They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


35. eventually

Niall appeared, alone! He came into the waiting room and directly Johanna stood up and looked at him coldly.
"You aren't welcome here!"
Niall looked nervous and just stared at her. Then he looked at me.
I avoided him and curled up on the chair. I didn't even look at him, and sat and looked the other way. The tears came, but I don't think he saw it. Johanna was more confident and went cold to him.
"Please, leave the hospital before I call the police and telling them that you are here!"
Niall didn't know what to say. He tried to get past her, but Johanna was adamant.
"Niall, let Kim be and leave us!"  
"Why? She's my girlfriend!"
Directly she shook her head
"She chose Louis, because he's the dad of the child. She told me everything and I know what happened in the cottage!"
Niall looked first at me and then he stared at her.
"What do you mean?"
Johanna smiled safely.
"There are witnesses!"
Niall face turned white and stared at me instead. At first he seemed obey Johanna and was about to turn the body towards the elevator. Then he changed his mind.
"She doesn't know what happened!" 
I felt I had to say something. I looked at him coldly, and showed no emotion, more than the tears that ran along the my cheeks.
"I did hid myself in the woods and I heard when you shot Louis. I saw the tracks, how you had pulled him out over the floor and I heard that you confessed?"
Niall fell silent and just stared at me. I noted a doctor came into the room and I looked directly at him.
"Can you call the guards. This guy is the one who shot my future husband!"

Niall panicked.
"But please Kim! It was an accident and I drove him to the doctors!"
I swallowed
"Doesn't matter, I don't want to have with you or others guys to do. Police know everything and they're looking for you!"
Niall tried to reach me, but now even the doctor helped Johanna to stop him. Niall started getting more panic, and he tried to pull himself towards me.
"I love you!"
"You don't love her!" roared Johanna direct and pushed him towards the elevator. "We don't want to see you again!" 

"PLEASE KIM!" shouted Niall and the guards came. Johanna released him and the guards took over.
"Take him to the police or ensure that they capture him. He's wanted!"


I was crying and as soon as Niall had disappeared Johanna hugged me tightly. I held her and felt only emptiness. I knew I was right, but it hurt. I wasn't used to say that to a guy and it made me almost regret it.
"You did the right thing!" she whispered tenderly. "Your future isn't with Niall. You'll stay in my family and you belong with Louis!"
I tried to collect myself, but my whole body was shaking. I just saw the fog in front of me and I realized that all the emotions came at the same time. I don't know what happened, but I think that the doctor gave me tranquillizer. I fell asleep.


I woke up in a dark room, on a bed. I realized that the bed was next to Louis and I looked directly at him. He laying with a lot of devices connected to the body. To my great surprise, he smiled at me weakly and nodded.
"You were asleep!" he got hoarsely out of himself. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. My body was weak and I couldn't get out of bed. I held my hand to his bed, and he took his right hand gently in mine.
"Mom told me!" he said tenderly and smiled with his whole face. "You want to have me?"
I laughed a little bit and nodded.
"I promised you to stay with you!"
Louis just lay there and looked at me with love in her eyes. I looked at him in the same way and it dawned to me what I was feeling.
"Louis, I love you so much!"
He had tears in his eyes.
"Kim, I love you!"
"I know!"


Word spread quickly in the newspapers. One Direction got busted for having kidnapped girls. My parents found out the truth and, as usual, did they try to understand my choice. I wanted to stay with Louis and I would stay with him forever. It was trial and there was even more attention in the press.


Louis got a year in prison and when he came out he was the father to a young son, who was a copy of him. Johanna had helped me to afford to keep Louis house and we had a nursery next to the large bedroom.
(All the guys had their own homes, but their common was where I was stuck in with the girls. I chose to move into the Louis house, as it was finished and everything was in order.) 
Louis hugged me so hard when he came home and then looked down into the cart.
"So this is little Jon?"
I laughed and released him.
Louis kissed me and then chose to pick up our son from the cart. He held him so lovingly and he showed the entire body that he was happy.
"He looks so tiny out?"
I laughed
"He has been smaller!"


The other guys got five years in prison for kidnapping. Eleanor and Perrie did care, because they had tracked out. I was relieved that it was over and I was happy to continue my life.


We got married and we managed to create a life. I must admit that I sometimes wondered why I stayed with Louis, but every time I saw him play with our son, I realized that it was fate. We had a good time together and we managed to keep the love. 




The end





Thanks to everyone who read and read this story. I thought I would be hated for the serious subject matter, but you understand that it's just fantasy.


Thanks to all of you and I love you so much.

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