All That Matters -Sequel To Getting Adopted-

Becca can't wait to go to Sydney to see the boys perform. She's been counting down the days and it's finally come. Where she can see her dad and her boyfriend face to face, instead of through a screen. But what happened when Louis decides he doesn't want her and Luke together?


4. Chapter 3

You think I'm biased
To my significant other
You hit it right on the head
Only been missing my lover
Got a whole lotta texts in my phone and I don't reply
The next eight bars tell you why


We got to his house and his mom was in the kitchen chopping stuff up on a cutting board.


"Mom, I want you to meet Becca." Luke smiled, gesturing towards me.


"Is this the famous girlfriend I've heard all about?" She smiled wide at me.


"Yes, this would be her." Luke smiled even wider.


"Hello, love. I'm Liz." She smiled.


"Hi." I smiled back.


"Your father is at work right now, so maybe Becca could join us for dinner?" Liz asked Luke.


"Alright, sound good baby?" Luke asked me. 


"Sounds perfect." I smiled wide, a little nervous. I didn't know why I was nervous. I just was. I had this bad feeling something would go wrong.


"Well, I will see you two later." Liz smiled and Luke and I walked up to his room.


"See, that wasn't so bad." Luke said, plopping down on his bed. 


"What do you mean?" I asked sitting next to him.


"You got nervous. I felt your palm getting all sweaty while I was holing your hand." He laughed then pulled my legs up onto his lap, took my heels off my feet, then pulled me into his lap.


"That was so cute." I giggled as he kissed me.


Just thought you'd be a little more comfortable." He smiled and kissed me again. We started talking about when I would go back home and stuff.


"What about when tour is over?" I asked.


"We can elope to like America or something." Luke laughed.


"What if we're not even dating then?" I asked.


"I don't want to think about that now." Luke shook his head and pulled me into his chest. We were laying down now.


"Okay." I giggled, "I wanna stop by the hotel and change before dinner." 


"Alright. We can go now because you take like forever to get ready." Luke joked with me. I playfully hit his arm and put my heels back on. He told his mom we would be back soon and then we walked to the hotel that the boys, Eleanor, Perrie, Gabi, Nina, Naomi, and I were staying at. I walked into the room I was sharing with Nina and Naomi, followed by Luke.


"I hope you guys didn't come here hoping to do it cause we're not leaving." Nina giggled, flipping the page in her magazine.


"No, I just came to change before dinner." I stated walked over to my suit case.


"Where are you two going?" Naomi asked, pointing something in the magazine she was reading to Nina.


"I'm having dinner at Luke's to meet his parents." I said, pulling stuff out of my suitcase. I couldn't decided on anything. Luke came over to me and picked out something for me: black leggings and a galaxy t-shirt thingy. He handed them to me and I went into the bathroom and changed. I took out my hair so it wasn't pinned to the side and straightened it. I took off my makeup and put a little eyeliner on and mascara. I walked out and added my white, purple, and blue Jordan's.

"Perfect!" Luke said, making his voice high pitched.


"Don't ever talk like that again." I giggled.


"Yes, dear." He smiled.


"Have fun." Nina and Naomi smiled.


"I might bring her back." Luke smiled back at them, "Might."



Blaaaah, I know it's a short chapter but oh well.

You'll live.

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