love is a war, a battle, a test (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Sara is an ordinary 16 yr old, she has a crush, best friends, and drama. but tradgety seems to follow her everywhere she goes once her guy best fried returns for 2 weeks. Niall has been having a reoccouring dream about a girl with strawberry blond hair but doesn't know what she looks like and every time he has this dream more information about her comes through. Sara also has been having these dreams about a guy with bright blond hair, she thinks it's a guy in her class, or is it someone else? will they find out who it is, or will it forever be a mystery.


3. The Incident Sarah's P.O.V.

Cattle training, again. Well we do have the show on in like a week so we have to prepare and stuff so there is a purpose behind this. "Sarah, Lockie and Jack. Can you go and get 5 bails of hay out of the shed up there please?" that was miss the cattle team teacher, and my best guess is that Jack isn’t going to let me drive. "can I drive please?" ha nice try Lockie. "nope, no-one is driving but me cause I’m on my P plates and you are on your L’s so I’m not letting you, or Sarah drive." He said that last part while looking at me and I just gave him puppy dog eyes. But they won’t work on this cause he is doing this for our safety cause like I said, he is always protecting me. But that’s a good thing so I’m not mad at him. "oh, ok then, I guess that’s fair." Ha good move don’t argue with Jack cause he always wins, unless you’re me of course haha. The trip was going well, but then we hit something that felt like it was a big thing of concrete and Jack lost control and swerved the Ute with me in the passenger side and Lockie in the back seat and then we hit the hay shed and it collapsed in on us and the car was destroyed and I checked the boys, no response. Keep yourself together Sarah, they look like they hit there head on something but jack put his arm up to protect you from the impact, aww. I’m glad he was there to protect me, come on Sarah just clear your head, they are fine just unconscious ok, there fine. Nope I can’t contain it. I start crying and crying and crying as I smash the window of my door because the door can’t open because it’s smashed and crumpled shut. I drag myself out of the car and make my way to the other side of the car through all of the hay and smoke and the smashed in shed. I smash the glass with my foot and undo Jacks seatbelt and pull him out of the car. Jesus he weighs a lot, well most of it is muscle and I’m weak from crying so that adds onto it. I finally got Jack out of the car and pulled him a small distance away from the crushed up Ute and sit next to him and cry cause I may possibly of lost someone really important in my life but thankfully all 3 weren’t in the crash and that Hannah is alright, then I remember that there is one more person in the Ute the 3rd important person in my life. Lockie. Shit. I sprint back to the Ute and bash the window in on his side in the back and undo his seatbelt and pull him out. Thankfully he is lighter than Jack so it was easier pulling him out and put him next to jack. Then the hay caught on fire because of the engine and it over heating and the fire spread near the tank of the truck then it exploded. I jumped on top of my friends bodies to protect them from the blast, they got burned a little but I coped the worst. Parts of the shed flew out at us and hit me on the stomach and I turned around and it also got me in the back. I scream out very loud at the pain. Jesus I have a split head and cuts on my hands and back and stomach but I have glass in my hands as well. Great just what I want. I see that everyone from cattle team packed up and went to lunch. Even better, no-one around to help. Still crying, I drag Jack and Lockie to the closest gate which isn’t close at all and then I run and run and run the track that we do for cross country all the way back but I stop half way cause I can’t run any further and so I walk but I realise that I’m staggering towards the gate rather than walk, why? I look down and see my ankle has been twisted when I was running, I mustn’t of noticed it when I was running cause I was to focused on getting help. Then I see Hannah running up. Thank god, she must of heard the truck explode. I walk up to her staggering, stumbling and still crying. "Hannah!" she turns around and looks like she saw a ghost, she went white. "Sarah! Are you ok? What happened? Is anyone else hurt? SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE! NOW!" she is in full on panic mode "It’s Jack, he was driving me and Lockie down the paddock at the Ag farm when we hit something that seemed like a huge concrete block and he swerved into the shed and it collapsed on us and I struggled to get out and cut my head when we crashed and cut my legs and arms while trying to climb out the window and finally got out, ran over to Jacks side, smashed the glass and pulled him out and pulled Lachie out of the back doing the same thing, I dragged them away from the shed and Ute and then the hay caught fire from the engine over heating and the truck Explodes and I just got here and they need help cause they aren’t responding! HELP ME PLEASE!" I can’t help it, I start crying even more now and even though there is glass in my hands I bury my face in them anyway even though I’m making my cuts on both my hands and face more deep and worse I don’t want anyone to see me like this with blood pouring out of me at a slow but what I can feel, a heavy pace.

They put me in an ambulance and they ask me what happened and I don’t answer them and then all of a sudden Hannah starts telling them what I told her. Shit I didn’t tell her where the others are. "the, boys, are, at, the, closest, gate, to, the, explosion." Wow that took effort to say without breaking down and crying and then something else surprises me, after the lady hooks me up to this machine I feel woozy and dizzy and then everything goes black. I fainted. Great.

I hear some people talking and I have no idea where I am or what happened the last thing I remember is being lifted into an ambulance and… oh no! JACK, LOCKIE!! Are they ok? Wait, why can no-one hear me? Hello? Anyone? Why won’t my eyes open? What’s going on? HELLO?! Then I feel someone’s hand in mine I think it’s Hannah’s, and another hand in mine, mum? They just have there hands laying there why? Ow! My hand really hurts, oh yeah that’s right I had glass in it. Shit it hurts. And all of a sudden my eyes flutter open and I see 2 people, one ether side of me and I was right it was Hannah and mum. I look in front of me and there’s 6 people standing there looking at me and 3 of them I recognize, there’s Joel, Sam and Jacks mum. And the doctor is one of them I think and the other 2 must be Lachie’s parents. I try to sit up but I can’t it hurts and I flinch at the pain. So I lie back down and then my body is being lifted up. Hannah has the bed remote in her hand and moving it up so I can sit up. "Sarah you’re alright!" mum and Hannah say at the same time and then hugging me which is causing me some serious pain to shoot through my body. "Ouch!" "sorry! We didn’t know that hurt, sorry!" Hannah said sounding worried. "So why aren’t you with Lockie and Jack? Are they ok? Where are they?!" I seriously don’t like this what if they died and never made it to hospital?! Now I’m crying with tears streaming down my face and there parents start to tear up. Oh god I was right! There dead! NO! Not them, please no!. Then jacks mum points to the 2 beds next to me, the ones that have the curtain around them so no-one can see what’s going on behind there. "are they awake?" no-one responds to that. Oh no they haven’t have they? Oh god oh god don’t cry don’t cry! I’m crying again, great! "they aren’t, are they?" "oh god no they just had surgery like you but you got the worst of it from protecting them from the explosion." The doctor piped up. "oh ok. Thank god they’re fine!" I was so worried but now I feel much better knowing that I saved them. "you saved there lives by doing what you did when the explosion went off you know that right?" wow I saved there life? That is pretty big. What if I hadn’t of done that? They would of died… "uh, um, uh wow thanks for telling me. It makes me feel better about helping them out." I saved there lives.

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