once in a lifetime

once upon a life time it's about Harry styles finding the girl of his dreams and being with the girl he loves and wants to be with forever and being with a little girl that he will help raise and soon the daughter will be his own to


9. The Reception

Everyone walks in the ballroom and Harry introduces himself . Harry says hi everyone my name is Harry styles and this is my wife Miranda and our daughter Gracie . I bet everyone of you knows why we are gathered here today we are going to celebrate this reception my wife and me Harry styles yes I said it again , will make a toast and we will dance and have a good time. I will get to celebrate with the love of my life as much as I want . First I need someone to serve the food and then I will tell you what the choices are and how many servings of each dish you can get .

There is salad , pasta chicken fried or baked, potatoes broccoli , fattacheni and the drinks are soda or water or wine. Y'all can have some of that but don't drink it all me and my wife need some to . Miranda asked Harry if she could say a few words and Harry said sure honey , Miranda said I am so happy and honored that I married Harry styles . I would like to thank everyone for coming to our wedding and to the reception and I hope that you all will have a good time and enjoy the food and dance the night away . Harry Miranda would you like to slow dance with me . Yes honey I would love to so Harry and Miranda went out to the dance floor and they danced to a slow song and Harry spun His bride around like a princess and then he leaned in for a kiss . It was one of the most romantic kisses ever and Miranda enjoyed every bit of it . Miranda told Harry that this was one of the best nights of her life and that she will never forget this day.

Harry and Miranda danced until the reception was almost over and until everyone left and then Harry and Gracie and Miranda all left . They all went home and when they got home it was 1:00 in the evening so Harry invited Louis and Liam over . Gracie and Miranda went to sleep because they were both very tired and they had a long day. Harry carried Gracie up The stairs and put her in her bed and he tucked her in and then he kissed her and said good night . Daddy loves you so much and I will see you when you wake up . Gracie could barely say I love you or anything to her dad because she was so tired and she need to gets lots of rest . Harry turned out the light and walked out of the room and then he went downstairs and sat next to Miranda while she was fast asleep and then quietly said Miranda wake up for a little while . I'm Going to bring you to our room so you can lie down and go to sleep. Miranda said ok honey . Harry told Miranda that Liam and Louis were coming over so Miranda said ok honey that's fine and if I wake up I will come down stairs and say hi to them. Harry said I'm going downstairs honey and I'm going to watch some tv and wait for the boys to come over . Miranda said ok that's fine and tell them how much it means to me to know that they were all at the wedding and the reception.

Harry said ok I will and then he went downstairs and sat on the couch . He watched tv and he just flipped threw the channels because there was nothing good on tv and he was waiting on the boys to come over. He heard four Knocks at the door and when he opened it his lads were standing outside. Liam, Niall, zayne and Louis so they all said hi and Harry said come on in Lads and take a seat and make yourselves feel at home. Liam said Harry what are you watching on tv and Harry said nothing , I'm just flipping through the channels and I'm not watching anything . Their is nothing good On tv and I'm actually really bored and my wife is sleep and so is my little princess. Zayne said Aww Aww Harry pooh it's ok they will wake up soon and they are probably just very tired because y'all have all had a busy week . Y'all had a wedding to plan and a reception then you have to get ready for the honey moon soon so yeah it's best that the girls will get their rest while they can and have the time to.

Harry said you know what zayne I know that you are right so how about me you and the lads go out right now and just have some guy time . We haven't really had that in a long while I mean since I've Been so busy. Liam said we should have go out and have a guys night. We can celebrate for you and with you Harry . We are glad that you aren't single anymore and that you have someone who loves you And cares about you just like me and the lads do. Liam said we can perform a concert , go out to eat, have a picnic in the park , or we can all go to the movies and see a funny movie or a romantic movie . We can do anything as long as we all do it together. Niall says Harry I never thought as say this to you but you have really proved us all wrong you can be a ladies man and every fine lady might want you . They know that they can't have you because you are taken and your wife wants you to know that's it's gotta be you only you . You saved her and you are gonna make her a better person and she will make you a better person also. Niall I never thought i would say this to you but how are you still single and the only man who doesn't have a woman to love. Harry that is so rude I can't believe you would say that. I have supported your decisions and dreams so you should show me the same respect back. Louis said sorry to interrupt your argument but y'all need to be nicer to Each other and grow up and act mature. Don't act like little kids because it would be do embarrassing to be seen with y'all.

Zayne said Louis your right and we all need to help Niall find his special someone . I know that there will be any girl who would be willing to get to know Niall and want to connect with him and get to know him. Niall said Aww zayne I'm glad you care and thanks you being here for me. Niall said at least your being supportive unlike Harry booh over here he is being a a jerk and he is not helping me at all.

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