Disguised Beauty (A One Direction FanFiction)

"Wishes don't always come true, hon."
"Yeah mommy, but I feel like they should."

Spoken from the mouth of a 4 year old Paige Dray.
Before all the chaos, and the rumors, and the bands.

Have you ever impersonated someone?
I have.

Have you ever made a wish?
I have.

Have you ever fallen in love?
I have.

Have you ever... Seen magic?
I have.


2. Chapter 2

At the end of dinner, I clear my plate and start doing the dishes. I was silent throughout dinner, for I was thinking of what I was going to do about the One Direction passes. Where would Mom of left them? I checked all of her hiding spots before dinner. I know all of them now, since she takes my phone away from me a ton. I found my phone in one of her hiding spots by the way. Anyway, they weren't there. I wondered where she could of put them? She couldn't of thrown them away, could she? She wouldn't. That would break Kayleigh's heart. Yet, what I plan to do probably will do more than sabotage my sister's heart. I didn't mind. That NEVER happened to Kayleigh. It was her turn to experience real pain.

"PAIGE!" My little brother screams. That shakes me out of my thoughts. I looks down to realize I was spraying water all over the kitchen.

"Paige, stop daydreaming and clean that up!" My mom yells. Cory (my little brother) sticks his tongue out at me.

"She's probably daydreaming about boys." He teases.

"Cory, you know I don't daydream. If I did, it'd be about One Direction. And they ain't boys. They're men." I snorted and started cleaning up the water.

"Paige, please don't use words like 'aint'." She scolds. I didn't care. I'm going to use whatever language I want to.

Now you see, if Kayleigh were ever to spill water, my mother would clean it up for her. But nope, not me. I get forced to clean up my own messes. I can't seem to take care of them, says my so-called family. Something I think about moving in with my best friend Eric. He's truly a gentleman. Not so much gentle, but a man. Mom doesn't like him. I can't see why. He's just fine for all I know. With his stunning black hair, nose ring, and tattoos, how could you not love him?

"Whatever." I mumble.

Five minutes later I'm staring at myself in the bathroom mirror.

"Where could of Mom hidden the passes?" I bite my lip. Suddenly, I gasp. I know EXACTLY where she hid them. Mom keeps talking about this new storage room in my parent's bathroom. All kids are strictly told that it's off limits for us. But we all know that I'm a rules breaker. I grin to myself and stride into my room.

It's soon midnight and I'm positive my parents are sound asleep. About an hour ago they came in and said goodnight to me. I usually stay up until one o-clock in the morning. They know, and are totally cool with it. I have a feeling it's because they know I won't be successful in life, and that I'll be a failure anyway.

I slip out of bed silently and tiptoe into my parent's room. Mom is snoring like a pig, and Dad is passed out on the bed, a book on top of his face. I'm wearing my One Direction pj's and slippers. My hair is tied up in a messy bun, which is flopping over as I sneak into the bathroom. I accidentally bump into the door, causing Dad to stir. I clench my teeth and continue on. I stumble over a bottle of shampoo lying on the ground, and I hear some more shuffling. I turn around and my dad is standing behind me.

"Hi Dad..." I whisper.

"Paige, did you bring the carrot soup?" He mumbles. I raise an eyebrow, and when he repeats it, I know he's sleepwalking.

"Dad, go back to bed. It's okay." I sooth.

"You promised. Toby needs it for his concert." He crosses his arms sloppily. I almost start bursting out into laughter. Toby is my dad's best friend. And we all know for a fact that Toby is not musically talented, so why would he have a concert?

"Go to bed Dad." I lead him back and tuck him in like he's a baby. I tiptoe back into the bathroom and shut the door silently, sliding down the door sighing. That was close.

After a minute or so, I get up and keep walking. It's pitch black, so I can't see a thing. How do Mom and Dad use the bathroom in the night? It's like walking through nothing. I sigh and continue on until I suddenly bash into something.

It's a door. I've never noticed this door before. I grin, realizing what it is right away. It's the storage room. I open the door and flick on the light.

The room isn't as big as Mom described it. It's about the size of your average walk-in-closet times two. It's filled with junk such as old cloths, and a box that says 'Money for the girl's collages.' I realize that's for me and Kayleigh. Probably just for Kayleigh though. I doubt my parents think I'm actually going to make it into collage next year.

The walls are painted a strange beige color, and there's some hangers sprawled across the floor in the corner. I spot a metal bar with some colorful badges hanging on them. I bite my lip and slowly make my way over there. I pull them off the bar, and sure enough, it's the passes to the concert. There's two of them, and since I only need one, I leave the other behind. The passes have pictures of people on them. One of them is Kayleigh, (that's the one I take, since we look exactly alike) and the other is her best friend Megan.

I quickly and quietly rush back over to my room, relived I didn't get caught. I smile and hold the pass close to me. I was not going to let that go, no matter how hard anyone tried.

If anyone asks what happened to the pass, I'll just say I have no idea. I'm a great liar. I get it from my Dad. I'm also a great actress. That's how I plan on getting into the concert. I'll pretend to be Kayleigh and sneak in.

This could go so well, I could scream.

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