They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


4. The girls

In the morning I awoke to the door was opened and immediately I sat up. One girl came in and she smiled reassuring to me. She locked the door and then came over to the bed.
I swallowed and rubbed my eyes. Did she mean serious? Welcome to what?
"I'm Perrie!" she said in a ringing voice. "And you've been selected. You must feel honoured?"
I shook my head but she didn't know what she was talking about. She looked down at my clothes and frowned.
"Go in and take a shower, I'll get some other clothes for you. The guys want us to look perfect for them and you look like a normal teenager!"
"I'm a normal teenager!" I whispered. Perrie just laughed and pointed to a door.
"There's your very own toilet. You have towels in there and all that you need., I can help you make arrangements your hair then?"


What was she talking about? Would I feel honoured to have been kidnapped by five guys? Was she crazy? Yet I obeyed her and actually it was nice to take a shower. I felt my body went clean and I felt more alert against before.


Perrie had come back, when I came out of the toilet. She picked up underwear and a red sexy dress.
"They like it when we care about how we look!" she said and started to dress me. I didn't resist, but felt silly. She put on panties, bra and the dress. Then she helped me with my hair and she even painted me easily.
"Now you look good!"
I swallowed
"Who are they and what do they want? What are you doing here?"

Perrie laughed and looked at me with an amused glance
"Didn't they tell you yesterday?"
I shook my head
"They said they would tell me about it all today!"
She just smiled and took my hand. She pulled me towards the door, and locked it up. Then looked at me happily.
"To all the doors throughout the house is a key. You get to be in your room and where it isn't locked. Maybe someday they will give you a bunch of keys, but you must have deserved it!"


We went down one floor and into a living room. Where there were sofas, television and all that was needed. It was neat and clean. In the couch sat another girl, and direct she light up when she saw me.
"Hello, I'm Eleanor: You are the new girl?"
I gulped and nodded. New girl?
"They haven't told you everything!" burst Perrie directly to Eleanor. "She doesn't know how lucky she's going to be and I think we'll let the guys tell it themselves!"

Another girl showed up and immediately she smiled big to me.
"My name is Sophia! You're the new girl?"
I just wanted to scream right out and get them to talk about what happened. Why was everyone so happy and what was I doing there? I wanted to know!


Eleanor finally took me out to a large kitchen. She sat me down at a large dining table and gave me food to eat. I was hungry and almost threw in me everything.
"You have to think about the figure!" she said right away and didn't seem to like that I ate so much. "They don't want us to be fat!"
I swallowed and looked up at her.
"Why, and what am I doing here and why are you here?"
She clenched.
"They're going home now and coming soon. I think they're going to tell the news to you., It's for the best!"


I went crazy! Was this a madhouse? I didn't know what to say or do. Therefore, I chose to put me down on the couch and I watched the room carefully. The TV was on and showed a film, but I couldn't follow it. I wondered instead if my mom missed me. Had they noticed that I didn't come home and wondered school where I was? Police were out looking for me. They would find me and then I would come home again.

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