Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


14. Tour?

Samantha's POV

I let the boys stay the night. It was like 11 anyway. So they lie on the floor and I get some blankets for them. Louis invites me to sleep in his bed. I got into his bed and told him I would come to the tour with him. "Yes, on the offer. I would love to come on your with you!" I say. "Great! That's amazing! Ok, I'll need you to get packed tomorrow. We leave Friday." He says. "Why don't you come to class and talk to my teacher? I can't just skip class with out an authorization." I say. So ten he'll come tomorrow. I text my friend, Vannessa, and tell her that I have a boyfriend. I haven't talked to her in a really long time. She went to Rome for a week.

S- "Hey. Guess what?!" Vannessa- "What?" S- "I have a boyfriend. He's coming to class tomorrow." Vannessa-"Wow! I'd love to meet him."


Louis walks in and Vannessa sees him. "Hey! Why is Louis Tomlinson in our class room?!" She says. "This is my boyfriend." I say. "YOU COULD'VE TOLD ME YOUR BOYFRIEND WAS LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!" She whisper-yells in my ear. "Well... Louis, this is Vannessa, Vannessa this is Louis." I say.

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