Demons (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles, the hot bad boy at school who doesn't like to date his school's girls because he thinks they're 'too immature' but will the new girl, Samantha Jones, change his mind or will he still think the same as always?

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6. Chapter 5.

READING is for nerds, anyway,” he continued. Was he calling me a nerd? Was he calling me a fucking nerd?! I decided to keep my mouth shut instead of cussing him out. Like I said... Probably a million times, I didn't want to get in any trouble; like, I was new in here, what kind of person gets in trouble the first day of school? Oh, I might know someone... Yeah, probably Harry; the only difference was that I was nothing like him. He thought he was so rude and yet so sexy and thought that he was the last coke in the desert and everyone wanted him. Well, dear friend, you were not as good as you thought you were; in fact, I believed you were the most irritating and annoying person I’d ever met in all my seventeen years of life, and that was quite a lot, you know? Wait. Why was I talking to myself? Oh God, I thought I was going mental. I had been in this school for approximately six hours and I was already becoming crazy. Great. 

“Reading is not for nerds, Styles. You just happen to have different thoughts as other people, but it is definitely not for nerds,” Mr Parker told him kindly. You're kidding me, right? You've got to be kidding me!, I thought. Harry Styles had just called him a fucking nerd and yet, he still treated him like a king. What was wrong with that teacher! People like him were the reason that Harry believed he was more than the rest of us. Well, I for sure, wouldn't be one of those people. I wouldn’t let Harry get into me; I wouldn’t let him make me believe that he was cool and awesome like, probably all the school did.

“Well, that’s what I think and nobody will change my mind,” he said.

As soon as he said that, I heard the girl beside me saying: “Nobody has ever changed it anyway.” Maybe she didn’t want anyone to hear that but I did. The fact that she thought that, made me want to be the one who changed Harry’s thoughts about life, even if I didn’t know what he thought about it, but I didn’t want him to be part of my life. Ever. As much as I wanted to know what was going on in his head, I preferred living the life I was living right now with nothing about it changing, and I knew that if I let Harry get into my life he would destroy it completely, more than what it already was without my real friends beside me.

The bell rang and I placed my stuff into my backpack standing up and heading out of the classroom, but as soon as I was about to leave, the teacher decided to stop me.

“Miss Jones?” He said and I turned around “Can you come here for a minute?” He asked, and I nodded walking over to him.

“Yes?” I said.

“Well, I know you’re new and I honestly shouldn’t be doing this but I need your help with something... Well, with someone,” he said and I started to get worried, I might have known where he was heading to with this conversation and I didn’t like a tiny bit about it.

“No problem, what do you need? I am all ears.” I smiled, I didn’t want to be rude with the teacher and tell him I was not up for doing any favour, especially if it had to do with a student he had problems with.

“Well, I guess you already know who Styles is...” He said. Oh no.

“Yes.” I smiled trying to hide my nervousness.

“I talked to him a few days ago and told him he needed tutoring to pass the subject, otherwise he would fail it...”

“I still don’t get what I have to do with this,” I lied.

“I was thinking of putting Michelle, one of my best students as his tutor, but there’s something about you that makes me trust you the most, you seem very intelligent,” he said.

I knew it! Why me?!

“But why don’t you tell her? I’m sure she knows more about this class than me,” I tried to make up an excuse and not be Harry’s tutor.

“It’s not about the class, all he has to do is read two books and I’ll make a test for him about them,” he explained. “But if you don’t want to do it, that’s fine, too.” He smiles.

“No, no. Don’t worry, I’ll do it.” What?! Why did I say that? Was I stupid? Of course I didn’t want to do it, but I just felt bad telling no to the teacher. Fuck my life, I thought.

“Really?” He grinned.

“Yes,” I said trying to fake the best smile.

I honestly didn’t understand Harry, he smiled at me and stuff when he was showing me the school, and then he left me there alone for no reason after he told me he was going to stay with me, and then he called me a nerd; what was wrong with that guy? All I wanted to do was to stay away from him, but how was I supposed to do that when I had to be his tutor?

“I have a question,” I said.


“Am I the one who is supposed to tell him or are you going to tell him?” I asked.

“Um... It would be nice if you could tell him for me.” He smiled.


“Can I ask you something else?”

“Sure.” He kept smiling.

“Why does he need a tutor for reading?”

“Because if he doesn’t have someone there to check on him, he won’t read, besides, he can ask you whatever he doesn’t understand and the best part of it is that you get to choose the books he has to read, of course I’ll give you a list of possible books and you can choose two of them, but if you want to decide with him, that’s okay, too.” He smiled. “If it was another student, believe me, I would let him choose the books he wants, but it’s Styles we’re talking about, and if I let him choose he would choose inappropriate books.” He sighed.

“Oh,” I said. “And which days of the week am I supposed to help him with his reading?”

“Oh, well, you have to choose two days but that’s up to you and him. Of course you will need to tell me about it,” he told me and I nodded.

“Is that all?” I asked.

“Yes, do you have any more questions?”

“No,” I said.

“Okay... Oh, wait! Each week you will have to write a short report of Styles’ behaviour, and then hand it to me, I need to see how Styles is doing,” he says and I nod. “That’s all you can go now,” he said while he wrote something on a small piece of paper and I turned around to leave.

“Oh, Miss Jones?” He called my name again and once again I turned around to face him.


“Thank you,” he said handing me the small piece of paper he was writing on a few seconds earlier. “Styles can be hard sometimes, so thank you,” he says. “That’s a permission I wrote in case you get late to next period, which I believe you already are, I’m sorry for keeping you here so long, but I needed your help, the paper just says that you had my permission to be here with me and get late to class.”

“Okay, thank you,” I said and I finally left the classroom, heading to the next period, which I was already late to.

Awesome. My first fucking day in this shit school and I already had homework for every single week, and the worst thing was that it had to be with ‘Styles’. Could life be worse? Now I had to go and talk to him and tell him about it. I was sure he wouldn’t go to any of my tutoring.

I checked my schedule and saw which classroom I had to go to. I walked over to it and I knocked the door, of course the teacher was already talking. She opened the door and I handed her the paper and waited until she read it and let me in, welcoming me to the school. I looked at the students who, obviously, were looking at me for getting late to class, I was relieved that Harry wasn’t here, but why did I check on him? I was just weird...



The class went by really slowly and I found myself looking at my split-ends until the bell finally rang. I grabbed my stuff and headed out of the classroom. LunchFinally lunch! I thought. God, I was starving, but I was glad because I just had one class left and I was ready to go home. As I was walking down the hallway, Rosalie saw me, forming a smile on her face, the she greeted me and we both walked over to the cafeteria. I really hoped food in here was good. When we arrived I couldn’t help but notice how big the cafeteria was, in fact, it was huge. I betted the whole school fitted in here. Wow. We started doing the line to finally get some food, and as we got closer I felt that delicious smell fill my nostrils and I couldn’t stop my stomach from grumbling. I hoped it tasted as good as it smelled. 

I literally asked for everything and Rosalie just looked at me like if I was a pig.

“What? I’m hungry!” I giggled.

“I can see that.” She did the same.

We decided to sit at a table where Rosalie’s friends were seated at and she introduced me to them, I recognized some of them from a couple of classes I had had today and smiled; also, Ian walked past me and I waved at him as he nodded and smiled kindly. He was a really nice guy, to be honest, even though I barely knew his name, he seemed really kind unlike Harry.

“How was your day today?” Rosalie asked.

“It was good.” I smiled. I didn’t really want to tell her about my agreement with Mr Parker; otherwise she would’ve started telling me to be careful and stuff I already knew.

She just smiled back and suddenly, I felt everyone’s eyes focus on something; I immediately looked up and saw Harry walking in with four other friends that looked as bad and irresponsible as he did. They were walking in a line, Harry being the first one.

“That’s Styles, and his pack,” one of the girls... Macy, I believed, explained me even though I already knew. “They call themselves One Direction,” she kept explaining. Okay, that I didn’t know. “The first one is Styles,” she whispered. “Every girl in here dies for him but he doesn’t even look at them… so sad!” She giggled. “Then there’s Horan, the blond one,” she kept saying and I kept paying her attention. Why did everyone call them by their last names? That was weird. “The next one is Malik, I have got to admit he is pretty hot, but he doesn’t date the school’s girls, in fact, none of them do,” she said and once again I already knew that, except for the black-haired guy’s name. “The following is Tomlinson and then there’s Payne. The hottest lads in here, but the scariest ones.” 

“Why is everyone scared of them?” I asked her, my curiosity killing me from inside out.

“I don’t know, there are a lot of rumours, people just say they’re dangerous and that’s why everyone is frightened of them,” she explained.

Well, I was surely not afraid of Harry, I had spent almost thirty minutes alone with him and yet, there I was. I knew something was not good about him, but I also knew he was not as dangerous as everyone thought he was, right? Anyway, I didn’t even want to think about it because I would get scared and I wouldn’t be able to tutor him... Not that I wanted to.

I finished my food and the bell rang again announcing the beginning of last period of class, as everyone started to stand up I noticed that Harry and the rest of the boys hadn’t, maybe they were just going to wait until everyone left, and I’d wait with them, I needed to talk to Harry about his tutoring. Rosalie told me to go with them but I made up an excuse to stay and she just smiled and nodded to then leave, when everyone was gone I stayed there not knowing if I should have gone to class or not. No. I had stayed in here for a reason and I was going to tell Harry that I was going to be his English tutor from now on. I silently stood up from the chair although I already knew I had ten eyeballs looking straight at me. I approached them and as Harry looked at me, he told the boys to leave and the obeyed him.

“How did you know I came here to talk to you?” I asked him.

“What do you want?” He asked rudely.

“Stop being so rude, Harry. I’ve done nothing to you!” I scolded him. 

“Who the fuck told you my name?” Oh, oh.

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