The Other Sister

Jasmine Everdeen; the most perfect teenage girl that there is. She is the nicest, smartest, funniest and prettiest girl you could ever met. Everybody knows her.
But everything seems the opposite for her new stepsister, Eva. Will Eva's troublesome past effect her with love, new family, friends..?


7. Too many questions, not enough answers

I continued to stare as the tall teenaged boy walked in our direction. He has his hair pointed up and he's wearing black skinny jeans with a grey shirt with the words "MARVEL" in big red letters; the colors are faded and goes well with his whole outfit. His sunglasses are removed and his brown eyes are revealed. He smiles as he is only a few feet away; but he isn't smiling at me, rather more behind me. Eva?


"Do you know him?" I whisper to her. She nods with sigh. How do they-

"Hey" Zayn says.

I look at the Harry, then Liam then Niall; Niall is intently staring at Zayn as Harry tightly squeezes my hand.

"Hey asshole" Eva says with a smile. Her smile doesn't cover her face, or at least looks real; she's faking that smile.


"So what? We haven't seen each other in awhile and you don't give me a hug?" Zayn smirks

at her, not paying any attention to the rest of us.

"Fuck no" she answers, I cringe at her choice of words. Like I said, I don't like swearing, I've hear people say it in movies but never in real life. I hope she doesn't swear in every sentence that comes out of her mouth, I wouldn't know if she had spoken more often.


"That's fucked up" Zayn chuckles. Eva stands her ground and doesn't move as Zayn hugs her anyway.


"So who are they?" He asks after she shoves him off of her. She introduces us as her mothers fiancé daughter friends. Wouldn't it be easier to just say our names? Or even say I'm her future step sister?


He continues to talk to Eva, and only Eva. He ask questions such as how she has been and she keeps the answer short.


"So what did you do after the br-"

"Shut up Zayn" she says.


"Don't talk to about that shit." Eva says as she looks at me.

Zayn is obviously amused and continue  to push at it.

"Shut the fuck up." she says for the third time in a row.

"What so we cant talk about what you did?" Zayn says as his voice gradually gets louder.

"You fucked up and did worst shit than I ever did, so don't you dare fucking talk about what I did." she says closing her hands into the form of a fist. What did she do? What did he do? What the heck are they even talking about???


With that said, Zayn walks off and Eva is left standing there. No one bothers to talk about what happens and we begin to make eye contact at one another. Eva hands remain in the form of a fist.

What was all of that about?

" why don't we-" I begin to say before Eva walks off the opposite way Zayn did.


"Can we talk about what just happened?" Harry says.

Soon after I notice all eyes are focused on me.

"What?" I say.


"She's your step sister"

"Ahem, future step sister" I correct Liam.

"Well????" Liam says.

"I don't now. I'm just as confused as you guys are. I only met her a couple days ago" I say in my defense.


"You think they might have you know, dated?"  Diana asks, holding onto Liam's left shoulder.

I shrug at the question. Maybe they did? I mean she looks like that, 'emo' if you will. She is a red haired girl with a piercing and wears mostly dark clothes and Zayn is the same but with no red hair. Zayn isn't emo, he's just tough I guess. If I can say Zayn is tough that means Eva is as well right?  They look the same and act the same as I had just witnessed a few moments ago. Maybe it is possible, that they had a thing. But there is something that doesn't make sense. What happened so bad that Eva got ticked off?


"You think she's ok?" Niall asks, turning to face us; he had watched Eva walk away.

I shrug as his answer.

His face falls into a frown.

"Why?" I ask.

"No reason"

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