Chasing Cars - A Harry Styles love story

There's always a really hot guy at your high school you fall madly in love with. What type of complication does this cause when it's Harry Styles?


21. Stranger

Chapter 21, Stranger    

"Jas, Jaaas! Wake up Jas!"  

"She's not getting up Fleur, c'mon. Let's get you something to eat."  

Footsteps disappeared through the door.  

"Do you think it's time to tell the family yet?"  

"It has to be, at some point they have to find out." Two peers whispered between each other.   

A door slam gave me a fright and my heart rate picked up, causing the heart-rate monitor to beep faster.   

"Have to find out what?"  

A new voice spoke. It was deep, and angry.  

"Who are you?" One of the whispering men asked.  

"What do you mean who am I!?"   His voice roared, getting louder.  

"Calm down, son."  

The other man advised the visitor calmly.  


His voice echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls. I swear you would've heard it from down the hall.  

"She has amnesia."  

Everything went silent.  

"No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no."  

"I'm truly sorr-"  


The boy yelled, footsteps heading my way.  

"Jas, Jas. Jas, wake up. Jas please."  

His voice started to break, and sobs escaped him.  

"This is all my fault. I never should've- I never should've done what I did and I- I... I'm so, so sorry."  

I could feel his cries on my neck, the heavy panting of breathing sending sad shivers up my spine. It was so sad to hear him like this.  

"Please, wake up." He whispered.  

I opened my eyes to a Beautiful, flawless face standing over me. He had gorgeous green eyes, bouncy in-tact curls, a cute dimple and spectacular smile.

He was perfect.

Absolutely perfect.


His cheeks stained with tears, he grabbed my hand and held it tight.

"Do you know who I am?"

He asked, his eyes red and heartbroken. You could tell from the look in his eyes that he was breaking, that he was finding it hard to breathe with the tiny piece of hope still left in his heart.

"Do you?" He whispered.




The boy let out one last breath, breathing out all the hope left inside him.

He stood there, staring at me blankly. I twas as if something had snapped inside him, as if his heart had just been shot into a thousand little pieces. Or he'd just heard the news that a person he once loved had just died, or that the world was about to end.

He blinked away from his frozen state and looked at me one last time, with the sparkle of  hope in his eyes long gone, he said;

"I'll always love you."

He bit his lip to force away the tears before departing from the room. The door slammed shut, and I burst into tears.

Because whoever that boy was, at one point he loved me. And from the looks of things I meant a lot to him, so he would never forget me.

But me? I would do anything to remember what we had, and give him the love he once had with whoever I used to be. But the sad thing is,

I can't.



Hey everybody! Hope you liked the story :) that's the end for now, but "Chasing Cars Two ~ A World Without You" will be here soon. The links to all my websites are in my profile bio if you want to talk, have a lovely day my friends x x

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