They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


14. My help!

Woo hoo!

In the morning I woke up trouble in the kitchen. Niall remained with his arms around me.
"They woke up on the wrong side!" he got out, and I nodded tired. I knew what they fought about, and I was happy. The only question now was where I could find a door key, a key to the front door? I knew that Perrie had one, probably Eleanor to. The guys definitely had the keys, but how could I steal the right key?


The door opened suddenly and Zayn put in his head.
"Niall! Awake!" He then looked at me and smiled weakly. "We guys must have a meeting!"
Niall sat up and looked at him coldly.
"But I want to sleep!"
Zayn became serious and shook his head.
"WE will have meeting NOW!"


I smiled! All the way to my room cheered me and I felt I was well that I was on the way to ruin everything for these guys. I chose to take a shower and put on clean clothes. Then I get ready and put me in bed. I turned on the TV and enjoyed. I knew what they were talking about and it was either about me or about the rules. They were about to lose control and I loved it.


Right as it was Sophia came into my room and she smiled uncertainly. She came over to me and I made room for her in bed. She seemed scared and I knew she had something to tell me.
"Are you in love with Liam?" she got out and looked at me. "Are you so, I understand, but I just want to know!"
I swallowed and chose to be honest. I shook my head and she gasped out.
"It's just that he pulls more towards you now and I don't want to lose him."
I pushed lightly to her and smiled big.
"He's yours, if not Perrie or Eleanor want him?"
She laughed and shook her head.
"No, Perrie is more fond of Louis and Harry. Eleanor just wants Louis, but they are also afraid that they will lose them to you!"

I swallowed and wanted to tell her the truth. Sophia was the only one in the house that I seemed to be confident about, but I didn't knew her so well.
"Do you like it here?" I instead asked and I immediately I noted that she didn't know what she would answer.
"I like to be with Liam. When they brought me here, I was overjoyed that I could be with him. Now I don't, it's as if everyone is struggling too much and I don't like the atmosphere!"
I swallowed again.
"You want to stay here or would you like to come home to your family?"
She looked at me and I discovered that she didn't dare to say anything. I took her hand amicably in mine and smiled at her.
"You must tell the truth, I will not tell!"

She looked down at our hands.
"I would like to come home to mom. I miss her, but I know they don't allow it and I love Liam!"
I swallowed
"And if you can get the opportunity to come home?"
She laughed a little bit and looked at me again.
"I don't know!"

She looked at me long and we were silent. I liked Sophia and she seemed at least honest with me. I smiled and tried to get on the right issues.
"If you can go home then?"
She sighed
"I still don't know!"

We were silent and right as it was, she smiled big at me.
"Now I know! You will do anything to get out of here?"
I stared at her and realized that she now knew.
Directly she was keen on the idea and laughed a little bit.
"I promise not to tell the others, but I understand you. You create trouble between the boys and one day you have the opportunity to escape?"
I nodded weakly and was expecting her to say something negative. Instead, she seemed to like the idea.
"Okay I'll help you!"

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