Disguised Beauty (A One Direction FanFiction)

"Wishes don't always come true, hon."
"Yeah mommy, but I feel like they should."

Spoken from the mouth of a 4 year old Paige Dray.
Before all the chaos, and the rumors, and the bands.

Have you ever impersonated someone?
I have.

Have you ever made a wish?
I have.

Have you ever fallen in love?
I have.

Have you ever... Seen magic?
I have.


12. Chapter 12

I sat at the table, stirring my soggy cereal. When I first woke up, my stomach growled. Now even the thought of it made me gag. I pushed the bowl away and pulled my legs up on the chair. I rested my head in between my knees, trying to processes the events of today.

"Paige?" I heard a soft voice call. I turned around to see Cory peaking his head around the corner. His brown, shaggy hair fell into his eyes. He gave me a weak smile and steps into the room.

"Mom and Dad are worried about you." He explained, glancing at the ground. I shrugged.

"I would be too." I sighed, twirling a strand of my dark, curly hair.

"Are you sure it wasn't a dream?" He sat next to me.

"Positive. I know what happened. It was all real." The phone rang, and I immediately popped up from my chair to grab it. The caller ID read "Harry Styles". A wide smile appeared on my face. I snatched the phone and hit the talk button.

"Paige speaking." I bounced out of the kitchen and into the guest room. 

"Paige! It's Harry. Your parents called. They said there was something off about you." My face fell and I bit my lip.

"Harry, you don't understand what it's like to have your life flip flopped in the matter of seconds. One minute you have a twin with no left eye, the next you don't even have a twin." A deep chuckle erupted from the other line, and I frowned.

"Harry stop, that's not funny." I mumbled into the receiver.

"Paige, I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you feeling okay?" He laughed between breaths. I grumbled.

"Come over here, okay? I'll explain everything." I slammed the phone down on the bed, and stormed out.

"Cory." I jogged into the kitchen, where Cory still sat. His head turned around to face me.

"Is Harry my boyfriend?" I asked, sitting down in the same chair as I recently had been in. He nodded.

"Yeah..." He raised an eyebrow and as I gagged on my cereal. Cory glanced at me with a worried eye. I ignored him and stared into space, body aching with emotion.

After what seemed like an ice age, the charming sound of our doorbell echoed in my ears. I clenched my teeth as I heard large footsteps make their way into the kitchen.

"She hasn't really moved since you got off the phone with her." Cory explained.

"Paige?" Harry sat down beside me, stroking my hair. I turned to face him, and blinked, my dropping eye lashes falling against my cheeks. He took my hand and took me up to my bedroom.


"Wow." Harry lied on my floor, his large hands resting on his stomach.

"Yeah." I breathed. I had explained my situation to him.

"You must be a pretty good actor."

My eyes slowly shifted to the muscular male on my floor. I raised an eyebrow and cleared my throat.

"Excuse me?" I brought my legs up onto my bed. "Do you think I'm lying?" I chuckled sarcastically. Harry sat up, keeping himself steady with his hands.

"You sound ridiculous!" He shot back. I narrowed my eyes.

"Would I ever make up a lie just to get attention?"

"You obviously don't know yourself." Harry bellowed. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes, trying to act innocent.

"Get out." I hissed. The twinkle soon faded and he stood up.

"Paige -"

"Get out, Harry." I stood up to face him, arms crossed.

"Paige, I-"

"GET OUT HARRY!" I punched him on his shoulder. A hurt look spread across his face, and he turned away and ran out the door. Immediately, my emotions swirled and I fell to the ground, breaking down in tears.

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