Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


22. Happy Birthday, Me!

I get up from bed at midnight, planning for my birthday and go back to bed.

*In The Morning*

I wake up with loads of ideas Louis didn't wake up yet, and that's strange. I find Liam in the living room with Zayn watching tv. "Good morning! Where is everyone?" I ask. "They're asleep. We're gonna go out today, if it's ok with you." Liam says. "Yeah, I guess so, I'm gonna talk with Jade on the phone mostly all day." I say. "We're gonna go out to get breakfast, too." Zayn says.

And they totally forgot my birthday! And I know they know it's my birthday. Let me wait and see who else forgets, I think.

They leave an hour later and Louis didn't even remember! I talk to Jade now. (Bold- Me, normal- Jade.) Hey. Hey, girlfriend! How's Washington? Great! Except HE found me and we got ourselves injured. That sucks, I wish I could go there, with belle. She misses you! Here. *belle meows* Awwww! Baby, I miss you too! So does daddy! Oh, so he's daddy now?! We had sex. Oh, REALLY?! And you couldn't tell me earlier?! Sorry! They didn't know it was birthday, either! What kind of boyfriend does that?! He might have just forgotten at the moment. He'll remember later tonight, though. Yeah, Oh YEAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just forgot to say it. Ohhh... YOU! You're the sweetest girl ever! Well. I gotta go, talk to you later, sister! Ok, bye Belle! Bye, girl! See you!

*later at night*

*talking to Louis*

"Louis, where are you?! I'm getting scared! I don't like being alone this long! This better not be a prank!" "Babe, it's ok. Don't be scared! I'll be there in a few! I'm just at an interview. Be there in 20. I'll see you later. Bye. Love you." He says.

I wait there. On the couch. Sitting. Waiting for Louis. I might as well go to sleep, I think. I wake up to Louis kissing me. "Hey! Come on, I wanna show you something." He takes me to the car and goes downtown. We arrive to a club and security guards and everything. "This is for you!" He says spinning me and kissing me. The paps take pics of us and we go in. There's a DJ and loads of people. "Go to the back, go change," he whispers in my ear. I see a giant dressing room and a dress and heels waiting for me. Some one is holding the dress and heals. I take the dress and see... JADE!!! "OMG! JADE! ITS SO NICE TO SEE YOU!" I say so excited to see her. "LOUIS BOUGHT ME THE TICKS AND I CAME JUST THIS AFTERNOON!" She says. I change and go up stairs to the main floor and see Louis dancing on the dance floor. "You look gorgeous!" He compliments. "Thank you!" I say blushing. We dance the night away! We open presents in frontof people we don't know and we have this BIG pile of presents. "This is from... HARRY! It's..." I say opening them infront if the people. "A necklace, a teddy bear, $30, and a beautiful, sparkly, shiny white dress! THANK YOU HARRY!!"

*the last presents*

"This last one is from Louis." I say as everyone 'oohs' it's a medium-sized box and I open it. I find a smaller box each time until I see a tiny box. He takes it from my hands and kneels. "My baby, my girl, my Samantha. You have been mine for 2 and almost 3 months now. I love you dearly, still. Every time I say 'I love you' I love you even more. You're the sweetest girl in the world! This is the best moment of my life. And on your birthday. When I saw you walking by me on the first day I laideyes on you, I loved you. I was head-over-heels in love with you. You have been mine when I asked you to move in. We went through ups and downs. We found belle. She is our baby, our baby belle. And your best friend, Jade. She was insecure about me and you. She thought it would never work out. I bet she didn't know this would happen. I asked you to join tour. That was a great deal. I finally met Tom a few days back. He's such a bastard. I can't believe he did that much to you, before I met you. I saved you from a life full of hate and horribleness. I would have half a heart without you. I cherish the day I saw you walk into my life. I love you and I'll never leave you. Even in heaven or hell. After we die, I hope to stay with you. Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive? Mrs. Samantha Danielle Reynolds?!" "Yes, yes, yes! A million times yes!!! I love you until time stops. Yes I'll marry you!"

I can't believe this happened on my 20th birthday! Louis and I dance and get a drink.

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