They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


7. Trouble

In the morning I woke up and had pain between my legs. I realized that nothing would be the same again. I had been raped and I had not been on what Niall did to me. I wanted to cry, but I had known it would happen sooner or later. Perrie and Eleanor seemed almost thought it would go faster. Sophia didn't say much and she was more in her room. Maybe it was that I would do? Keep me away?


When I came down and ate breakfast Niall gave me a kiss on the right cheek. Was it to mark me, or why? Louis looked at him and then at me. He seemed jealous. He sat next to me and sighed a little bit.
"I promise you it gets better!"
Direct I looked at him coldly
"What could be better? You are forcing girls to have sex...!"
Perrie interrupted me
"You are ungrateful to them!" 
Louis laughed a little bit and showed Perrie to be quiet. Then he looked at me again.
"I told you that we are kind and will give you everything, but then you will be kind to us!"
I swallowed
"But I was kidnapped!"
Perrie laughed direct
"No, you got elected and...!"
I just wanted to slug her.
"No, I can't meet my family and I chose not to come here!"

Louis hushed me and took his arms around me. He looked into my eyes and smiled weakly.
"Your family is here and the others haven't even started to miss you. They haven't contacted the police and they don't love you!"
Perrie agreed but frowned.
"She's just a spoiled and ungrateful!"
Louis shook his head, and let me not go with his eyes. 
"No, she's gorgeous but she doesn't know it yet!"
I just wanted to beat him, but didn't dared. I ate my food and sighed lightly. Perrie looked coldly at me and smiled then against Louis.
"So will you come to my room tonight?"
Direct released Louis me with his eyes and looked at her.
Perrie sighed and showed him how disappointed she was,
"But that was a long time ago?"
Louis sighed and took nearly his arms harder on my body.
"You have Liam. You're his favourite!"
She sighed and didn't answer.
"But I miss you!"

I chose to eat up and leave them alone. I didn't want to be part of a fraction.


It was a funny day and all the girls in the house looked askance at me. I chose to go up to my room and I stood by the window. I didn't want anything with the others to do and I didn't understand why they would be jealous of me. I didn't even wanted to be there.

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