Weird Yet Completely Insane

Marissa Tanglemire.Let me describe her in maybe confusing little sentences.
She's: Sweet yet bitchy.Smart yet stupid.Kind yet rude.Happy yet sad.Tired yet full of energy.Imaginative yet boring.Lazy yet hardworking.Girly yet tomboyish.Disgusting yet clean.Kinky yet innocent.American yet british.Friendly yet cold.Devilish yet angelic.Weird yet completely insane.(Warning,contains mature content)


6. A Little Extra Something

"Hey,Angel Boy.You wanna work? or follow us on our lingerie shopping spree?"I asked Angelo mischieviously.

He blushed."I'll work.But-where?"

"Duh!My boutique!Baby-Gubby.Dont worry.There is no lingerie in there.There are men's and women's clothing so you'll be fine."

A tiny frown crept up his face,"k."

I grabbed his hand and yelled,"Come on!" making sure to make him blush.

Faith and Trina just laughed and followed.

My shop was packed!(As usual) A whole lot of girls from our school were grabbing clothes off the racks and lining up for the fitting room.Even a few guys were randomly asking girls which outfit looks good on them.

I let go of Angelo's hand so that gossips won't talk.

"Oh! Finally! Miss Tanglemire!" my employee of the month pushed through the crowd of teenagers.

"Oh my god! Nathan? Why are you working here?"Trina jumped and hug her boyfriend.

"I need the funds to take you out."

"Aw.I can pay sometimes."She said and kissed him.

Faith stared dremily at them, Angelo blushed and I just smiled like Cheshire.

"Ok.Ok.Enough smoochin'.Angel Boy's gonna be red for the rest of his life and Faith is gonna be stuck in her day dreaming world."Faith gave me a hard smack on my arm."Ow!Anyway...Can Angel Boy work here?Just for a few hours."

"Who's Ange-Oh..Yeah sure.I'm the only one working today and I got my hands more than full."

"Great!Bye!"said Angelo quickly.

Trina gave Nathan one last kiss and Faith waved goodbye.I gave Angelo a peck on the cheek and followed my two BFFs,leaving a scarlet red Angelo to be dragged by Nathan.


"Angel boy! We missed you! How was your day?"

"O-ok,I guess."Nathan nudged him adnd he blushed.Laughing,Nathan picked up shocked Trina and carried her away."See ya on Monday! We're going to eat sushi tonight."

I heard Trina giggle and I looked back at Angelo who was staring at me with a glazed look in his eyes that made me blush.

"o-Ok daydream-ers.Let's go before the mall closes."I picked up Faith's and my shopping bags and walked towards the exit.I soon heard footsteps behind me,a sign that they followed.

Suddenly,two nerds jumped up in front of me....and ......and handed me a piece of paper and a pen asking for my autograph.Angelo was instantly beside me and I felt the short faith stand behind me and look over my shoulder.

I laughed and oblived to their weird but usual request.

When I handed them the paper,one of them grabbed my hand and started kissing it all over.I quickly pulled away and wiped the nerd's(who was running away with his friend) saliva on Angelo's shirt.He just stared at me with a smile on his face while I wipe the icky-goey substance on his shirt.

After I was done,I just stared at his wet t-shirt for what seemed like hours before Faith pulled us both out to the car park.

We said our goodbyes and drove away.


Angelo's POV


She kissed me on the cheeks!

I felt someone nudge me,"Better believe it dude.She kissed you.Do you know how many dude want to be in your place right now?Look around."

I did.Every teenage boy in sight's eyes were flicking between me and Marissa.I felt ablush creep up my cheeks.

"Comeon.We have work to do.Hey! No fighting for clothing!If it tears you have to pay double!"

I followed him,and soon the shopping rush was up.

Nathan pulled me into ,as the sign called it ,the cooling room.

"So.Dude..Whats going on between you and Marissa?"

"M-AH-Nut-Nothing."Way to rock it red cheeks.

"You sure?Cause she kissed you.She is known to be the most hard-to-get girl ever.She is known to be the ultimate girl for every guy."

"Nah.We don't have a thing man.She just likes to tease me."

"Really?In what way?Sexual or nonsexual?"

another blush crept up my cheeks."N-nonsexual."

"Don't you ever feel like you want to get her back?"

"No.Even she blushes because of her actions occasionally."

"No?Ok.Then don't you ever feel like you want more?"

"More what?"

"More,as in her tease you in bed?"

The heat is rising.

"No."I answered flatly to mask my anger.

"Or maybe you take control and tease he-"


"No,what I'm saying is some girls may like that.Like Trina,though we only did it once and she didn't want anymore...."



"Well,if you dont want Marissa,I might just take her.Cause you know what?Marissa is mine,MINE!"

Just like that,he walked out into the store.


I know I said I needed 5 comments,but no one is giving me the last commnt and I cant wait anymore.

It's really weird writing this chapter cause I put my name in it and I know my best friend will be all weird and angry too.So I'm dedicating this chapter to her.

Nothing to ask for this time!

Gummy Peace!


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