Demons (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles, the hot bad boy at school who doesn't like to date his school's girls because he thinks they're 'too immature' but will the new girl, Samantha Jones, change his mind or will he still think the same as always?

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8. Chapter 7.

I HONESTLY had no idea where I was going to, I was totally lost and I was freaking out, I didn’t quite remember the way to school or back home, I’d walked probably two miles and I was just scared, terrified, in fact. I felt embarrassed of asking someone because people would think I was an idiot or they would rob me or something.

I decided to have the guts and ask someone, I walked over to a middle-aged lady and asked her the way to school, she explained me and I did my best to understand her weird accent; she was obviously not from this part of England, she must’ve be from the very north. I started walking in the direction she had given me, trying to remember every single thing she had said but once again I found myself lost and I cursed myself for not staying at home instead of walking around somewhere I didn’t know. I guessed I was just going to walk around until I found the school building.

I started looking around, getting to know the town; I was so fucked up, what if I got expelled for ditching school today? Well, I was obviously not ditching, but I couldn’t find it anywhere and I would have to ask someone once again. Moving here was definitely the worst thing that could’ve happened to me. I should have called Dad, yes, that was a great idea! I dialled his number and waited until he picked up… He didn’t. He must have be in a really important meeting or something. What was I supposed to do now? Nothing, I would just walk around like I had been doing doing before and I knew I’d find the school building eventually, or home. I walked in front of a Starbucks, of an IHOP and I found myself in front of Dunkin’ Donuts. I still couldn’t find anything.

 “Searching your way to school?” A familiar voice said.


 I quickly turned around just to confirm my thoughts, he was standing in front of what I supposed was his fancy car that was parked in front of Dunkin’ Donuts’ .

 “What do you want?” I asked him rudely.

 “Are you lost?” He cooed.

 “Yes, I am,” I said, hoping he would say something to guide me.

 “Oh, too bad, see you!” He said and he opened his car door to get in. That was so rude.

 “Wait!” I yelled.

 “What do you want?” He asked as rudely as I had done a few minutes ago.

 “Could you please give me a ride?” I asked and he scoffed.

 “No way!” He said and I felt embarrassed for an unknown reason.

 “Why not?!”

 “I don’t want you near me,” he said and I couldn’t help but feel a little, tiny bit hurt.

 “Not that I want you near me,” I said. “Please,” I begged.

 “Fine.” He sighed. “Get in.” He gestured me with his hands to get inside the luxurious car he had.

 I walked toward the car with a victorious smile on my face. I got in the car and buckled myself up as he did the same. He shoved the key in the ignition, started the engine and drove off to school… I hoped.

 A he was driving, he turned the radio on and A Love Like War by All Time Low feat Vic Fuentes started to be played; I felt the need to yell along because I loved that song a lot, but I reminded myself that I was sitting next to Harry and it would’ve been a little awkward and embarrassing if I had done that, so I just started humming and whispering the lyrics. He looked at me askance with a smirk on his face as he started singing the lyrics as well.

“I didn’t know you liked that music,” he said breaking the silence.

 “I love it, it’s awesome.” I smiled.

 “It’s weird,” he said.

 “What’s weird?” I asked.

 “That you listen to it, I thought you were the kind of girl who just listened to Justin Bieber. Girls usually hate this music,” he explained pointing at the radio, while the song was still being played.

 “Are you trying to call me a tomboy?” I asked chuckling.

 “Maybe…” He smiled. He had a really adorable smile; I loved the dimples that formed when he did that.

 “Well, I am not. I actually do listen to Justin Bieber. In fact, I love his music.” I smiled proudly.

 “He sucks,” Harry said.

 “He does not!” I defended my baby Justin.

 “Yes he does!” Harry stuck to his idea.

 “No he doesn’t! Admit it!”

 “Okay, he doesn’t suck. His voice isn’t bad but I’ll never, ever listen to his music.”

 “Fine, I just wanted you to say that he is talented,” I said.

 “I didn’t say that!”

 “Whatever.” I shrugged and turned my head to look out the window and I couldn’t help but form a small smile on my face.

 I looked askance and saw him smiling, too, but as much as I liked to see him doing that, I had to remind myself that he was dangerous, even if he didn’t seem like it, he was and something bad could’ve happened to me if I didn’t stay away from him. As I was thinking, I saw the school but Harry went another way.

 “What are you doing? The door is right there.” I pointed to the school building.

 “I’m going to the back of the school so you can get out of the car,” he explained.

 “What? Why?”

 “I don’t want anyone to see you. By the way, if someone asks you, you were never with me, you just got lost and eventually found your way here, okay?” He said. What?

 “But why?” I asked.

 “Stop asking questions and do as told. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. Oh, and no one can know that you’re my English tutor, not even your blonde friend,” he said. He must have been referring to Rosalie, but wait…

 “How did you know my friend is blonde?” He must have been looking at me yesterday. I smiled at the thought; I knew I shouldn’t have, I didn’t even want to, but I did and I couldn’t help it.

 “It doesn’t matter; just do as I told you. If someone asks you, you’ve never talked to me, just when Mrs Yarnall obligated me to show you around the school, understood?”

 I huffed. “You know? I can’t believe I thought you were actually starting to be nice,” I snapped, I quickly got out of the car and headed to the back door of the school building. I opened it, not even looking back and I walked straight to my locker.

 While I was unpacking my things, someone approached me.

 “Where were you?!” Rosalie asked me.

 “My Dad’s car wouldn’t start so I had to come here by my own and obviously got lost, so I just ask this lady, she guided me, and well… Here I am.” I nervously smiled, doing as Harry had told me and not telling her anything about him. Moreover, it was best for him and for me too that what happened today was kept a secret.

 “Oh, that’s fucked up, you could’ve called me,” she said.

 “I don’t have your number.” I shrugged. In fact, I didn’t have anyone’s number.

 I didn’t even understand why Harry had taken too long to come here; school was not far at all. I couldn’t believe I came to school at lunch time. I just had a period left and I had to go back home. I shouldn’t even have come here; it was a waste of my time. Just one more hour and I’d be back home. It was stupid for me to come, or even asking Harry to drive me. I was stupid. That guy was just so stubborn and annoying and I had just met him yesterday. I had to remind myself not to tell anyone about me tutoring him. That had to be really embarrassing from his part. The bad boy needing a tutor? That was ridiculous, wasn’t it? Anyway, how was I supposed to go back home? Dad didn’t have his car and Mom was working. Great! I’d get lost again, but I’d think about my way back home later, right now, I really needed to eat.

“Here, have mine.” Rosalie gestured me to give her my phone and I did so, she saved her number and gave me back my phone.

Both of us headed to the cafeteria, and as we were eating, just as yesterday, in the same order ’One Direction’ came in, Harry, the blond one, the black-haired one, the brunette with blue eyes and the brunette with brown eyes. As they came in, all I did was stare at Harry, I didn’t know why, but there was something in him that I really wanted to find out about, but I definitely wouldn’t.

 “Styles is pretty hot, isn’t he?” Rosalie asked, waking me from my thoughts. “In fact, they all are. Too bad they don’t like to date their school’s girls.”

 “Why not?” I asked referring to the dating part.

 “Well, no one really knows, they just haven’t been seen with any girl from here. Some say they’ve heard them saying that they don’t date girls from here, though. And some girls have tried to make the boys ask them out but they don’t even look at them.”

 “Oh,” I said.

 “They just stopped trying eventually,” she continued.

 “Well, I’m not interested in knowing anything about their fucked up life,” I lied.

 “That’s good.” She smiled.

I finished my food and grabbed my drink, heading out of the cafeteria. As I was walking down the hallway I bumped into someone accidentally spilling him all my drink.

 “I’m sorry!” I told him.

 He looked mad when looking at his shirt but his face changed completely when he turned to look at my face.

“Don’t worry, baby.” He smirked. Ew.

“Okay, bye,” I said quickly. I smiled, and started to walk away but he grabbed me by my elbow.

“Nope, not so fast.” He smiled.

“What?” I asked.

“You’ll have to pay for this.” He gestured me to look at his soaked shirt.

“But you said I didn’t have to worry,” I said.

“There’s nothing you have to worry about, baby,” He said and he pushes me against the lockers, with his face inches from mine. “Damn, this new girl is pretty hot, aren’t you, baby?” I saw everyone walking in front of us and not doing anything about this disgusting guy harassing me. They must’ve been scared of him, too.

“Leave me alone!” I yelled.

“Oh, baby, you’ll have to pay for my shirt, and there’s no better way that paying like this,” He said and stepped away. I felt relieved for a moment, but when he grabbed my wrist and started walking toward the exit I freaked out. I knew he was taking me out of the school building and it scared me very much. He took me to the back of the school pushing me against the walls.

He had both hands on each side of my head, leaning against the walls, so there was no way that I could get out of there.

“Please, I need to go to class,” I pleaded.

“Not now, baby, you might get a little late,” he said and started kissing my neck.

“Get off of me!” I yelled.

“No one is going to hear you, babe.” He smiled. Who knows what this guy is capable of, what if he rapes me or something? I want to go back home and never come back! I’d been in here just two fucking days and this was happening to me? I didn’t purposely throw him my drink for God’s sake!

“Leave her fucking alone. Now,” that familiar voice said.

Harry. Thank God he was here.



Guys! Be very happy 'cause I finally updated! Thank you for the 600 reads. You don't know how much it means to me!! Andddd if you get by 750 reads REALLY fast, the sooner I'll update! Thank you again and please keep sharing the story with your friends and family and all the people you know! LOVE YOU ALL <3

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