love is a war, a battle, a test (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Sara is an ordinary 16 yr old, she has a crush, best friends, and drama. but tradgety seems to follow her everywhere she goes once her guy best fried returns for 2 weeks. Niall has been having a reoccouring dream about a girl with strawberry blond hair but doesn't know what she looks like and every time he has this dream more information about her comes through. Sara also has been having these dreams about a guy with bright blond hair, she thinks it's a guy in her class, or is it someone else? will they find out who it is, or will it forever be a mystery.


1. SCHOOL!!!

Sarah’s P.O.V.

School, school and more school!! I just want the Christmas Holidays, and any other holidays, to go longer I just love it when you know, I’m NOT IN SCHOOL! Oh well, I’m in year 10 this year, yay, that means my formal as well which is what I’ve been waiting for, I don’t know why though cause I hate all that formal stuff, with the dresses and the shoes and the hair and makeup, I just don’t get why girls make a big fuss over all this. Probably because it may be your last year at school or the fact that it is one of the biggest school events of your high school life (besides graduating, that’s the biggest), but my uncle is picking me up in his walk n’ shore so that will be awesome! Oh I forgot, hi, my name is Sarah Hutcherson, I’m in year 10 like I said earlier, I am 16 years old and I have medium length strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and a beauty spot on my left cheek, and unfortunately for me it’s real and not drawn on and I get teased about it a lot and I hate that. Anyway, I’m staying at my best friend Hannah Denmon’s house this weekend to discuss what is going to happen when we go on our holiday to The Gold Coast in few weeks time, yay! I can’t wait, it will be so much fun! Hannah is actually from there but moved down to Orange when her mum, Stacey, and dad, Anthony, split up and moved with her mum and now she has a step-dad Damian, and her real dad is having a baby with who she calls the ‘Step-Monster’ and is not happy with that at all. And it makes her very upset whenever they are mentioned. So I pull up outside of school for the first day back for a new year with new students and new drama and new love (yeah like that’s really going to happen!). I see confused little year sevens (aw there so little and cute! I didn’t realise that we were that little back then), new seniors and new students being shown around the school, and there he is, Lachlan Dawson, the cutest guy in our year, he has braces and a sortta high pitched voice, which I think is funny but cute, and bright blue eyes that look like a clear ocean, and dark brown hair that, in the shade, looks black, and I’m happy that were sortta friends although we haven’t talked in ages, but believe me we are friends cause he use to talk to me everyday and every time we had cattle team training (which makes him even more perfect!! And I’ll explain all that later) he would wait for me, if he was there first and he’d have my bag in his hand and have the biggest goofy smile on his face, and I’d do the same thing for him (without the goofy smile). Him and I became close friends after my best guy friend and also ex-boyfriend moved to Sydney, 4 hours from my home town Orange, God I miss him, he literally was my best friend when my bestie now wasn’t at our school. Omg, omg, omg Lockie is coming over here! Omg, omg, omg!! Shit, what do I do, what do I say OMG! Keep it together! “Hey Sarah”, “Hey Lockie”, DON’T FREAK OUT! “How were your holidays?”, no way! He did not just ask me that he never says that to anyone ever! “they were great thanks for asking, what about you?”, “They were good thanks for asking as well, ha, I um, I rode my horse almost every week, cause she has to keep fit for competing, which you know what I mean. How’s your horse going? Still fat? Hahaha”, omg he is so adorable! “haha that’s good and he’s good, still very fat but I’m working on it but I can’t ride him unless dad’s home which isn’t very much cause dad has a week on and a week off kinda shift thing with work so yeah I don’t have much time with him” I say to him with a big smile and a little laugh god he makes me so nervous, I hope he doesn’t notice. Great, now my heart is pounding a thousand times a second. It sounds like a humming bird, I hope he can’t hear it. “haha that is to bad” *the bell for roll call goes off* “can I walk you to roll call?”, “um yeah, sure, thanks that would be nice.” AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OMFG! He is so freaking adorable! And he’s flirting with me! ME! OK Sarah keep yourself together, I say to myself as I feel myself burn up and go red and I think he notices, cause he’s now going red! And so does Hannah McKeller (confusing I know, but I’ll call her Hannah M. from now on), ugh great just what I want. Hannah M. use to be my a good friend of mine until Lockie came to school and I started to like him and she did to and I was devastated when I found out that they were in the same class so she would flirt with him, well I guess that’s what you get if you like the cutest guy in our year and most other girls like him as well so that’s the down side to that. As Hannah M. walks over she sortta gives me a death stare and walks right in front of me and ignores me and starts chatting away to Lockie and he just ignores her “ha yeah I know um, excuse me” he says as he pushes past her to walk with me! OH. MY. GOD. He ditched her for me! Well any guy would really cause she is defiantly not one the guys would go for so she has no chance, (wow that sounded bitchy!) well to be honest I don’t have much of chance either but it’s worth a shot. “sorry about that Sarah, she bugs me so much and sometimes it’s like I have another sister who doesn’t leave me alone only were not related and she likes me and I defiantly do not like her!” score! one for Sarah and nil for bitch face Hannah M. haha!! “yeah she does get annoying, and well who do you like?”, oh no what did I just do?! “um, well I like someone in our Ag class and I’m not sure on how to tell her that I like her” omg no way it can’t be me can it? But we run out of time as the second bell for roll call went off so he had to go to roll call, (sigh) Bugger. Oh no, here comes Hannah M. again, does she like, stalk him or something? “you have no chance with him, you know that?” she says to me in a snarky voice. Now she is going to probably punch me in the face cause she’s that butch bitch! But she tries to act all girly and shit, well how’s that working out for ya? You look like butch bush pig! “ha! Like you do, cause he told me that he likes someone in MY Ag class that I’m pretty sure that you hate Ag so you are defiantly out of the question and I’ve got more of a chance than you that means!”, “I’m sure you do, I’m sure you do! You have just as much of a chance as a RAT!”, “you son of a GOD DAMN B…!”, “roll call isn’t held out hear ladies!” JESUS CHRIST! What the hell?!?! Oh wait that was just Mr. Mahanue our year co-ordinator “yes sir we were just talking, isn’t that right Hannah M.?” god he scared the bajezzus outta me! “yep just friends talking”, “well move along then”, “yes sir”, we said in unison, he’s finally gone. Thank god. “may the best girl win, good luck”, ha like she has any chance at all! “I could say the same to you, but I know who’s gonna win and all I can say is it’s not you! so get the tissues ready, cause you are gonna cry and cry and cry when you don’t win! Ha!” I say as we walk away from each other and enter our roll call rooms. Roll call was to long it couldn’t of ended sooner cause all I did was hear our teacher yabber on about god knows what! Then something sparked my attention to what she was saying: “can all the cattle team members come to the Ag class room after roll call for an important meeting.” Great. Just what I want to do wash cows! Oh I forgot I was going to tell you what that was, well basically what we do is we break them in so they are friendly(ish) and that we can handle them kinda like with horses and we wash, dry, and at shows we use ‘final bloom’ or ‘hair glue’ which is like hairspray and we do other preparations to show them off to judges that judge them on muscle, fat and structure of the cow, steer, heifer, or bull. And it’s really complicated to explain but when you do it, it’s easy. Although your arms get sore and tired after holding up a 30kg head in the air by the halter (ok it sounds bad but just look up ‘cattle competitions’ and you will see what I mean) but at least you get stronger by doing so. And we are actually preparing for the local show which is fun cause I was on the news the first time I went with the school which was in year 8, and it was with Jack, my best guy friend, and this will be my first show without him. I just want him back again cause he makes me so happy and safe. So I guess the meetings all about the show then. I arrive at the Ag room and see Lockie standing outside of it with his friend Sam Careise who is friends with my neibour who happens to be friends with my brother so he’s been out to my farm before so that’s really weird. Anyway, Lockie sees me and walks right up to me “Hey, again. I can’t wait to spend all day up at the Ag farm, no school!” he says giving me one of his cute smiles “and how do you know that’s what we’ll be doing?” I say returning the cute smile “cause I saw Miss and she said that’s what were doing” smart boy. “oh, ok well I guess that it won’t be to bad but, why do we have to come here first?” I hope he knows. “um, I’m not to sure why but it won’t take long I hope.” Ah! He is so cute  “I hope it won’t cause I just wanna get up there and get away from everyone that I hate.”, “same. Let me guess. The person you hate is Hannah Mckeller? Haha” “Haha yeah pretty much. And I just wanna be with well, most of, my friends” I’m one of his friends? “I’m one of your friends?”, “yeah I guess, if you want to be? Am I one of yours?” Hell YES! “of course I wanna be. And of course you are.”, omg he wants to be my friend! “Well that’s good then.” He says as he throws me a sexy smile. AHHHH! OMG, OMG, OMG!! “well, well, well, look who it is? If it isn’t my best friend? Sarah Jayne Hutcherson!”, no bloody way!! “JACK?!?!”, “the one and only” he says as he pulls me into a massive hug. “what are you doing here?”, “well I wanted to visit my bestie! Who I miss so much! Since it’s been what, 9 months?”, “aw I missed you to!, and yeah 9 months, wow that’s a long time, so how long are you here for?”, “well I’m actually here for the local show to compete with miss and her cattle along with Miranda and Darcey.”, “oh my god that is awesome! I can’t wait! So are you coming up to the Ag farm today?”, “yes I am, because Miss’s cattle are up at the farm, like usual.”, “ And if it isn’t Lockie and Sam, hey mate how’ve you been?” he says while looking over my shoulder and then shaking there hands. He is such a bogan gentleman. Haha “yeah great thanks haven’t seen you in ages.” Wow I forgot how much I care for Jack but then again there is Lachie who I care about but I care about Jack more cause he has been my boyfriend twice and is also my bestfriend. I also forgot how gorgeous Jacks voice is. Hmm sweet and gorgeous. I wonder if, since Jack is going back to Sydney in like 2 weeks if he could take us to the airport for my holiday with Hannah D.? “Hey Jack?”, “yeas bestie?” Goof ball. “haha um I was wondering, that when you go back to Sydney if you could drive Hannah D. and I to the Airport so Hannah and I could go on our holiday?”, “um, yeah sure that should be fine, just you 2 for the trip this time? On holiday? By yourself? Are you sure you don’t want me there to help you or anything?”, “no I’m fine I can take care of myself that’s ok and its in 2 weeks, oh and when we get back from holiday, can you pick us up please?”, “ok, ok, just to let you know you’re like my little sister and I don’t want to see you hurt ok? And yes I can do that for you and 2 weeks is fine.” , “ugh I can take care of myself and you’re like my big brother, one that I can go out with and annoy and just talk to all in one, haha and I’ll text you when we are coming home ok?”, “ok just be safe, don’t talk to strangers and don’t drink while driving, that’s all I have to say on that. Now lets get up to the Ag farm and get washing!!!”, “Hahaha, and drying, clipping, leading and what not haha.” Cattle training took soooooo long but we have another one on Friday. Great. But I guess this one was alright cause Lockie was flirting with me the entire time and Jack just death stared him as if to say ‘be careful boy, I’m watching you, if you hurt her I will hurt you’ that was the kinda look he was giving him. He is defiantly a big brother to me and yet we’ve gone out like 2 or 3 times since we’ve known each other and I still thought of him as a big brother cause no matter what he was protecting me form other guys and I like that he has always cared, I’d die if I lost him, no don’t think about that not now at least. No don’t ever think like that! It’s not good to think like that, he just got here don’t be doing that now.

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