Love Me

I have been raped and abused by my father. I just need someone. Someone. To Love Me. Care for me. Help me along the way. Just. One. Person. Louis comes into my life and we got to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Time passes and we get engaged and I become pregnant. That's as far as I've gotten.


23. Engaged/Meeting Family

I cried on that stage. He took the ring and puts it around my finger. I cover my mouth and hug him. I look at it. It has a big diamond in the middle with two smaller ones on the sides. I kiss him and dance. I can't believe I'm getting married! He's the love of my life!

"When's the wedding?" I ask. "Umm... I don't know. When do you want it?" He says. "A day we all can remember." I say. "How about on the day we met, next year?" He says. "That's wonderful. I love you." I say as I kiss him. We cut cake and eat it all up.

*After The Party*

We go back to the hotel and I put some sexy pyjamas on and Louis tells me to come close. He takes my top off and we decide to have some fun. His hands are so soft on me. He takes my pants off and panties. I take his clothes off and he takes my bra off. We get under the covers and have a lot of fun. It feels good to have sex with someone other than Tom. He doesn't deserve to even live.

I wake up and tell Louis to come have breakfast with me. We go with bead head and the boys see us. "Ooh! So you've decided to have some fun?" Liam says. "Yeah. How'd you know?" I ask. "We heard and your hair's all messed up." Zayn says laughing. "SOOO...!!! To change the subject, how are you guys?" I say. "Good." "Great." "Ehh" I hear them say. I ask Louis if he wanted to take a trip with me. I ask if he wants to go to the beach and meet some old relatives. He nods and we pack for a four-day trip. We get in the car and drive to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Before we leave, I kiss him, and make it a long kiss. I roll the windows down while he puts the top down. "It will be a five hour long trip! So we must have a playlist set for the trip." I say. "I've already got one!" He says. We are into 30 minutes and it's starts pouring. Just my luck! I think. We keep the top down because we forget. It feels good anyway. We speed down the highway when I fall asleep.

*Cape Cod*

"Babe, we're here! Get up." He says nudging my elbow. "Huh?" I whisper. "We're at the beach, we're in Massacusetts, what else can I say? You had a 4 hour nap. So get up and let's get inside." He says. I grab my stuff and we slam the doors just when, I see my Aunt Jen. "Ooh! It's so nice to see you! How are you, Samantha?" She asks. "Good! I got a nap, so I'll be awake all day." I say. "Samantha? Who is this?" She says looking at Louis. "Aunt Jen, this is my boyfriend and fiancé, Louis. And don't judge him. You aren't the one who knows him and loves him, so be nice to him." I whisper to her. "CAMERON!! THE GIRL'S ENGAGED!" She yells inside to my Uncle Cameron. "Oh no! I just told you not to over-react!" I say, putting my hands in my face, all blushing when I put a smile on and walk inside. I grab Louis' hand and say hi to everyone. I think it's Awkward to see Louis just standing there not saying anything, and looking around. Then finally, my Aunt Jen speaks up, "So Louis, right? Yeah. How are you?" "I'm good! And you?" He replies quietly. "Did you do anything to my baby?" She says tuning from nice to very serious. "JEN! What did I just tell you!" I say. "Oh, sorry." She apologizes. "No, ma'am. I did nothing to her but love her." He says. And then he kisses me lightly on my nose. "Samantha. Did I ever tell you you look just like your mother?" She says, starting to cry. I shed a tear and begin to sob. I run away to the spare bedroom and cry.

Louis' POV

Samantha runs to a room and I run after her, "So sorry, I'll be back!" I say to the family. "Samantha?" I say peeking my head to see her crying on the bed. "Samantha? What's wrong?" I ask. "It's-it's my mom. W-w-when she d-died, Tom started do-doing bad stuff to me. I miss her too much. If she was here, none of this would have happened. I wish she was here, but I wouldn't have met you." She confesses. "It's ok. It's too sad to see you cry. So please don't cry." I say. "You're too sweet. Just let me wipe my tears and I'll go out." "Ok." I say giving her a really long kiss. She bites her lip and I kiss her neck, we go out and she had this big smile on. "What?" Aunt Jen asks. "Oh, nothing," she says, "Meet me outside." She whispers to me.


She had a beach dress on and she was looking out to the sun. The orange sun reflected off her eyes and she looked too beautiful for it. I only had a t-shirt and jeans on so I didn't look good enough for her. "Uhh... You look very beautiful!" I stumble on my words. "Thank you! And you don't look bad yourself." She says.

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