The Other Sister

Jasmine Everdeen; the most perfect teenage girl that there is. She is the nicest, smartest, funniest and prettiest girl you could ever met. Everybody knows her.
But everything seems the opposite for her new stepsister, Eva. Will Eva's troublesome past effect her with love, new family, friends..?


1. Not what I thought

Jasmine's POV~*

I woke up to the sound if my phone ringing. I rolled over and answers the phone with my eyes closed shut.
"H-hello?" I cleared my throat.
"Hey come downstairs, She's here" the sound of my fathers voice.
"Yea ok, I'll be ready in a bit" I yawned.

I ran over towards my dresser and brushed my medium sized brown hair. 

I was raised with my father for almost my entire life as my mom took off to finish high school. A year after I was born, my mom had left my father, we never knew exactly why. Ever since then it has just been my father and myself. Somewhere along the way of growing in my teenage years, my dad met a woman who's name is "Maya". She's nice, and funny and I like her. They eventually started dating and now she will soon become my new mom. I'm ok with this because she makes my dad happy and so I'm happy.

She has daughter, I haven't heard much about her or what she likes. They say she's young, so I predicted to see a 8 or 7 year old little girl with two ponytails and a flowery dress. Her mom, Maya, told my father very little about her. All I know- I mean- all we know is her name, Eva.

Today was the day I get to meet her, hence the reason my father called me to get ready. I placed on a bit makeup, and changed into some jeans and a plain T-shirt. 

"There she is" my dad said as I walked down the stairs.
"Hi sweetie" Maya greeted me with a hug.
"Hi" I smiled.

"And where is Eva?" My dad asked as he wrapped his arm around Maya's waist.
"She's outside on your porch, let me go get her-" 
"Uh-can I go? Like meet her?" I interrupted. She nodded as my dad took her towards the living room.

As I opened the door, I thought of what I was gonna say towards her. When I turned to face the porch, I noticed a teenaged girl looking off into the distance. She had bright red teased hair and wore white jeans with a black shirt and a sweater on top. Clearly she didn't belong here.

"Hi- uhm what are you doing here?"  I asked. She turned to face me; she had over done it with eyeliner and seemed to have a small piercing on the side if her nose.

"What are you looking at?" She rolled her eyes.
"I will ignore that, now what are you doing here? This isn't your house" I snapped back. She laughed at my reply.

"Look princess, calm down, don't need to sass" she said sarcastically.

"Don't call me that."
"Why not? Am I hurting your wittle feelings?" She mocked in a baby voice.

"Look, I don't know who you think you are but-" she cut my off as she stood up and came closer to me.

"I'm Eva. Your new step sister" 

She was defiantly not the little girl I expected.

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