love is a war, a battle, a test (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Sara is an ordinary 16 yr old, she has a crush, best friends, and drama. but tradgety seems to follow her everywhere she goes once her guy best fried returns for 2 weeks. Niall has been having a reoccouring dream about a girl with strawberry blond hair but doesn't know what she looks like and every time he has this dream more information about her comes through. Sara also has been having these dreams about a guy with bright blond hair, she thinks it's a guy in her class, or is it someone else? will they find out who it is, or will it forever be a mystery.


4. The Concert Rehearsal and Going to Dinner

Niall’s P.O.V.

Ugh, more rehearsals for more concerts, but I don’t mind cause I love the fans, and I did just have a BIG break for Christmas to go back to Mulingar my home town in Ireland. Our first concert will kick off in Australia in about 1 week and a half, where already here and just relaxing until we have to do loads of rehearsals, we start here in Sydney then the Gold Coast which should be really good cause I love both those places. Man I love Australia, the last time we went we didn’t get much down time but we got some which was good, I wonder if my princess lives here, it would be awesome if she did cause I love there accents, so ruff and rugged. Apparently I have ‘sexy, Irish, accent’ which I’d love to hear from someone else’s mind just to hear what my accent is really like, man that would be awesome!

"Lou, where’s Liam? I have to tell him something important." I have a bad feeling that something has happened to someone, like an accident has happened and I had a dream that my princess was in an explosion of some sort. "um yeah he’s in there I think?" his bedroom? He never goes in there unless he forgot something or is asleep obviously. I knock on his door. "come in!" I open the door and he is rummaging through his draws frantically. "um, dude what are you doing?" I say trying to find a space where there are no clothes and there is actual carpet. "I lost my favorite pair of jeans, there my lucky ones" "what colour are they?" I have a feeling that I know where they are "um, well they are a dark blue with a tear in the knee why?" yep I was right "um, like those ones right?" pointing to his jeans that he had on. "oh right um haha I knew that!" oh my god he is so forgetful some times! "is there something you wanted to tell me Niall?" oh yeah I forgot "um yeah there is this feeling that I have where I think someone has been hurt, badly and I think it’s my princess I think she’s really hurt." "wow I had that with Daniel and I was right, well not the whole hurt thing but the rest yeah." Oh my god I hope she’s ok if it is my princess "ok thanks Liam." I say trying to wrap my head around what I just heard "your welcome, just don’t freak out over this cause you don’t even know who she is and relax were in Australia! Have fun!" Liam says to lighten the mood "haha yeah I should, thanks." He’s right I should relax and enjoy the ‘vacation’. Hmm I feel lazy today. So I walk over to the fridge and pull out a tub of ice-cream and get a spoon out of the draw and jump on the couch and flick on the TV and I see the news is on the first channel that comes up, and an explosion, in a school in Orange, (haha it’s named after a fruit!) and I drop my spoon on the floor and squeeze the tub of ice cream, any harder it would over flowed out the top. In the explosion 3 people were hurt and 1 was a girl who copped the worst of it and she saved her friends life after the driver hit something and swerved then hit a shed with hay in it and the hay caught fire from the engine over heating and the girl pulled both the boys out of the Ute and dragged them to a near-bye gate and then the Ute exploded. The news station put up pictures of the 3 people and there she was, the girl in my dream, and the 2 boys, her best friends, she saved them, god she is just the best friend ever, I mean she saved there lives! You know that is so weird. It’s like in my dream. It can’t be her, I don’t even know what she looks like in my dream! But in my dream her face was covered in blood.

The concert dress rehearsal and sound check tonight and fans can come and listen to the sound check and just chat and watch. I hope everything goes alright. I’m so nervous. "is everything alright Nialler?" Louie says as he comes up behind me and drapes his arm over my shoulder. "yeah just nervous cause you know I hate it when we get mobbed by fans and it scares me, don’t get me wrong I love the fans, but its just when they run up to us I get scared and I just don’t like it much. That’s all." I say with what I hope is a convincing smile. Cause no way was I going to tell him what the real problem is that’s for sure. "ok, are you sure you’re ok?" oh god he knows, I can tell that he knows I’m lying. I’m mentally crossing my fingers and hope he hasn’t caught on. "yeah I’m sure, it’s just nerves, and I’m tired." I fake a pretty convincing yawn. "ok cause I’m feeling great!" he says pulling his suspenders out from his chest and they slip and fling him in the chest. "OW!" it looked painful but I couldn’t help but laugh at that. "at least one of us is fine!" ok now it is way to funny cause Lou is on the ground holding where they hit him and rolling on the ground fake crying. "are… you… haha… ok… haha… mate? Haha!" I know that was mean but it was to funny to hold in. "Ha. Ha. You are so very funny aren’t you?" Lou said, death glaring me "haha nope. Haha cause you are! Haha you flung yourself in the chest with your suspenders! Haha!" now I’m on the floor, but laughing, unlike Lou, who is rolling around in pain. "Not funny at all Niall!" he says getting up and then leaving the room whisper whining that it hurt and still clutching on to where he got hit. We arrive at rehearsals and the sound check to be greeted by hundreds of fans but only 30 of them could come in and listen to the sound check. Which is first so the fans aren’t outside, listening when we rehearse. As I wave to fans and sign stuff I notice a sign that made me laugh, it said "stuff Irish luck, it’s Irish SWAG!" and I pointed her out to the boys and when they were looking I pointed at her and said "YOU’RE RIGHT, IT’S DEFINATLY IRISH SWAG!" I had to yell to get her to hear me because she was in the back and when she did, she blushed and was so happy that I pointed it out and she yelled back saying "I KNOW THAT’S WHY I MADE IT!" I just had to laugh at that. We continued along while signing more stuff taking pictures and waving at the crowed. I love our fans.

The sound check was good and there were no faults in the equipment which is good. No girls jumped on stage or did any crazy stuff like that which I was thankful for, considering that I get petrified when a fan does that, cause I know how aggressive they can be. After the sound check we walked off the stage and back to there dressing rooms and getting ready to rehearse. But I stayed behind to watch them leave. This is going to be a great tour.

I head back to my dressing room and get dressed and ready to go. Then I had an idea, I would visit the girl from Orange, but I am in Sydney and she’s somewhere else in the state, or country for all I knew and I have no idea where Orange is (it’s still named after a fruit! Hehe). That’s to bad, I really wanted to go and see her and tell her how great she is for saving her friends. I just want to meet my princess alrea- "Niall mate, we have to go, now." Liam broke off my thoughts, I looked at my phone to check the time and I realized that I was day dreaming, lost in my thoughts for about 10 minutes! I was just sitting there! But I was thinking about that girl so it wasn’t a waste of time. I got up and opened the door when I realized I left my phone on the couch, so I run over and get it and run out the door and to the side stage and meet the boys. "Hey mate, how late am I?" I said to Liam who didn’t look happy at the fact that I was late, well they don’t call him Mr. Sensible for nothing! "Well you are so late that they decided that they should send one of us to find you and Harry is out looking for you now, probably gave up and is snogging one of the girls on the crew." Funny thing is he’s probably right. "Oh, sorry ‘bout that. And you’re probably right though, that does sound like something Hazza would do. I would go look for him, but that would be pointless." Just then Liam darts his eyes over my shoulder cracking a grin and said "No need, he’s just over there." He said trying not to break out in laughter and points over my shoulder to where Harry was standing. So I turn around and I start to break out into giggles trying not to laugh like Liam. Harry stood there with his shirt half tucked in and was fixing his hair, which was in every which direction possible and he is making it look like he doesn’t want anyone to see. By this time we were cracking up just as Zayne walks over to us and puts a hand on both of our shoulders. "Hey guys, what’s so funny?" so Liam and I both point to Harry and then Zayne starts to crack it, he shouts at Harry "Hey Hazza! Had some fun there mate?!" Harry jumped not noticing we where close by, "oh um uh haha shut up!" he said with an embarrassing tone with a hint of anger and a lot of guilt. He walks over to us, cheeks as red as a tomato. "can you not shout it to the world next time? thank you!" he said, just a little pissed, but he knew it was his fault. "oh so there is going to be a next time?!" I said trying not to laugh "so who was it this time?" Zayne giggled "Now Zayne and Niall that’s not very nice." Liam said also giggling. "yeah who was it? Was it the lighting girl that I saw checking you out and in return I do believe you where checking her out as well." I said completely ignoring Liam. "yeah it was" Harry said in such a soft whisper you almost couldn’t hear him just about nearly ran away in embarrassment but he knew if he was caught, he would have to live with the consequences, and Liam, Zayne, and I both broke out into laughter. "I was right! Yes! Harry hooked up with the lighting girl!" I said pumping my fist I the air and said that last bit quietly.

Rehearsals were good, great actually, although Liam, Zayne and I couldn’t contain ourselves half the time because the lighting girl walked past and Harry was in a daydream and we just cracked up and we gave in to Louie’s nagging on what was so funny and so we told him and he burst out into laughter and went up to Harry and said "Well Hazza, you’ve officially done it, you have snogged a girl from every continent on this Earth!" and Harry looked very pissed by now. When rehearsals were over we all went back to the motel and as soon as we got inside I fell onto my bed and just wanted to sleep, but then something else came up that was way better than sleep, one word, four letters, FOOD. It was dinner time and it sortta made me mad cause as soon as I laid down Louie screamed through out the hall of the apartments "DINNER IS READY!" he only did that because we have the whole floor to ourselves and he only said that cause dinner is always ready at Nandos, I wonder if there is a Nandos here? I hope so. When I heard it, I shot up so fast it made me dizzy and blurry eyed and made me stumble forward and nearly trip over my own feet. When everything was good again I shot out of the door nearly not opening the door quick enough and I nearly ran into it. When I got out to the hallway, Lou, Eleanor and I where the only ones out. I was so hungry I went into the boys rooms and woke up Zayne by ruffling his hair and got Perry up as well, oh yeah Daniel, Perry and Eleanor are on tour with us. Well I guess if Little Mix is opening for us Perry would have to be on tour with us. When I got Zayne up he wasn’t happy and Perry had to tell him to back off before he could chase after me cause I messed up his hair. Oh well, his fault that he fell asleep. I got into Harry’s room and got him up by shouting "Harry that lighting girl from earlier today wants to go to dinner with you, she’s at the door and wants to go to NANDOS!" And he shot up faster than you would of ever thought possible. And then chased after me like Zayne did when he realized that she wasn’t there. Then I went into Liam’s room and Daniel was ready to go just had to put her shoes on, she looked nice but then Liam didn’t, he was face down on top of the bed and didn’t get his shoes of before he could fall asleep. So I went over and poked him (cause I’m nice to him haha) and said "Liam we’re going to NANDOS!, Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam" and poked him every time I said his name. He eventually got up and fixed his hair and out the door we went. "alright where do we want to go people?" Louie said, so I opened my mouth and raised my hand half way to say Nandos but Louie interrupted by saying "No Nandos this time Niall. Anyone else?" no-one answered him so he looked back at me and said with a sigh "Nandos it is then Niall" Yes I get my Nandos "Honestly what is Nandos? I have only ever heard the name go around here like all day." My mouth dropped open. That was the most stupidest thing I have ever heard! How could Jade (Little Mix member) not know what Nandos is? "oh no here we go, every time someone says that he goes into one of those ‘oh no you didn’t looks’ then comes ‘the Nandos talk’." "oh shut up Harry! How could you not know what Nandos is? It’s like the best place on the planet! So Miss. Jade you are about to become the next new customer to the best place on Earth NANDOS!" I can not believe that she has never had Nandos before she’s gonna love it! "Maybe not." what did Liam say? "WHY?!" I said trying not to shout to much. No matter what, I will get my Nandos! "Because the is no Nandos in this part of Sydney" as Liam said that looking up from his phone where he obviously was looking up the closest Nandos to where we are, and I tried not to cry. "NO NANDOS!?!? What the hell??" I said with a frown on my face. Now I hate this place just a little. "wait no, there is one and ha would you look at that!" Oh thank god! "Where?!" I said now very excited and ready to sprint "it’s around the corn-" And I shot off out of that building as fast as I could, not letting him finish the sentence. luckily I had a disguise on or I would have been mobbed. Maybe I should of waited fort the others? Oh well I’m in here now.

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