They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


23. A song

For a few weeks it was my life. I went from one bed to the other bed. Everyone was talking about that they were filming me and everyone warned me. I ended bother about it and I stopped to think. I almost became callous and couldn't resist them. They decided everything and I obeyed them.


"Congratulations!" Liam murmured in my ear one evening. We had sex for over an hour and I was tired and laying on top of him. He held me tightly and smiled big.
"Why?" I asked him. Liam kissed my scalp and ran his hand along the my back.
"We trust you again!"


I was released out from the room again, but I chose to be calm. I kept my edge and didn't speak to Perrie and Eleanor. Sophia I just talked to when we were alone, and then we played theater. We wrote on a papers what we really talked about and what we said was something else. Sophia had showed me where the microphones were and I knew that they still listened to me.


One evening I heard a guitar playing and I followed the sound. Niall sat on his bed and played different songs and sang quite and softly to himself. Sometimes he hooked up, but it sounded wonderful. It was the first time that one of the guys sang and I stood in the doorway. He saw me and immediately he became embarrassed.
"It didn't sound good?"
I laughed a little bit.
"Well it sounded great good!"

Niall smiled big and showed that I could come and sit down on the bed. I obeyed him and sat beside him. Niall laughed a little uncertainly and played a few chords. He looked down at guitar and seemed almost dream away.
"Someone's favourite song?"
I didn't know what to say.
"It sounded good that you played before!"
Niall smiled weakly and began to play more chords on the guitar. He started singing for me.
"The story of my life I'll take her home, I drive all night to keep her warm and Time, Ice frozen!"
I enjoyed! I loved his voice and it shivered all over.
"Written On These walls are the colours That I can not change, Leave my heart open but it stays right here in its cage!"
I swallowed and laid me down on the bed. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed his wonderful voice.
"And I'll be gone gone tonight, The fire beneath my feet is burning bright!"


Right as it was he stopped and I opened my eyes. Niall sat and looked straight at me. He had a particular expression that I hadn't seen before.
"You're beautiful!" he whispered hoarsely and put down his guitar. He lay down next to me and looked into my eyes. "You are everything that a guy looking for!"
I blushed and it was like a dream. Not that I had Niall as favourites, but it was a special atmosphere in the room.
"Thank you!"
He smiled and then looked up at the ceiling.
"Do you like it here with us?"
I didn't answer. Yes, had been a lie. Niall seemed to understand me and laughed a little bit.
"You don't like it, but you like that we do certain things for you?"

I gulped and still didn't answer his questions. Niall laughed again and right as it was, he let a hand caress my cheek.
"You're like that painting, Mona Lisa, I don't know where I have you?"


Maybe the boys had become accustomed to me or that I got used to the whole situation? But life seemed to roll on. Eleanor and Perrie hated me still, but they avoided to show it. Instead, we were together when we were was forced to it. Otherwise, we kept on our borders.


I stopped dreaming of escape and I stopped to think about my parents. I ended up being Kim and became the person they wanted. It was a condition that I suffered and I chosen't to suffer. I wasn't a victim, I just happened to be in the house!






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