Chasing Cars - A Harry Styles love story

There's always a really hot guy at your high school you fall madly in love with. What type of complication does this cause when it's Harry Styles?


1. Gossip

Chapter 1, Gossip

Light and delicate raindrops slipped down the window pane. 

I watched as the pouring rain hovered over the plants, and the wind flew by forcefully, thrashing the tree's to and fro.

"Miss Lovelock pay attention!"

I snapped back into ugly reality.

"Teenage girls these days. Always dozing off."

Mr. Vondoom was one of the the most utterly boring teachers on earth. 

He teaches history, in my opinion a useless class no one needs to be taught. 

Sure the past is important, but why don't we all just move on with our lives? 

This was the one subject I sat next to a window, so I could gaze outside and imagine things.


The bell rang.

I grabbed my books and rushed out to lunch. 

As I walked through the loud high school cafeteria, I noticed all the groups on their reserved tables, doing what they do. 

There's the 'cool' boys, mainly football players. 

The 'popular' girls, all bitchy gossips. 

The 'nerds', always getting studying and getting the top mark. 

Then there's those people who are just... there. 

I made my way over to the little two seater spot in the corner, where my best ( and only ) friend Gemma sat.

"Guess what!?"

"Head of the football team is cheating?"

"No! It's much more exciting then that!"

I sighed, and replied in an un-amused tone.

"Go on then, what's the next big thing"

"There's a new guy in school! His name is Harry Styles and he's REAL hot."

I chuckled.

"Good to know."

"But don't get caught staring at him... and DEFIANTLY do not talk to him. If Kate catches you..."

Kate is the top 'popular' girl of the school. If he's hot, he's hers.

"Gemma, I'm not afraid of Kate. And I'm not going to go throwing myself at this new guy, I bet he's not even my type."

"Are you sure about that?"


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