Falling hard

A girl by the name of Yuna, moon, finds herself falling hard for a love she didn't want in the first place. She actually tried to stay clear of Harry Styles cause she thought he was such a bad kid. She wanted to only focus on her grades and her final exam to study for since she is in college. She tries to ignore Harry but is he really all that bad as he looks. Is there a sweet side to him at all? Or isn't there? Find out by ready this (Harry fan-fiction) right now!!!


17. Missing him

Yuna POV

      For three bourse we all got caught up with eachother and then Louis wanted to show me my room. I walked up there and the room had a bed, and a bunch of boy stuff, and a picture of.....me. Then Louis said, "this was Harry's room." Tears came into my eyes and I fell on my knees in form if the picture. I stood back up and Louis hugged me and whispered, "there still could be a chance." I nodded my head and I wiped away my tears. I then say, "I probably look like a mess." Louis shakes his head no and says, "no your beautiful and I'm sure Harry would think the same thing." I smiled at the thought of our first kiss, how he saved me form the car. A flash back came of all are memory's. The first kiss, the second. What happened the night, how I thought about how much I loved him, and his last words. I miss him.... So much!  Then clouds says, "I can take all of his stuff out if it's going to bother you." I shake my head and say, "no, it's my last memory's of him. I looked in his closet and there was a picture in there of our first kiss. Tears came into my eyes as I hugged the picture. Louis left the room to let me unpack and get settled in. I have such good friends. After I unpacked it was late so I told the boys I was going to bed. I got pajamas on and slipped into my...... No, Harry's bed. It smells just like him, his sweet cologne. I Dozed off to sleep thinking about him.

(Yuna's dream,)

        I then heard a voice who sounded like Harry's. Am I dreaming? It's all black, complete darkness. Then Harry said,  "Yuna please, I miss you! I love you, I'm alive!" What!!!


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