They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


20. I'm caught

Shit! The white car drove up to the house and the owner came out. He chatted with Louis and Niall. They pointed around and the owner shook his head. I kept my fingers crossed that they wouldn't come in and look. I shook but chose to tried to keep me calm. The car shut off the engine and then I saw Niall jumped out. Louis came quickly after. They slowly began to walk towards the barn. I looked around and noticed that there was a lot of straw. I grabbed a bunch and put over me. I cover all of me with the straw and lay down on my back.


I heard how they came into the barn and someone climbed up the ladder. I noticed that one person looked around and sighed when he didn't see me. I heard he went down again, and then they walked around the barn.

"She's not here!" Niall whispered. I gulped and closed my eyes. I almost stopped breath and I swallowed.
"She must be in the village!" murmured Louis and didn't give up. "We need to find more places she can be hiding in., We need to find her!"
Niall agreed.
"I hope we find her first. Liam is angry and Zayn believe it's your fault that she left."
Louis laughed a little bit.
"He accuses all, we go and see if we can find her!"


They left me alone and I could sit up. I puffed out and looked through the crack in the wall. I saw them walking towards the car and the way they talked to the owner again. Then they jumped into the car and drove away.


I chose to remain in the barn. The sun went down and everything went black around me. I wondered if I dared to move on or if I should wait. My body was hungry and I was thirsty. I dared not to walk away and knock on a single door. Niall and Louis had certainly spoken to anyone and some would certainly call them and tell me where I was.


In the end, I chose to leave the barn. I went out on the road and directed me into the woods. I crept along the street and noted every movement around me. Right as it was, I felt an arm around my waist.
"And where are you going?"
I noted that there was an older man and he smiled ugly to me.
"You're that girl who's on the run?"
I swallowed and chose to play dumb.
"I'm going to visit my grandmother. What do you have against that?"
He held me tight and still chose to pick up a cell phone. He was strong and I tried to resist and go away. In the end, he threw me down on the ground and sat on my back.
"I get money for you. I will not let you run away!"
I screamed, I kicked with my legs and I swore. He didn't care. I heard his cell phone and dialled a number he smiled cold.
"I have her ...... yes on the main street ..... yes she's under me .... hahahahah!"


"Please let me go!" I shouted. "I'm a prisoner in their house and it's those who kidnapped me from my family!"
The man didn't care. Instead, he took hold of my hands and held them tightly behind my back. It hurt and I felt the tears came.
"They're nasty!"
He laughed.
"No it's you who are crazy! They told me all about you!"
I started crying and was still trying to be free.
"They use me!"
He laughed again.
"No, they said that it's you who need your pills and you had crazy imagination. They told me all about you. You should be grateful that your two brothers want to help you!"


It wasn't long before a car came. I heard the doors opened and I heard Louis voice.
"Yes, It's her!"
The man held me tightly.
"And the money?"
Niall stood before me and I saw his feet beside my head. I couldn't look up and was closing my eyes. I heard Louis gave the man money.
"It was an honor to do business with you!" murmured the man, and then he released the grip and let Louis take over. He pulled me up and I saw Niall in front of me. He smiled cold towards me.
"You didn't get far!"
I said nothing, and let Louis throw in my in the car. He sat next to me and Niall started the car. Louis looked coldly at me and held my hand tightly.
"You create just problem!" he mumbled. "You wouldn't have run away!"
I swallowed.
"I just wanted to go home!"
"We are your family and we are your home!"


When we got to the house they chose to lock me in my room without a word. I sat in bed and looked down at my clothes. I was dirty and I looked like I didn't care. Maybe it was that I would do? Stop bother me? Still, I wanted to be clean and went into the bathroom. I showered by myself and took a towel around his waist.


When I got into the bedroom again, Harry stood there. I elected to stand still and he just stared at me.
"You're crazy!" he mumbled. "You shouldn't have run away!"
I swallowed and couldn't bother me. I walked over to the closet and took out clean panties and a bra. Direct Harry came up to me and ripped off my towel. I got scared and turned around. He took direct hold of my hair and forced me to the bed. I cried even though I knew that no one would help me. He forced me down against the mattress and handcuffed my hands to the headboard. I cried all the time, but realized that I wouldn't win anything on it. Harry walked over to the door and opened it. He went out and left me behind. I tried to get away but realized I wouldn't make it.

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