Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


8. Tickets

I looked at the tickets and it had One Direction written on it. I don't know who One Direction is, but I'll go any ways. So I picked up the cat and she looked at me. I saw Louis go to the apartment and shower. I don't know where his room is but I'm guessing it's the big room. I don't want to feel bad and take his money so I go to my dresser and open my jar of cash and coins. I rack up $100 and I have $20 in my pocket for "emergencies". I go back to Louis' room and see some pictures if 4 boys and Louis and I see a Black-haired boy, a curly one, a blonde one, a brown haired one. I seemed to know that the curly one was Harry because Louis was talking about him. So I got to the hallway, and go to the vet. The kitten gets her shots and I get a litter box, scratching post, toys, bowls for food and water, and a bed. I also get a collar, but not a name tag. I thought of a name- Belle. But I'll talk to Louis about that. So we go to the apartment for more money. The stuff was expensive. $250. So I used $130 of Louis' money. He had $500 in there so I didn't use it all. Then we went home. Louis was gone by then. I got ready at 6 o'clock. I stripped and took a shower, put my hair up and did my makeup. I put a cat-eye on and mascara, I put lip-stick on and blush. I applied some nail polish and dried it. I took my hair from my clip and curled a little of my hair and kept some straight. I had my little purple dress on and out some black flats on. I said bye to my little princess and got my clutch and left. I had my phone, keys and jacket and got in the car. I had the tickets in his car and drove off.

As I got there people were screaming to get in. My ticket said VIP so I got in without waiting. As I go in i see the 4 boys in the picture.

Louis' POV

So I had told the boys about Samantha, but not about her story. I told her about how much I liked her and stuff. I told them that she would be here and when she walked in I pointed at her. I'm couldn't see where she sat because we had to leave. Paul called us into the back and se had our pre-show gathering and we were ready to preform as girls started taking their seats. I guess I told the boys how she looks like because Niall came over and whispered "Remember the girl you were talking about" "yeah,"I whispered, "row 5" he said. And I looked shocked. She was jamming out to our music even though she doesn't know us. So after the concert I came over and I shouted out to her over the mic. "This is a girl I like, I don't know if she likes me or not. I would like her to be my girlfriend. Will you be my girlfriend?" "YES!" I heard her say. So it's official now. I invited her to see us backstage and she met everyone. Then I took her, by herself, to the stage. A few lights were on. "This is the stage." I say. "Wow! It's so cool up here!" She says. "Yeah" I say. I see her looking out. The lights sparkle in her eyes. I just can't resist looking at her beauty. "Samantha," I say. "Yes?" She replies. "I love you. No matter what. And you can't change that." I say. "I love you too, Louis." She says flatly. "No, I mean it. Like. I would marry you. But I barely know you. I indeed love you. I really meant what I said." I say. "Look at me." I say. Just then I take her chin and with my finger I move it closer to mine and kiss her. I wrap my hands around her waist. We kiss for a few seconds and then it's over.

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