once in a lifetime

once upon a life time it's about Harry styles finding the girl of his dreams and being with the girl he loves and wants to be with forever and being with a little girl that he will help raise and soon the daughter will be his own to


4. Surprise of a lifetime

Gracie can you come downstairs please ? Harry yells sure Harry I'm coming . Gracie walks In to the living room and Harry and her mom tell her to sit down . Harry says Gracie I will be moving in with y'all soon and I have talked to your mom about everything and we will soon decide to get thing started and We will become a family . There will be rules that you will have to follow , and if you do exactly what your mom and I tell you to do we will get along just fine . Gracie said ok Harry and ok mom I will try my best. Harry said what do you mean try your best , Gracie was like I will try my best to listen to you and not have an attitude whenever I have to do something that I won't like .

Harry says Gracie I have a feeling we will get a long just fine and I wanted to ask you did you want to help me unpack my stuff when the boys being it to me . Gracie said yes sure u would love to help you unpack it would be good for you to have help . Harry said well I'm glad that you are helping me out and letting me into your life . Gracie I have something I want to tell you Gracie said sure tell me and Harry said I want to tell you that I love you and you will make me so proud to be able to call you my daughter .

Gracie looked at Harry and she started smiling and laughing . She was like I would be proud to call you my dad .then Miranda walked in the living room and she was like I'm so glad that you to are bonding with each other and getting to know each other . Harry asked Miranda would she like to go on a date with him tonight and Miranda was like yes Harry I would love to go on a date with you . Miranda said it doesn't matter and so then Harry was like would you be okay if I called you babe or honey and Miranda was like Aww aw Harry no I would love for you to call me either one of those names and they are both perfect for me but you can only pick one .

Harry said I will call you babe and it's perfect for you . You are my babe . Harry I will call you honey you are sweet like honey and that's what I love you about you and I want to have a future with you and Gracie . I love you so much and I'm glad we are together . Harry asked Miranda what time did she want to go on the date and Miranda was said it doesn't mater to me , as long as I'm with you and can be with you until the day I die . Harry started blushing and he said Miranda I love you so much and you and Gracie will make me so happy . I hope that y'all will let me see how proud y'all to will make me . Miranda kissed Harry on his cheek and she said Harry have I ever told you how much I love you . Harry said this is actually your first tine telling me that you love me . The two shared a kiss again and they sat on the couch tot her and watched the lucky one .

Gracie went downstairs and she saw that her mom and Harry were watching the lucky one. Harry said Gracie come sit down with us and watch this movie with us sweetie. Gracie say down in between her mom and Harry and she cuddled with the both of them . She said I love y'all so much and both of y'all will make me really happy if y'all ever decide to get married .

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