All That Matters -Sequel To Getting Adopted-

Becca can't wait to go to Sydney to see the boys perform. She's been counting down the days and it's finally come. Where she can see her dad and her boyfriend face to face, instead of through a screen. But what happened when Louis decides he doesn't want her and Luke together?


6. Chapter 5

You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah,
What's a king bed* without a queen
There ain't no "I" in team
You make me complete
You're all that matters to me


I woke up late, which meant I had to get ready quick or we would be late to the concert. And they don't let you in if you're late, even if you have your tickets and stuff. I had already picked out my outfit so I just had to get dressed and yeah. I had picked out my Five Seconds Of Summer t-shirt and khaki shorts. I put them on with my black Jordan's and a hat that Luke had gotten me that said 'Homies' on it. I curled my hair, did my makeup, added a necklace and a bracelet. I decided to put my 5SOS case on my phone too, cause ya know I'm freaking magical and have one.

"Are you ready?" Nina asked.


"Yes, where's Naomi?" I asked.


"Bathroom." Nina informed me. I nodded and grabbed the tickets and backstage passes.


"Okay, ready!" Naomi came out of the bathroom and I drove us to the concert while Eleanor, Perrie and Gabi drove in a different car. When we got there the line was very long. It like rapped around the building. As we were getting out of the car the others were just pulling up. I saw Paul looking around, like he was looking for someone. Then i got a text from him.


From: Paulioo

Where are you guys?


To: Paulioo

We just got here, I see youuu!


We went up to Paul and he led us into the building. Fans were getting mad and shit because we got to go in before them. Oh well. Too bad for you. He led us backstage and I found Luke getting his hair did.


"Babyyyy!" Luke smiled when he saw me in the mirror he was sitting in front of.


"Hi." I giggled.


"I like you're shirt." He gave me a thumbs up.


"You like my phone case too?" I smiled showing it to him.


"Love it." He laughed, "This is Lou, she's our stylist."


"Hi! I'm Becca." I smiled at her.


"Ah, Louis' daughter, Luke's girlfriends. I've heard so much about you and the other girls." Lou smiled.


"Yeah, they're off looking for Niall." I shrugged. She nodded and finished Luke's hair. When he was out of the chair he hugged me real tight and kissed my lips.


"Where are you're seats? Maybe I'll come down and watch the others perform with you." Luke smiled.


"Can you even do that?" Calum asked as he sat down in the chair to get his hair done.


"I don't know." Luke and I shrugged.


"That'd be pretty cool though." Michael said, joining us in the little room.


"Yeah, you'd make everyone jealous, Penguin." Calum laughed.


"Probably. We're missing our little drummer boy." I frowned.


"Little? He's 19." Michael laughed.


"Whatever." I rolled my eyes, "I'm gonna go find Louis." I told them and skipped off. Literally, I was skipping. When I found Louis, he was with Harry. I'm guessing it's awkward for Harry to be around me, I don't mind though. He get's all figity (I don't even think that's a word) and quiet.


"Hi, daddy." I smiled at him.


"It looks like you're not even here for a One Direction concert!" Louis laughed.


"Um, excuse you I have yours and Eleanor's name tattooed on my arm, so.." I put a hand up.


"You did?!" Louis shrieked, "Lemme see, lemme see, lemme see!" I laughed and showed him.


"See?" I smiled.


"That's so amazing." Louis said.


"Yeah, I guess." I shrugged, "Elounor. Dammit I should've gotten that instead!" I whined, stomping my foot on the ground.


"You'll live." Louis laughed, "Now go get in you're seats. The shows about to start.

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