They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


15. Liam and two

One day when everyone was busy with their own things. Sophia pulled me into her room and she closed the door. She pulled me up to the bed and took out a piece of paper that she had painted on. We sat on the bed and immediately she showed me the drawing.
"This is a map of the yard!" she said happily. "I'll show you how you can get out of the yard!"
I was surprised and smiled at her.
"Have you been going out there?"
She laughed
"I was like you in the beginning, but only against Liam. I put all the energy in him and we often went out into the yard and talked."
I was impressed
"But you seem to want to be alone all the time?"
She sighed
"When you came, everything changed and I didn't want to mess with everyone. Perrie and Eleanor is more powerful, I don't like to mess with them!"

She chose to change the subject and showed me the door on the paper.
"You walk, given way, somehow through the door!" she smiled. "They have electricity on the fence and gate so you can't get out that way, but there's a solution. There's an area with trees and plants in the corner. There's a hole through the wall!"

Now the map interesting.
"What? A hole?"
She nodded with satisfaction.
"It isn't visible from any side of the wall because the plants are in the way. I picked flowers there one day and saw the hole. Liam didn't notice it and I know they don't have fixed it yet!"
I took over the map and smiled big.
"Okay, so now I just have to plan how to get a key?"
Direct Sophia smiled big.
"Maybe I can help you there to? Eleanor talked about that I would have my own keys soon and that means a key to the door!"

Straight away I threw myself over her and hugged her tightly.
"You are just wonderful!"
I released her and looked into her eyes.
"How will I pay you back? Is there anything I can do for you in return?"
She was embarrassed and looked down at the map
"No, when you go, I get back Liam and that's enough for me!"
I understood what she meant.
"So the payment is that Liam goes to you?"
She nodded
"It sounds strange to your ears, but he's the one I want and I will not leave him!"
Actually, I understood her.
"You love him, but try to get him to realize how wonderful you are, then!"
She nodded
"I promise!"


I kept myself away from all the other girls, but Sophia and I tried to hang out. Eleanor and Perrie kept themselves to themselves and I liked it. I didn't have to mess with them and I could plan more.


"You like each other?" Liam got out of himself one evening. Me and Sophia lay in my bed and looked at the television. We nodded honestly and he came into the room. "So what do you do?"
I pointed to the TV and showed we saw a good movie. Liam smiled and came over to the bed. He stood and hummed a little on himself, before he jumped in and sat between us. To my great surprise, he took an arm around Sophia's shoulder and one around my shoulders. Direct I wondered if he was planning something, but I chose to look forward to the film.


"I want a threesome!" he exclaimed suddenly, and looked at us. "With the two of you!"
I froze and shook the head. I saw that Sophia had the same reaction.
"No!" she said instantly. "I don't want and certainly not with my best friend!"
Liam didn't care and pulled off his shirt. He unbuttoned his pants and stripped off completely naked
"Come and suck!"
Sophia and I just looked at each other. Direct Liam took hold of her head and forced her down.
"You can do it, honey!"
She obeyed him and Liam moaned lightly. He pulled me towards him and kissed me tenderly. I felt how he pulled off my dress and stripped me naked. His hands were everywhere, but I felt disgusted. He brought me up to him and lay flat down in bed. Sophia was doing it with his dick and he smiled directly at me.

"Sit on my face, I want you to have a nice time!"
I obeyed him and put my most sensitive part of his face. I felt how he started licking me and he held me in a tight grip. I groaned and closed my eyes. It was good, but different. Sophia stripped naked and I heard that she started riding Liam. I heard her moan, but was busy feel his tongue against my clit. I moved over to him and felt a finger penetrate. I opened my mouth and enjoyed. It didn't take long to reach climax, but just when I was suppose to come, he finished it.
I slid off him and saw a surprised Sophia. She gulped and slid up against his face. I realized that it was only to obey. I sat with my back to them and let him penetrate. I rode him fast and heard Sophia moaned loudly. She almost whimpered and finally she came. Liam was happy and pushed her away. He took a hard grip on my back and forced me to step up.
"Come on!" he murmured, and I knew he liked it. I swallowed and continued. He forced me to turn around so he saw my face. I obeyed him and continued to ride on his cock. He brought his hand down and started stroking me. It was not long before I whimpered by all the emotions. I took my hands against his chest to keep my balance and finally I came. Liam smiled big and was satisfied.

"The only one left to come!" he mumbled and pushed me off. He put me on all fours and stood behind my butt. He penetrated again and forced me to move back and forth. I felt how he filled me and finally he came. I felt he pushed his cock hard into me and eventually it vibrated. He filled me and he whimpered.


I went straight away to the shower when we were finished. I locked the door and stood under the water. I wanted to vomit but I held myself together.

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