They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


9. The plan

I knew I had to let all my feelings go away for the plan. I chose to go up to your room, take a shower, put on me a sexy dress and I put time on my appearance. When I came down to the others, I tried to be another Kim. No longer a frightened Kim and more urbane. Eleanor noted that direct and looked coldly at me. She wanted to be their favourite, but she had Perrie and me to fight and I would win.


I knew I had to go through all the guys and let them take advantage of me. I chose Harry and all day I noticed everything that he did. When evening came, I went up to him and stood near his body.
"Desire to have some fun?"
He looked at me in surprise but lit up. I took my hands around his waist and pressed him against me. I managed to look into his eyes and give him a pleading look.
"I've been boring!"
Harry smiled with his whole face and took direct my hand in his. He pulled me up to his bedroom and closed the door. I didn't have time to do more than note that he locked the door before he threw himself on me. He pushed me to the floor and quickly tore off his own clothes.
"You make me horny!" he murmured, and I tried to look proud. I kissed him and felt him tugging at my clothes. He pulled off me everything and then looked down at my body.
"Perfect!" he murmured, and I just smiled.
"You get it if you want!"

He kissed me right away and let the kiss wander down over my breasts. He licked my nipples and made me groan. He let his lips slide down over my stomach and he finally ended up between my legs. Actually I moaned and felt he let his tongue play with my clit. He made me moan and I felt how my body reacted at all levels. I was surprised, but tried to target me not to show it. I didn't want him to think that I hadn't experienced it before. I was used to great sex? (Anyway, I played like that)


I was about to have an orgasm when he released me. I looked down in surprise on Harry's face and she just smiled big at me. He slid up over my body and our lips met again. He parted my legs and quickly penetrate. I felt that he had a larger member against Louis and Niall. It made me almost lose my breath. He filled me and he made ​​me groan out loud. I felt him began to move on his body and directly I couldn't resist the wonderful feeling. I took my legs around his waist and was like crazy. Harry moaned loudly and he pushed himself hard into me. Smack noises were heard, and I realized that I was excited. He moved so perfect and he kissed me so wonderfully. I was close to forgetting all about my plan.


When I came I screamed his name straight out. I think that was the reason he came at the same time. He pushed himself hard into me and we both shook in all the feelings that came over us. I whimpered until I collapsed. Harry also fell down and held my body tightly.
"You are wonderful!" he mumbled. He smiled and swallowed.
"You too, Harry, that was wonderful!"
He laughed and looked into my eyes. I kept to the plan and wanted him to think that I had feelings for him.
"Kim, you're different!"
I smiled wide and nodded
"There's only one of me! And you aren't like the other in the house!"


The next victim would be Zayn. I noticed that Louis looked at Harry a long time, when we came out of the room. I realized that I had possibly Louis where I wanted him. Harry just looked happy and hugged me tightly before all others.
"Thank you!" he murmured, and kissed me. Even Liam startled and looked a long time for us. He seemed to think about whether we were serious or not. Harry was happy and I looked pleased. Everyone just stared at us and eventually stopped Perrie the silence.
"So we'll go to bed for the night?"
Niall nodded and didn't release me with his eyes.
"Who's coming?" Perrie continued, but noted that all were busy staring at me. She was almost red in the face and snorted lightly. "Okay, if for a moment, then?"


That night I got to sleep alone and it was a relief. I showered, put on clean clothes and put me under a soft blanket. I realized that the plan would be feasible, but I couldn't show myself as weak no more. I was hoping that everyone saw a confident Kim and I hoped that they would fall for me. I had never used my charm against boys and this was something new.


In the morning I went down the stairs to go to the kitchen, but I was standing still at the bottom stair. I heard Eleanor in the kitchen
"Why did you choose her? She's just a kid!"
I heard Louis defend myself.
"Stop it now You're just jealous that we don't care about you as we did before. Kim's here and she'll stay where she is!"
Harry agreed
"She's like you, a wonderful girl. Neither of us have a favourite, we love you!"
Eleanor wasn't still satisfied.
"But she's so .....!" she sighing. "So different!"


I straightened my back. I put on a confident face and I went into the kitchen. I pretending as if I hadn't heard anything.
"Good morning!" I said instead, smiling at Louis and Harry. Eleanor's glance could have killed me, but I walked past her and put the kettle on. I was confident as I should.
"Did you sleep well?" Harry asked and smiled at me. I looked at him and nodded with one of those seductive smile.

I noted that both Louis and Eleanor balked. I gave Harry an extra long look and then looked back at the water. When it was boiling, I poured it into a mug and put in a tea bag. I chose to sit next to Harry and Louis direct snorted.
"Harry, you said before that we don't have favourites?"
Harry blushed and I just enjoyed. I played like I didn't understand.
"How do you mean?"
Louis swallowed and said nothing. He left the kitchen instead and Eleanor followed in tow.


Zayn was in the basement and painted. He had his own room where he could create his paintings. I went in and looked around at the walls. I was surprised how good he actually was.
"Hey!" he got out and looked up at me. "Did you want something?"
I shook my head and showed openly that I liked his art.
"Is it hard?"
He shook his head and smiled at me.
"Not for me!"

He stood up and came up to me. He pointed on one of the paintings.
"If you peer closely at it, you see Perrie., I had one time paint her but she didn't like the painting!"
I smiled at him.
"I see her! Do you want to paint me?"
Zayn looked at me in surprise.
"Do you want to be naked in front of me and be still for hours?"
I nodded and immediately realized that this was the way to his heart.
He lit up and nodded
"Okay, but I just have to prepare a little. I'll get you when I'm ready?"
I nodded and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.
"I look forward to it!"

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