My boyfriend's a killer (Harry Styles fanfic)

My name's Vanessa Ellison Stone. I'm an A+ student, great with kids, have lots of friends. My life sounds great, a life everyone would like to have, which I can't argue, I do have a great life.... But not a great love life. I have a boyfriend who I love to pieces, him and I moved in together when I was only seventeen, (I'm eighteen now). I know it's a young age to be moving in with your boyfriend, but when your parents force you to either pick family or him, you have to choose, even though it's tough. Now, enough about that. He's wonder. I love him. He loves me. Everyone thinks he's a good guy from how he approaches, but at the end of the night and sometimes during the day, he's the most wanted person........ By the way, did I mention he's one of the most-wanted serial killers?


4. Chapter four.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. Harry let out a groan and released his hands from my waste and flipped himself over and put his pillow over his head so he could no longer hear the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I reached over and tapped the snooze button to silence it. I sat up straight and ran my hands through my knotty hair as I stood up and got off of the bed and went to my closet and picked myself out a red dress and laid it aside, not wanting to ruin it or put it on since the family get together isn't until twelve o'clock, and the time right now is eight o'clock, though I plan on leaving around eleven.

I had plenty of time before I planned on leaving, three hours to be exact. I went straight to the bathroom and grabbed myself two towels, one for my body and one for my hair, and sat them ontop of the closed toilet. I turned the water on and got into the shower, and was out in under thirty minutes.


I reached over and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body before grabbing the other towel and wrapping it over my hair. I completely got out of the shower and went straight to my bedroom. 

I expected Harry to be already up, but instead he was still lying in our bed, sleeping soundly, and quite snores coming from him. I held tight onto my towel as I walked over to him and gently shook him, only to receive grunts from him and mumbles from him saying "leave me alone" or even "fuck off."

"Harry, you're going to have to get up soon." I said as I dug through the closet and grabbed myself a bra and some underwear.

"I'll get up in a few hours." He groaned.

"We'll be leaving in a few hours." I reminded him as I slipped my underwear on and dropped my towel.

"Well, I'm not going." He remarked.

"You already promised me!" I reminded him as I put my bra on, and began to search for a rob. I didn't want to waste an outfit since I'll be leaving in just an hour or two.

"Sometimes you have to break your promises." Harry said, I could just feel him smirking as he said that.

"Harry, please." I begged as I put my rob around me.

"No." He said with harshness in his voice.

I sat down at the bed and began to gently shake him, "Come on, please?" 

"No." He said once again as he pulled the covers over his head so I could no longer see him anymore, so in response, I pulled the covers off of him.

"Vanessa, don't fuck with me. It's too early and I'm not going." He said as he reached and grabbed the covers from my hands.

I was annoyed with Harry big time at the moment. He promised me he would go, and here he is breaking his promises. It's not really a new thing, it's happened quite a lot.

I grabbed the covers from Harry once again and ripped them off of his body. He sat up straight from the bed, "Van-" he began to say, but he stopped. "You know what, I don't even need covers." He said as he lied back down on the bed. He was lying on his stomach, so the only thing I could see of him was the back of his boxers and back of his head. I sat down on his back and began to mess with his curls.

"Come on, please?" I said as I moved my hands around his back. He didn't say anything, so I rolled my eyes in annoyance. I kept moving my hands on his back as I bent down and whispered in his ear, "I'll do you a favor in return whenever we come home." 

And those few words seemed to be the words to make him do anything, or go anywhere's, with me.


10:40 AM.

"This suit makes me look fucking stupid." Harry said as he looked in the mirror with digust filled in his eyes.

"Oh, shut up. I think it fits you quite well. It's my favorite suit, and it's my favorite thing that you've ever wore." I admitted to him as I opened my red lip stick and began to put it on.

"Well, you promised me tonight you would do me a favor, so after tonight that suit will be torn to piece." He said, a smirk coming across his face as he winked at me. I hit his chest as I exited the bathroom and went to our room, which Harry followed behind me.

"Don't forget that Louis and Zayn's coming." Harry said as I reached to get my red heels.

"No they're not." I said as I slid the right one on.

"A promise is a promise, and I do remember you promising me that they could come, am I right, or am I right?" Harry said.

I put the left heel on and then took a deep breath before standing up. "Alright, they can come. But if they mess anything up, or hurt my family-"

"Or hurt my family mentally or physically, I will leave you." Harry said in a mockingly voice. "I know, I know, you've told me this so many times before." He said as he rolled his eyes.

"This time I am serious. I left my family behind for you, and if you, or your friends,  treat them like shit or disrespect any of them, I will leave you." I said, anger and annoyance in my voice.

"Okay, alright." Harry said as he looked down at his watch. "Let's go now. Remember, I have to be home by four. I have buisness to do."

I shook my head as I went outside of our room and into the hallway and down the stairs, Harry following each footstep I took.

"Rememeber to tell Zayn and Louis that we are not picking them up. Tell them to get their own ride, or tell them not to show up at all." I said as I got into the car. I sat in the passengers seat, while Harry was in the drivers.

Harry smiled at me, it wasn't his cute or gentle smile. It was his mocking one. "Don't worry, babe, they have their own car." He said, knowing those few words would piss me off since he knows that I don't want them to come.


Sorry for not updating! I'll try to update more!!

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