The Flowers

Spohie is a small-town girl attending her 4th year of college at age 21. The year starts normal, with crushes, bestfriends, and simple girl drama. But then, the notes start coming. Calls from a mystery number fill the answering machine. Flowers are left by the door. But who could be leaving these gifts? At first they seemed harmless, but now her boyfriend is being targeted. Even her ex has been involved. The cute "I <3 you" notes turn violent, and no one can figure out who the stalker is.

Roses are red, violets are blue. You can't see me, but I can see you...


1. The First Flower

     A simple rose. I bent to pick it up, my wavy brown hair falling in my face. One thorn was left on the stem and a note was impaled on it. It read: "Roses are red, violets are blue. I'll always love Sophie Valoo~ XOXOXO.I smiled at the thought of my boyfriend Brendon, who's a little rough around the edges, doing such a romantic gesture. I looked up and down the empty hallway of the all-girl dormitory, searching for anyone who might know when he put it in front of my door. Where the hall turned a corner, I thought I saw a flash of movement. I ended up staring at the lone plastic plant that sat under the florescent light. All of the dorm room's doors were shut, the building silent as the girls fell asleep. A few giggles escaped from the AC vents, but nothing else hinted that anyone was even awake. I shrugged and shifted my books in my hand, searching for my key in my purse.

     Jingle, jingle. I finally unlocked the door and walked inside. Two identical beds sat against a wall, a simple nightstand between them with a lit lamp. In one bed sat Ilia Smith, my roommate, with her sandy blonde hair in a messy bun, glasses drooping down her nose, books and papers strewn over her lap and bed. She was fast asleep and snoring. Great, I thought. I set down my stuff and shook her awake.

     "Rise and shine! You still have to study for your exam, remember?" I said. She looked up with droopy eyes and simply said, "Shut up..." and went back asleep. I rolled my eyes waited. She would remember soon. Ilia always did this; forget about a test, cram, and somehow pass! Finally, she snapped awake and yelled "SHIT!" She looked at the clock on the nightstand and groaned.

     "No point in cramming now," I sang, "you'll just fall back asleep..."

     "Ugh, I know... Damn and I need to pass this test! Mrs. UnderPants already hates me; this just gives him an excuse to fail me..." I couldn't help but giggle, our nickname for him always brought up the memory of the class clown Joseph pantsing the teacher. "Mrs. UnderPants" is actually Mr. Hust, the "UnderPants" part coming from the pantsing and the "Mrs." coming from the granny-panties he happened to be wearing. His excuse was that it was laundry day, but of course no one cared. Poor Joseph sure got his hide tanned, though. Extra homework for at least a month...

      "Hey, did you see Brendon sneak in through here? He left a flower by the door," I showed her the rose. She took it and read the note.

       "Ooh-la-la! Looks like someone has a secret admirer!" she teased, wiggling her eyebrows. I looked at her, confused. "Brendon is on his weekend trip, remember? I wonder how they got in, though. The security guard is at the front desk, the gate is locked, and there aren't any open windows in the hall." She twirled the rose in her hand. "Well, whoever it is, they must be one dumbass! Brendon would flip if he knew about this. Best to keep this on the down-low," she said, tossing the rose into the draw of the nightstand.

        "Probably," I muttered. I changed into my PJs and crawled into bed. Ilia was busy putting away her papers, mumbling to herself about equations and chemicals. I turned to on my side and shut my eyes, running through a list of boys that might have left the rose. It must of took me longer than I thought; Ilia shut off the light, said good night and fell asleep. Eventually, exhaustion took over and I drifted into blackness.

          A dark, cloudy night revealed itself. Clouds quickly gathered in the sky, and a shower of roses fell over building E-3. The picture zoomed into a window, rushing past two bodies asleep in their beds and into the hallway past the door. A dark figure crept around the hall and paused in front of the door. The angle of the view blocked my vision from seeing what the visitor left. The stature of the person told of a young man in his 20s. He slowly got up, turning his face towards me. Slowly, slowly I could almost see past the shadow of his face. My heart started to beat faster and faster, his face finally -----

        BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My eyes burst open, darting around the room. Ignoring the alarm clock, I rushed to the door, viciously swinging it open. I quickly checked if anyone was in the hall, my messy hair flinging around. My heart was pounding. I finally convinced myself that no one was there and that no secret visitor left a present in the hall. I turned to walk back inside when I saw a piece of folded paper tucked under a tear in the carpet. I double-checked the hall and swiped up the note. I shut the door, reading the note on my way back to my bed. "Did you like my gift?"

    "What the hell....?"


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