The Protectors

Scarlet De Torra is her fathers beta, the second in command and the one to take over the pack when her father resigned. But she doesn't know her destiny, or about the life altering decision she has to make. And even worse she's stuck whit a newly changed werewolf who has vowed to never leave her side


1. Chapter 1: Why Me?

Scarlet My fists were clenched at my sides and I ground my teeth together. Uncle Jason and I where circling each other in the woods behind his house. I tried to anticipate his next move, I looked into his bright grey eyes, the same eyes my father, Angelo De Torra (Alpha of the Colorado pack and the language arts teacher at my school), has and the same eyes I have but mine have specks of blue as I have been told by my friends. Anyway his eyes revealed nothing about his plan to kill me. But then I heard my father’s voice in my head, "come on Scarlet," his voice was soft but encouraging, "take down that mutt I call an older brother like my mother did us when she was teaching us to fight." That made me stop. I blinked a few a times at what my father said. Be like Grandma Alice. My father, my mother and my uncle say the same thing every day. Be like Grandma Lily. “No.” I said crossing my arms over my chest. Jason paused and raised an eyebrow. "What did you say?" My father’s voice was beyond angry and caused a sharp pain to go through my head that made me wince. Yeah, Alphas don’t like to be told no, it’s usually “yes, sir” or “of course, Alpha”, but never “No”. “I will not be like Grandma Alice.” I protested I shifted into wolf form - which was a huge seven foot tall dire wolf with red-brown fur and black and white flecks - and started pacing. Jason raised his other eyebrow. "Every day you two tell me to be like Alice or you need to practice, Scar, Alice learned to do this at age 10. Why do you want me to be like her so much, why do I have to be like Alice? Why not Tyler or Mike?" I said in my mind but I know they all could hear me loud and clear. Choosing two other betas Tyler is Jason’s (who is the alpha of the Montana pack) son and Mike, Hugo’s (the alpha of the Bear Lake pack in Canada) son was I sat on my back legs than slowly slid my front paws forward until I was lying down on my stomach and put my head on my paws and looked straight at Jason. "Because one: we’re guys, and two: Alice didn’t choose us to be her successor." Tyler said appearing behind his father in wolf form – a Mackenzie tundra wolf, gray and white – he walked up and stopped right in front of me. My head shot up and I narrowed my eyes at Tyler. "What do you mean successor?" Ty looked back at his father. "You haven’t told her yet?" He asked a hint of panic in his voice. He changed into human form and walked over to his father and started to talk to him in an angry hushed tone too low for me to hear. Tyler looked like his father a little bit both of them had the build of a lumber jack, both tanned, Jason and red-brown hair – like his wolf - but it was more brown, Ty had dark brown hair that he dyes because naturally his hair white and gray, like the color of his wolf’s fur, and green eyes like his mother. Both "Hey, Scar." Said a voice in the back of my mind. It was quite because I wasn’t paying much attention to my pack back in Colorado. "Hey, Ari." Ari is best friend who is practically my brother because 5 years ago when he was dying in an ally because of a vampire attack, back in Colorado, I changed him to save his life. All in a day’s work. "You guys done with school yet?" I asked, a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. We will be in 5…4…3…2…1! I could feel his happiness for here
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