot tears.

Knock, knock,knock.

"I get it!" Violet called out as she opened the big doors. "Hi Ben!"

"Hey Violet, is your brother or sister home?" I heard Bennet ask.

Then we were all running down the street to the crash sight looking for Bailey.

"There!" Bennet pointed to Jewls and Bailey standing apart from each other. Jewls had a spear in her hand.

"Jewls don't!" I called to her. "This is not you you aren't a killer."

"Aren't I?" her voice was cold. "We'll see, HA!" she drove her spear into my stomach, Bailey screamed.

"ARGH!" I cried out then I was falling to the ground,

"NO!" I heard Bailey roar,

She threw her self at Jewls knocking her over. While Jewls was pinned down I heard I her call to Bennet.

"Bennet! Anything in that big head of your and help?"

Bennet flipped through the pages of the book he had and then chanted,

"DIS spirito eliri nia amiko via laboro estas bezonata tie , foriru de cxi tie , kaj ne revenas . Mi cxesigos vin!"

As that was happening I started to slide the spear out of my stomach, there was no blood.

"Ethan!" Bailey pushed herself off Of Jewls and ran to my side, Bennet ran to Jewls.

"Jewls are you okay?"

"What? Bennet? Where am I? What happened?" she asked in disbelief.

"Ethan, are you okay? We need an ambulance, we need, we- you aren't bleeding..."

"I never left the accident, did I?" I asked her.

Then we looked over to a spot near a group of trees. My body was covered by leaves but my face was visible. Bailey began to cry.

"I guess I had some last minute business to attend to." I said weakly teas in my eyes now."

"I don't understand." she cried.

"Bailey there are shadows and spirits all around me, I want to go with them."

"No, you can't you can't leave me."

"It's time for me to go,"

"No you can't."

"We'll talk again some day. I promise."

I pulled out our promise rings and placed them in her hands, and she cried even harder.

"I love you." she blubbered.

"I love you, and now I can go in peace." I whispered. I kissed the top of her forehead, then my soul began to flicker and then I was gone.

"Ethy!" Violet cried, and Bailey ran to her siblings. It was the first time since her mom died that Bailey cried.

"I can't tell you where Ethan went. That's not what the story's about. The story keeps going with or without you, when it's had enough of you, POOF you vanish. But I'll tell you this, it's gonna be a good story. But watch out, there's a twist!"

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