Weird Yet Completely Insane

Marissa Tanglemire.Let me describe her in maybe confusing little sentences.
She's: Sweet yet bitchy.Smart yet stupid.Kind yet rude.Happy yet sad.Tired yet full of energy.Imaginative yet boring.Lazy yet hardworking.Girly yet tomboyish.Disgusting yet clean.Kinky yet innocent.American yet british.Friendly yet cold.Devilish yet angelic.Weird yet completely insane.(Warning,contains mature content)


3. Make Out Session With A Dog

I unlocked the apartment door and was greeted with my pet golden retriever,Baby nuzzling his snout between my skinny jeans and licking my fortunately covered kitty.

Angelo looked away muttering,


I pushed Baby away from my already wey kitty,crouched down and kissed him on the head.

I made sure Baby was in my room before I got back to Angelo.The make out session can wait for later.He was crouched by the corner examining something.

"Ow!"He yelped.

"I see you have found my hedgehog, Gubby.You're scaring the life out of her."

He turned to look at me,

"She's really cute.How do you pick her up?"I crouched down beside him.

"Here."I slowly slid my left hand under Gubby and put her between my two palms.She uncoiled and started sniffing my hand.Angelo opened his palms in gesture to hold Gubby.Gubby sniffed him,climbed up him arms,stood on his shoulder and sniffing his neck,tickling him in the process.

"She likes you.Oh yeah."I walked to a closed orange door and opened it revealing a fully furnished orange and white bedroom.

Angelo got up (Still holding Gubby) and said,
"Thanks.I owe you.Can I take care of.Gubby for the night?"

I laughed.

"Sure.Just dont let her get too close to your bare skin.Bathroom's on the left and just make yourself feel at home.Dont forget to lock your door."

I walked into my bedroom and immediately found myself leaning on the door helplessly with Baby licking my covered kitty.A moan escaped my lips.

"Baby.W-wait."He left my kitty and jumped onto my bed.I quickly stripped and climbed in.As much as I didnt want Angelo to find out,my kitty is screaming for more.

Baby buried his snout in my pussy and licked it like there's no tomorrow.Moan after moan after moan escaped my mouth.Each one louder than before.I no longer cared if Angelo heared me,it felt too good.Baby got ready to stick his boner into me,but I shielded my vagina with both of my hands.He puppy-dog eyed me.No,I shook my head.I was once entranced by those eyes and let him take my virginity away.I dont regret it,but ever since then,our make out sessions always ended with me shaking my head at his request.

I soon fell asleep,hugging Baby from his back.


Yeah,yeah I know its disgusting.But weird yet completely insane,right?

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Cursed :-I

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