The Secret Seven (Storytellers part.2)

Bailey and her five friends all knew she was different, there was nothing to deny it. Sitting in the middle of the woods across from the cemetery? Yeah no that's normal. But what happens when the six begin to tell stories of indescribable measure? It's all fun and games until the Seventh arrives.
Special thank you to Secrets Unfold for making the cover I love it! Amazing work, check 'em out as well!


2. Bailey: The Party

Six friends, all sitting round a campfire, sounds fun right? Well not if you're not normal. Confused? Don't worry, you'll catch up. At least you'll have to. Picture this, six friends, all sitting around a campfire-now picture that in the woods across the cemetery. You got it? Good. This group happens to be me and my closest friends. We're outcasts but not like the geeks and freaks of the world. We are actually quite popular, at least to normal people's standards. We are actually quite..different.  Now here's the fun part, we like to play this game called Story. Each Friday night we all get together and go to the cemetery and tell a story. Not ghost stories cause that's boring but thrilling and adventurous ones, of course it's all fun and games until some one loses their head....Following so far? Good, cause this is where is begins...

"So who's turn is it to tell the story?" my best friend asked us in her sly and mischievous voice.

No one answers her, everyone just at each other and  looks into the flames as the fire flicked it's tongues at us.

"Oh right it's mine." I say suddenly and immediately everyone turns to look at me.

Looking to my friends I say,

"I think I'm going to call this story, Bailey."

Everyone settles into their seat as I begin to tell my story.

"Bailey...Bailey Grey, was an ordinary teenage girl with ordinary teenage-like problems or so she seemed....

Bailey was only seven when her mom died, a freak fire accident that no one could explain. Her dad had gone ballistic blaming her older brother Isaac for everything that went wrong. She tried to ignore them and busy her self with normal things and normal problems. But she wasn't normal at all and her problems had only just begun...

"I'm sorry I'm such a fucking disappointment to you!Maybe you should just let me move out so I don't burden you with my pathetic-ness!!" I heard Issac yell to my dad.

"Yes so you could screw up your life even more!!" dad yelled back.

"I'm sorry! Fuck! How many times do I have to say it I'm sorry!"

"You disgust me! You make me sick!"

"I said I was fucking sorry! What do you want me to do?!!!!"

I walked downstairs where Dad and Issac were "talking" and heard more of their conversation.

"Five generation of Grey's have attended a university!! Five generations! And now they all end today, right here with you!" dad growled and threw the papers in his hands at my brothers face.

It made me angry when he treated Issac like dirt, and it made me even angrier when he did it right infront of me and my younger sister Violet.

"Bailey can carry on the legacy, you don't need me!" Issac shouted. Then he looked at me, "Can't you Bailey?"

"Bailey has never failed this family, and has never been a disgrace Issac!"shouted back.

"Some family we have!"

"Dad stop!" I said trying to remain calm.

"No Bailey, how have I been a disgrace dad?! Tell me?!" Issac said getting into my father's face.

"I am just so glad your mother is not here to see this!" dad said staring down at my brother.

"Don't bring mom into this!" I insisted and tried to pull Issac away.

"To see what an enormous-" my dad spat in my brother's face

"You're seriously going to talk about mom? Issac growled.


"Dad stop!"I begged.

"Enormous, disappointment you've become!" he shouted and Issac stepped back.

"Fine whatever." Issac shrugged and grabbed his keys.

"Where the hell do you thing you're going?" dad hollered at him.

"To a party Dad, gonna hang out with my loser friends and become more of a waste! All I'm good for isn't that right?!"

"No, you do not leave this house-"

"Enough!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

They were silent and then the house began to shake I heard Violet scream in terror; Issac pushed me against the wall and my dad bolted for my little sister's room. I saw the candy bowl on the mantle move and then fall to the floor, shattering into a million pieces. My heart sunk, it was my mom's favorite piece of crystal.

"What was that?" Issac looked at me.

"Earthquake?" I offered.

"In Oregon?"

I shrugged and looked at my dad. He was carrying Violet in his arms then he looked to the ground and stared at the candy bowl.

"Brilliant just freaking brilliant!" he grumbled as he set Violet down on the couch.

"It's not Issac's fault." I said quickly.

"Of course it's not ever Issac's fault Issac is just an amazing boy!" my dad said sarcastically.

"I'm leaving now." Issac said rolling his eyes.

"We are not through young man, you are not leaving!"

I tuned them out as I grabbed my jacket and my car keys then made my way to the front door, it was my turn to roll my eyes, it wasn't Issac's fault, it wasn't anyone's fault...I think. I sat in my truck from a good thirty seconds just huffing and talking to myself. A knock on the window brought me back to reality. Issac was standing there and then jumped into the passenger's seat.

"What are you doing?"

"Sleeping what do you think? C'mon lets go." he smirked.

"Whatever," there was no use arguing.

I called my best friend to let her know I was coming to get her and her brother , then we were headed to a party. Once I collected my friends we dropped my brother off at his girlfriends house then made our way to edge of town. I cranked up the stereo to the point where my friends began to complain.

"Turn the music up louder Bailey! I can't even hear it!" Victor started.

"Is Bennet meeting us there? Jewls asked.

I finally tuned back in,

"Sorry," I said turning down the music, "I didn't hear, what was the question?"

"Are you okay Bailey? You seem off?" Jewls asked concerned.

"Are you still not over your break-up with Eth-"Victor said.

Jewls punched him then in her rather annoying worried voice said,"We don't have to go you know, we can do something else."

"No its fine." I said cutting her off.

I focused ahead and made a turn. I heard Jewls whisper not so quietly to Victor.

"She's been acting like this a lot lately."

"Deaf?" Victor grunted

"No, like she's not telling us something."

"She's probably still not over Ethan. I'm telling you, I'm a love expert." Victor said in his oh so smooth voice.

Jewls punched him again and then I pulled up to the clearing where the party was being held. Now to any normal person this would seem like such fun. High school seniors all drunk and not giving a rats ass, the city as the backdrop and extremely loud and very very awkward for someone like Bennet. As I pulled up I spotted dear Bennet immediately. He had his old school video camera and was "documenting" everything Victor's girlfriend Korin was standing near him and she made her way over before Bennet did. He saw us a moment later  and pointed the camera towards the car and I heard him start his commentating.

"And here we have the most popular couple in school Victor and Korin, when computer geniuses and music prodigies, most like myself, collide. Followed by the very brilliant and beautiful Jewls Ryder valedictorian, and captain of the cheer squad and lead vocalist! Tell me, does it ever get tiring being too awesome? And last but not least the equally beautiful and mysterious Bailey Grey!" Bennet said as he moved the camera closer to us.

"What a surprise, Benny Boy has his camera." Victor snorted.

"Hey man, someone has to film the madness." Bennet replied and he pulled the camera away from his face.

"Korin! Victor! I can't believe you're here!" a girl shouted to them and they went off to mingle. 

I smiled as the two of them and the other girls and couples began talking and gossiping. I looked around the party. These were high school seniors in their natural state. Wasted. Jewls and Bennet and I were standing around and I decided to excuse myself so that they could talk. I sat on a log near the fire and just stared at the flames. The music was some top 40's pick and people were playing beer pong and having a good time. I started to watch the game, the people would toss the ball and try to get in the cup, but most who were already drunk just kept hitting the rims of the cup and the ball would bounce away. What is the ball just stayed on the same course, what if it could just not ricochet off the rim onto the ground. A perfect toss could enable it to just sink into the cup and never once touch the rim-Issac?

"Issac?" I asked out loud. I thought I'd seem him near the beer pong game but he wasn't. There was only high schoolers just having a blast.

"A rather uncivilized group don't you agree?" someone asked me.

Startled I turn to see some guy standing next to me.

"They're just having fun." I said trying to ignore the guy.

Then I thought I saw my brother again and I stood to try and get a closer look.

"Seeing things already?" the guy snickered.

I turned to look at this guy, he was tall and muscular, his dirty blond hair was swept to on side and his grey eyes looked as if they were searching through my soul.

"You don't know me, but I know you. You're Bailey Grey. Everybody knows you."

"I'm sorry, who are you?"

"That's not important. You should enjoy this party. I hear you're gonna have one of your own. Eighteenth birthday party right? I'll bet it'll be to die for-"

"Hey creep back off!"

I turned to see one of my ex's jock buddies come towards us, and when I went back to face No Name, he was gone. The jock whose name was Sam came and grabbed my wrist.

"You shouldn't be hanging out with freaks like that Babe, it's dangerous."

"I'm not afraid of danger Samuel." I seethed yanking my wrist from his grasp.

"Like to take a walk on the wild side? Then come on over to my realm, I'll show you danger." he whispered as he tried to grab my ass.

"Don't touch me!" I hissed.

"Oh c'mon-"

"Sam! Back off!"

I cringed as my ex came to my rescue and pushed his friend back. Sam didn't like that and pushed Ethan back.

"What's you're problem bro? It's not like she's taken." Sam spat.

"Wrong, not step aside."

"Make me, what are you gonna do?"

"Have it your way." SMACK! Ethan said as he raised his fist.

Sam's face was mixture of shock and anger as Ethan's fist returned to his side.

"Ethan what the hell!" I turned on him.

"Bailey!" Korin called.

He came panting with Bennet right behind her.

"Have you seen you're best friend lately?" she asked concerned.

"She was with you." I said matter-of-factually.

"Well she kind of got in a fight."

"Jewls?" I asked confused. Jewls wasn't one to fight.

"Not so ,much a fight more like she punched a chick in the face and now that chick is out for blood." Bennet added.

"Shit!" I muttered and my friends led me to Jewls, Ethan following behind.

We found Jewls being dragged away by Victor, and took her from the scene before the girl she punched found her, with Bennet shouting, "To my car! My car!"

The five of us piled in and were on the road before anything could get worse. Korin stayed behind to diffuse the tension and destroy any rumors that would have been spread. Jewls sat in the passenger side with Bennet at the wheel. Victor, Ethan, and I were squeezed in the back seat me in the middle. There were several minutes of awkward silence before Ethan spoke.

"I was only trying to protect you."

"I don't need protection Ethan. It wasn't your fight." I muttered to him.

"You're my girlfriend of course its my fight!"

"I'm you're ex! You broke up with me!" I half yelled half choked.

"Every girl wants to be with me but you! You've been acting really strange and really different, all I've done is be your boyfriend!" Ethan was screaming now.

"Can we talk about this later?"

"No we can't talk about this later!"

At that moment I face forwards to see on coming headlights speeding toward us.

"Bennet look out!" I screeched.

"The brakes!" Victor added urgently.

"The clutch is stuck!" Bennet cried out.

"Look out!" I shouted.

Jewls screamed and for a minute all I saw was intense bright light, then darkness.

"Everything collides in the end. You can try to hold it all in but, they'll all come out one way or another. And then BAM it'll just explode in your face. Maybe it isn't your wrong doing, maybe its the pressures of the outside world. School, friends, parents, enemies, ex boyfriends anything. Sometimes it may be you and no matter how hard you try to escape it all, you just can't. But everyone is the hero in their own story right? Everyone has a story right? One day it will all come for you, and there's nothing you can do about it. So, whose turn is it now?"



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