They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


17. Disagreeing

I was restless and I didn't know what I would do. Sophia gave me the key and I waited for the right moment to start a brawl on. The problem was that everyone kept to themselves. I went into the kitchen and boiled tea. Then it happened at least something and I sat at the table with a teacup. I sighed and thought through in my head how I would do. I saw before me how I unlocked the door, slipped through and closed it behind me. I saw how I ran across the yard and away to the hole. When I had come through the hole in the wall would I wear warm clothes and then it was just running. I had no idea which way, but I knew I would come to a house or a big way eventually. I would hitch hike or call home. I knew it would work out, but had to I get the guys to fight or put energy into something else. I sighed and wondered also if they would start looking for me. Perhaps they quickly realized that I had run away and that they would then seek and find me?


Zayn came into the kitchen and I smiled weakly at him. He walked up to me and smiled big. I looked up and wondered what he wanted me. Zayn just continued to smile and sat down next to me. I felt his hand on my leg and how it slid up along my thigh.
"Kim!" he whispered hoarsely. "I miss you, thinking that we ...."
He kissed me and I understood what he wanted. He pulled me towards him and I answered the kiss. He took his arms tightly around me and it ended with me sitting astride in his lap. I felt that he had boner and he kissed me intensely. Zayn moaned against my lips and he started to pull down my pants. I stood up and pulled them off me for him. Direct he buttoned up his pants and stuck out his boner. I sat back in his lap and this time I let him penetrate. Zayn groaned loudly and grabbed my waist. He forced me to ride him directly and he closed his eyes.
"I wanted you all night!" he got out of it. "I dreamed about you and I realized that I wanted nothing more than to have sex with you!"
I just smiled and took my arms around his neck. I moved smoothly up and down and felt how he filled me. I kissed him hard and felt his hands slid under my shirt and rubbed my back. He showed with his face that he enjoyed and he almost shook with excitement.


"What the hell are you doing?"
Zayn didn't care about the voice, but I looked up and found Louis in the doorway. He went straight in and just stared at us. I looked back at Zayn and wondered if we would stop, but he forced me to continue. He took his hands tighter around me and made ​​sure I didn't stop. Louis seemed to become angrier and at the same time, he seemed not to know what he would do.
"Zayn we shall not have sex everywhere."
I swallowed and tried to take me away from Zayn, but he held me so tight, and he opened his eyes. He looked straight into mine and smiled.
"Do not stop. I come soon!"
I obeyed him, but Louis was angry.
"Come on and stop, you will not have sex in the kitchen!" 
Zayn pushed me down one last time over his cock and he came. I felt him shaking and he groaned out straight. He filled me and pushed me against him. When he had stopped shaking, I went off his lap and quickly pulled up my pants. Zayn pulled up his own and then looked at Louis.
"It wasn't that dangerous? I just had sex with my girl!"

Louis was red in the face that he was boiling with anger. 
"She isn't yours and you know that we not shall have sex everywhere."
Liam came in. I chose to sit down next to Zayn. I felt myself blushing, but all put energy on Zayn.
"What happened?"
Louis looked at Liam and pointed at us.
"He had sex with her ​​there!"
Liam looked directly at Zayn and didn't seem happy.
"But we were not ...!"
Zayn interrupted him quickly.
"And? I wanted my girlfriend near me and ..."
Louis interrupted him.
"Kim isn't your girlfriend, she's rather my girl!"

Louis pushed Liam hard.
"No, she loves me more than you, I'm the one who takes care of Kim and ...!"
Zayn stood up and shook his head.
"Come on Lou! You have Eleanor and Kim are more interested in me and what I do."
Louis laughed cold.
"You're on Eleanor often. She's not my girlfriend!"
Liam sighed
"And she likes me more than you!"
Niall had heard the quarrel and appeared in the door.
"What happened?"

Harry also appeared and I realized that this was quarrel that I was waiting for. Everyone started talking in the mouth of another and pretty soon even came Perrie and Eleanor in. They didn't like that I was in the center of the conversation.

"Kim is just a baby!" said Perrie and I chosen't to not care about her words. I didn't, but stood up. I went quiet around everyone and stayed in the door. Now I just had to wait for the right second.

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