They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


13. The tension

Contains group sex, if you can' stand it ....

Are you sensitive: Skip this chapter!





I wanted the guys would react to each other. I had already Perrie and Eleanor where I wanted them, but not these guys. Okay that they looked coldly at each other and that they looked askance when I hugged someone, but it wasn't the effect I wanted. They were supposed to haggle!


We all sat in the TV room and watched a movie. I sat next to Louis the edge of the couch and was almost tired. It was tough and it wasn't even a good movie. Louis saw that I had no fun and immediately he took his arm around my shoulders. He put me on his lap and I leaned back against him.
"Do you want to know what happens?" he whispered in my ear and smiled weakly. I felt his arms around my body and I shook my head.
"You must never tell the plot, Louis!"
He just giggled and I felt his hands slip back inside the shirt. He cupped his hands over my breasts and I heard him moan.
"We can go to my room?"


"You should hang out with me!" We heard both Eleanor say directly, we looked at her. She sat and looked coldly at us. "You can't have sex with her all the time and tonight your mine!"
Louis just sighed and didn't let my boobs off. I felt him instead caressed them and he didn't even was embarrassed over it.
"I decide!"
She sighed
"You promised!"
I noted that Liam stared at my shirt and he didn't like that Louis squeezed my breasts. But he said nothing! Louis looked cold on Eleanor and let one hand slide down to my pants. I wanted to resist, but he showed that we weren't going to give up. He stroked me between my legs outside the pants and looked coldly at Eleanor.
"I choose who I want!"
Direct I wanted to stop. I went away from Louis knee and looked at him coldly.
"You can't keep doing that when everyone is in the room!"
I blushed and he just smiled.
"You might like it when others see us having sex?"

Eleanor stood up and looked coldly at Louis.
"We said we wouldn't do it again! Last time we had sex everywhere it all went wrong and now you'll be with me tonight!"
I looked at her and realized what the topic was about.
"Have you had sex everywhere?"
Louis blushed
"In the beginning we had no rules in this house and you could have sex everywhere, but when Sophia came, we changed that!"
Eleanor nodded
"And said that you should be in the room, or where no one sees us!"

Liam laughed and looked at me with amusement.
"We had group sex once, but it was difficult with only two girls!"
Louis lit up.
"But we have four now!"
Eleanor shook directly on the head and looked cool at all guys.
"We shall not have group sex and you can't make us!"
Liam turned directly towards Sophia
"But you set up?"
I saw at her that she didn't dare say no. She smiled weakly and nodded. Still, she didn't want to do it! I became angry and shook the head.
"I agree with Eleanor, you are crazy!"

Louis stood up and approached me.
"But you might like it?"
I shook the head and looked over at Perrie.
"And you?"
She was red in the face and looked around.
"The rules are to obey!"
Eleanor sniffed directly to and looked coldly at Perrie.
"She says that all the time want to have rules., We shouldn't set up to at all!"

I felt Louis arms around my body and immediately I tried to free myself.
"You can't make me!"
I saw Niall standing up and he came right over to us. He stood behind me, so I didn't go anywhere. He let his hands slide down over my back and he smiled big.
"Louis, I'm on it!"

I swallowed and actually, I was scared. I had no control over it and I didn't want to set me up to it all. I felt Louis began to undress me naked and Niall held my hands in tight grip. I was red in the face and noted that Louis and Zayn began to encroach on the other. It was just Harry who was uncertain.


When I stood naked, both Niall and Louis took of their clothes quickly. I just wanted to die, but couldn't run away. I felt Louis picked me up in his arms, with my legs around his waist. Niall helped him lifted me and he parted my buttocks. I understood that he wanted to get into the wrong hole.
"Do you have lube?" Niall asked straight out and directly he got a tube from Liam. I swallowed and shook my head. I looked into Louis's eyes, but he seemed not to care.
"Relax!" he whispered tenderly, and kissed me. He lifted me up and pushed me down over his cock. I felt him penetrate and directly he groaned loudly. Then I felt Niall let his fingers move at my second hole and a finger penetrated. I screamed, but Louis continued to smile.
"Relax with the whole body honey!"
I felt Niall brought his member and he penetrated.


I ended up in a fog. I don't know if it was because of pain or because what happened. I heard all groaned, but the only thing I had in my head was that my plan wasn't feasible. I couldn't get them to get mad at each other and I realized that I wouldn't be free.


"My turn!" I heard Zayn say and directly released both Louis and Niall me. Zayn pulled me down on the floor and penetrated quickly. He lay over me and he groaned aloud. I felt  how he filled me but I just wanted to cry. He moaned against my ear and he pushed himself hard in and out. I felt him bounced against my body and he loved it. He moaned and he groaned against my ear.
"Damn, you're wonderful!" he murmured in my ear and tried to kiss me. 

He didn't take long time until Niall pulled him away.
"You don't own her!"
Zayn got angry and pushed Niall hard.
"She's with me now so go and fuck the other!"
Niall didn't give up and he pulled me up from the floor.
"She's mine now!"
Zayn got angry and snorted.
"You're selfish!"
Niall pulled me away from him and put me down on the floor again. He lay down on top of me and penetrated. I looked at him in surprise, but he just smiled at me.
"He doesn't own you and he doesn't love you as much as I do!"
I swallowed and actually, I had succeeded with  my plan. I noticed that everyone followed us with their eyes, and I saw that the guys wanted me. Niall didn't care and did everything to show how great we had it. I played on and started to moan. I took my legs around Nialls waist and tried to look as if I loved his movements. Direct startled Liam and frowned.


When Niall came, he shook and landed on me. I smiled and hugged him lightly. Liam stood up immediately and I knew he was coming towards me. I was surprised when Louis appeared before him.
"My turn!"
Niall was almost falling asleep and didn't care.
"Leave her alone!" he murmured, pressing his face against my neck. Liam pushed directly away Louis.
"It's my turn. You already had her tonight!"
I enjoyed!

The evening ended with them teasing and Niall took me to his room. We showered and put us in bed. The last I heard was how Louis swore at Louis and slammed his bedroom door.

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