Weird Yet Completely Insane

Marissa Tanglemire.Let me describe her in maybe confusing little sentences.
She's: Sweet yet bitchy.Smart yet stupid.Kind yet rude.Happy yet sad.Tired yet full of energy.Imaginative yet boring.Lazy yet hardworking.Girly yet tomboyish.Disgusting yet clean.Kinky yet innocent.American yet british.Friendly yet cold.Devilish yet angelic.Weird yet completely insane.(Warning,contains mature content)


4. That One Letter

I woke up to the smell of cheese,fried eggs and bacon.Baby was already scratching at the door wanting to be let out.If Angelo wasnt a guy,I wouldve already offered him a job to be my nanny.

I drowsly got up,brushed my teeth and put on a black tee and white shorts.I combed my hair with my fingers and let out a hungry Baby.My hair thankfully is not the kind to be a bird's nest in the morning.

"Morning."He said cheerfully.His teeth were whip-cream white and just a little crooked.

"Top of the morning."I said smiling back.

"I think you need to sound proof the doors.All your moaning last night could give any guy a boner."

Coming from other guys,it would've sounded sexist.But coming from him,it sounded like a friendly caution.

"So...who came over last night?"

How dare he! I am so not a slut!

"How dare you!I am not a fucking slut!I thought you were different from the other boys."

"Sorry.I didnt mean to hurt your feelings.I just wanted to overlook the other possibillity."He looked at Baby.

My glare turned into a pleading set of eyes.

"Please.Please.Please dont tell anyone.This is a secret between you and me angel boy."

He raised his eyebrow at the last part.


He continued with the eggs and bacon.Mmm.A little parmesan has been added to the eggs.

"So when do your parents come back?Not that I want to kick you out or something.Its just weird to live with a guy.No offense."

He took the bacon and eggs and placed it on my black plates.All the while he maybe thinking.

"Your parents kicked you out of the house didnt they?"

He looked at me with tears in his eyes.

"My house burnt down.They didnt survive.I was out with my friends! I shouldve fucking stayed with them! So we couldve died together!!"

Tears were also in my eyes.His parents mustve been good people.My parents are those awful rich fuckers who marry each other just for the money.They had me and they didnt give a fuck about me.My mom is th type of bitch to ride men day and night.My father is the type of guy who has girls under his table sucking his chicken in the office.They both dont care about each other and they care even less about me.

Last year I finally moved out.My money in my bank account could buy me anything.But I didnt want to be like them,just lazing around being the whore they are.So I opened a boutique,Baby Gubby.Named after my two beautiful pets of course.It's quite popular.All designs are mine.I dress cool,but my designs also consist of those frilly girly stuff and casuals.

"I'm sorry I insulted your parents.But you shouldnt be angry at yourself."

"I guess youre right,but ill need time to get used to it."He said passing me my breakfast.

"I could find you a place here.You dont hv to pay me back."

After a small argument between us,and two slowly emptying plates,Angel boy finally agreed but he will be my chef in return.

"Uh.....What r u doing today?"

He shrugged.

"Its weird to ask you this but,wanna go shopping with me and my bffs?"I asked awkwardly.

"Yeah.Ok.Never hurt to try something diferent."He smiled.Oh so gorgeous..

I collected the plates and turned towards my sink to wash them.

I found an Angel boy giggling with a Gubby sniffing his neck after i finished.

I laughed.

"She's a naughty one."I said still laughing my ass out.

He put her on the sofa and gave me one of his gorgeous smiles.

"Yeah.Oh yeah.Someone sent flowers just now."He said pointing to a bouqet of roses sitting on the cofee table with an envelope attached to it.

I picked it up curiously and read it.

Dear Miss Tanglemire,

  We are pleased to tell you that you have been chosen to be one of our models for our date auction at our Annual Springtime fair.It is on the 22nd of March,a fortnight later,on a Saturday.Please provide a description of yourself by next weekend.Thank you for your cooperation.

I groaned.

"I have to go on a forced date on my birthday?!"

Angel boy who read the letter over my shoulder,just stared at me curiously.


"You dont like the idea of dating?"

"Well Ive never been to one to be honest."

"Well since you let me stay here,let me buy you."


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