Disguised Beauty (A One Direction FanFiction)

"Wishes don't always come true, hon."
"Yeah mommy, but I feel like they should."

Spoken from the mouth of a 4 year old Paige Dray.
Before all the chaos, and the rumors, and the bands.

Have you ever impersonated someone?
I have.

Have you ever made a wish?
I have.

Have you ever fallen in love?
I have.

Have you ever... Seen magic?
I have.


9. Chapter 9

I started at Kayleigh with disbelief. How did she get here? And why was she here?

"What are you doing here?" She stormed up to me and looked me in the eye.

"The better question is, what are YOU doing here?" I shot back. It was true, and she knew it. I obviously had gotten hurt, so I was in the hospital. Kayleigh however was in perfect shape.

"My boyfriend's in the hospital, so I thought I might as well visit him. I went into the wrong room I guess." She hissed. Niall cleared his throat to show he was here. Kayleigh's head shot over to him.

"Oh my goodness." She covered her mouth with her hand. "You're Niall from One Direction!" She squeaked.

"I've been called that a time or two." Niall gave her a peachy grin. His eyes instantly shot back over to me, filling with anger. "Explain." He hissed, crossing his arms.

"Explain what?" Kayleigh mumbled.

"Who are you?" Niall asked, coming closer to me. He clenched his teeth.

"I..." I couldn't speak. My tongue was getting tied in knots. "Well..." I mumbled.

"What do you mean, who is that? That's Paige." Kayleigh blurted out. Niall's eyes narrowed, and he nodded slowly. 

"I knew it. What's your full name, Paige? If that's really who you are." He smirked.

"Paige Skylar Dray." My voice comes out higher than I expected. I felt debilitated, fragile. I never would of pictured the day my hero, Niall James Horan, confronted me. I covered my face with my hands. I could feel the clammy sweat on my hairline. I wiped it off slowly before my eyes locked with Niall's. 

"Why did you lie to me, uh, us?" His eyes suddenly softened, the grip in his hands relaxed, and he suddenly looked as if someone came and drained all the lift out of him. His shoulders fell limp, and he sat down on the hospital chair, gazing past me, past the wall behind me, somewhere distant. I shook my head ever so slightly.

"I don't know." I murmured. Kayleigh glanced over at me, her hands clasped gently on her stomach.

"She wanted to sneak into the concert." Kayleigh explained to Niall. He nodded, still in a trance. "She stole my pass to the concert." Her eyes shot over to me. She narrowed them, biting her lip.

"I was sick of everybody treating me like I was a nobody. I didn't even get a 'good morning' from my own mom!" I cried. My body shot with adrenaline, and I sat up in the rusty bed, not taking my eyes off of Kayleigh.

"Do you know the reason WHY I got those tickets and you didn't?" Kayleigh hollered. Her shoulders were tense, her fists clenched. I shook, my whole body burning up.

"Because our family loves you more than me?" I confronted her. I clenched my teeth, breathing hard. "Because you're so 'perfect'? Don't deny it Kayleigh, they always have and they always will. I've always been the girl who's been singled out of everything from family meetings to vacations! Vacations! You guys left for Hawaii for a week without telling me! I'm sick of it! I want to be treated as a whole, as someone who matters! But do you all listen? No. You don't support anything I do, or what I say. My behavior is bad because of you guys. I want attention. I want to be loved as much as you are." I felt my eyes burn, a tear falling down my soft cheek. Kayleigh's stomach rose up and down quickly, her mouth open, ready to plummet back a retort.

"Do you think I want to be the perfect kid? Do you think I try to leave you out? Don't you think I've convinced Mom and Dad to let you in on family meetings? They always deny it, because of the things you done. They don't trust you. But most of all, they don't trust me. Not even with my own secret." She looked to the ground, whimpers dropping out of her mouth.

"What secret?" I said softly, my shoulders relaxing.

"Mom didn't tell you?" Kayleigh looked at me in disbelief. I shook my head, dazed.

"No." I said. The corners of Kayleigh's mouth turned down, and she let her arms fall limp.

"Paige, I have cancer."

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