Falling hard

A girl by the name of Yuna, moon, finds herself falling hard for a love she didn't want in the first place. She actually tried to stay clear of Harry Styles cause she thought he was such a bad kid. She wanted to only focus on her grades and her final exam to study for since she is in college. She tries to ignore Harry but is he really all that bad as he looks. Is there a sweet side to him at all? Or isn't there? Find out by ready this (Harry fan-fiction) right now!!!


3. Stop

Yuna POV

     As the day went on my classes ended before I knew it and I got to go head back to the dorms. I started walking but I was stopped by Harry standing in front of me. I looked up at him with a questioning glare. He then said, " Jeeze I only wanted to apologize about earleir." I laughed and walked around him, what a pethetic lie. I got back to the dorm I was in and I realized I received a text. It ssaid 


from: Harry

I got it number from a friend, listen I was trying to apologize but wtf, whatever!


Yuna POV

   I laughed at his text and fell asleep after getting pajamas on. 

(Yuna's dream:  y= Yuna h= Harry)

      Y: this is the best day ever. H: I know. Y: Harry we have come so far I wanted to say something. H: me to. Y, H: I love you.

(dream over back to Yuna's POV)

      I woke up all sweaty, I must've had a dream, huh I can't remember what it was about. It probably wasn't important so I just ignored it. Today I don't have classes so after I took a shower and put a link tank and skinny jeans on I went out to the store for some grocery's since my roommate doesn't but anything worth of crap. I started walking to the super market and I saw Harry at the market with some friends. I looked at the ground hoping he wouldn't notice me. 

Harry POV

     I said goodbye to my friends and continued shopping. I couldn't remember what I was supposed to get cause I realize that Yuna was here. She is so beautiful I can't believe she doesn't like me, am I really that bad? It's not like my soul is completely empty. I have feeling to. I kind of came off with the wrong influence, I'll fix that. I walked up to her and she glared at me like usuall it makes me depressed. I then said, "listen Yuna as difficult as it seems, I have feeling to. And I'm not all that bad ok?" She laughs and says, "wow your a good liar I almost believed you."

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