Demons (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles, the hot bad boy at school who doesn't like to date his school's girls because he thinks they're 'too immature' but will the new girl, Samantha Jones, change his mind or will he still think the same as always?

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4. Chapter 3.

STYLES,” a voice said startling me.

“Huh?” I asked and turned my head to the right only to see that the black-haired guy was talking to me.

“Styles, the guy you were staring at, is Styles,” he said and I felt embarrassed; he caught me staring at the bad boy!

“Styles? That’s his name? I wasn’t staring, by the way.” I smiled. Styles? Who the fuck names her son Styles?!

“Sure...” He said sarcastically.  “No, his name is Harry, we just call him by his surname,” he explained.

“Oh,” was the only thing that left my mouth.

“I’m Ian, by the way.” He smiled. I hadn’t realized how hot he was until then.

“I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.” I smiled back.

I had to admit that that bad boy was pretty damn hot, in fact, almost every guy in this class was hot, but there was just something different about this bad boy that made me want to find out more about him, but again: I had to stay out of trouble and the only way to do it was staying away from him.

I didn’t notice I was staring until the bad boy... Harry looked at me and I immediately turned my head back to the teacher, doing as if I was paying her attention. I stressed me out because hadn’t even met him and that boy was already distracting me and I had to do great at school. I couldn’t just not pay attention to the teacher and just stare at him, it was not right.

“Does he have a girlfriend?” What?! Why the hell did I as that?! Oh my God I was so embarrassed right now. I realized what just left my mouth and widened my eyes as I heard Ian chuckling.

“I don’t know.”                                 

“How come you don’t know? If he was dating someone she would’ve told everyone in this school, right?” I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

“That’s the thing.  He doesn’t date girls from this school, we don’t know if he has a girlfriend outside school. The only ones who know it are his best friends who do the same as Harry... They don’t date girls from this school.”

I didn’t say anything; instead I just nodded. That was weird. Why wouldn’t he date girls from this school? What was wrong with them? I mean... Us, what was wrong with us? Well, I was sure he must have had his reasons but it was really weird.

“Some people say it’s because he’s a drug dealer and doesn’t want anyone here to find out, others say it’s because he likes older women,” he kept explaining and suddenly the bell rang. I said goodbye to Ian and now, I honestly didn’t know what to do. I got out of the classroom and started walking around; wondering where was the library which Rosalie took me to earlier today. I kept walking for almost ten minutes, knowing that I was already late to class and then I finally saw the library. Great! Now I could finally ask someone where my next class was. When I stepped into the library I noticed Harry sitting on a chair reading something... He must’ve had done something bad, and it really amazed me because Home room was over a couple of minutes ago. How could he get into trouble in such a short amount of time?

I walked in front of the counter and kindly asked the lady where my next class was.

“Dear, you can’t come here every time a class is over to ask where the next one is.”

“Sorry, is just that I don’t know the school yet... This is my first day in here.” I shrugged.

“Here, I have an idea. I’ll put you up with someone so that person can show you the school, what do you think?”

“I think is great but what about my classes?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, you both will have permission.” She smiled and started looking around for someone.

“Styles, come here!” Oh no.

He quickly approached rolling his eyes in annoyance.

“Take this girl and do a tour around the school so she doesn’t get lost anymore,” she said almost scolding him.

“Why me?” He whined like a ten year old child whose mother made him wash the dishes.

“That’s what you get for punching that poor guy!” She said.

“He deserved it, Clarisse; he was getting into my business!”

“Mrs. Yarnall, for you, darling.  Now do as I say.”

“Ugh!” He rolled his. “Come on,” he said as he walked past me not even looking at me and I followed behind him.

Great! Now this asshole was going to be the one who showed me around the school and he didn’t even want to do it! This was going to be a really long day, I hoped we didn’t take too long and I hoped he did it right because I honestly didn’t want to get lost again, it was embarrassing.

Sorry for such a short chapter!  Hope you enjoyed it an love you all♥♥

-Ana xx

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