All That Matters -Sequel To Getting Adopted-

Becca can't wait to go to Sydney to see the boys perform. She's been counting down the days and it's finally come. Where she can see her dad and her boyfriend face to face, instead of through a screen. But what happened when Louis decides he doesn't want her and Luke together?


3. Chapter 2

Whenever you're not in my presence
It feels like I'm missing my blessings,
So I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night
'Til you're back again


"Becca, come on it's time to get off!" Naomi yelled. I woke up and sleepily walked out. They dragged me to the bathroom with them and I fixed my makeup along with them. We walked back to Eleanor, Perrie and Gabi.


"Hurry up, Harry! We're already late! I wanna see my babies!" I heard Louis yell. I found him along with the other boys who looked like they had just woken up. Louis looked like he had been up all night.


"Louis, calm down. They're not gonna go anywhere without you." Liam told him.


"Look there they are!" Louis yelled and ran over to us and hugged and kissed Eleanor and hugged me.


"Babycakes!" I yelled running into his arms. He hugged me tightly and kissed my lips, "You got your lip pierced?!" 


"Yeah. Why you don't like it?" He asked.


"No, it's hot." I giggled, kissing him again.


"Aw, you guys are so cute!" Nina gushed.


"I know right?" I laughed.




"Baaabyy, give me my phone!" I stamped my foot on the ground, making a loud noise on the sidewalk. Luke decided to take me around Sydney while the other boys were recording. He had already finished.


"I wanna play a game though." Luke pouted, trying to guess my password.


"Luuuuke!" I yelled. "I will throw a temper tantrum right here, right now."


"Your such a child." He shook his head, tossing me my phone.


"Thank you." I smiled and hugged him quickly, "Now, what is Macca's? Cause you say your going there like every time we hang up and I still have no idea what the hell it is." 


"Macca's here is what you call McDonald's in America." Luke said.


"Ooooh." I nodded, "Well in that case, let's get some Macca's!" 


"I was waiting for you to say that." Luke smiled, grabbing my hand and pulling me along.


"Babycakes! I am wearing heels! You need to stop running!" I exclaimed, almost tripping. He instantly stopped.


"I will give you a piggy back ride then." Luke said, nodding his head once.


"I'm wearing a skirt." I shook my head.


"Ugh, fine." Luke paused then he pulled me towards him and put an arm around my waist, "I hate it when you wear heels. Your almost as tall as me!"  I laughed and stopped walking and slipped off my heels.


"Better, babe?" I asked, looking up at him.


"Much better." He smiled, kissing the top of my head. We neared McDonald's and I put my shoes back on. "Go find a table. I will get our food."


"You don't even know what I want." I said.


"I'm your boyfriend, I always know what you want." Luke smiled and I found a table. I waited and he came back with a tray. "This one is yours." He handed me something wrapped in one of those little papers they have.


"Yay, you got it right!" I giggled, reading the receipt thing that was stapled to it. 


"I told you I knew what you wanted." Luke said in a 'I-told-you-so' tone.


"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and ate my cheeseburger.


"Why don't we go to my house?" Luke asked.


"And what are we gonna do there?" I asked.


"Uh, you can meet my parents." He shrugged.


"That wasn't the answer I was looking for, but okay." I giggled.


"Your so dirty." Luke shook his head and kissed me.


"You still love me." I smiled cheekily.


"Yes, yes I do." Luke smiled and kissed me again.

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