Don't Forget

A typical tragic romance, with a twist.

Raven McCleary is your above average American teenager. She excels in school, enjoys the Holidays with her family. Despises her mother's nagging and falls for a guy who could be the one.

Devon Martin is your typical jock. Except he likes school, he loves to read, and he secretly hides a dark secret that could kill his chances with Raven...for good.


3. Chapter Two: Formality




         'As our relationship progressed from friends to something more, I knew I'd love him forever. No matter what.'



             It was three days before the Spring Formal and mother wished me to go gown shopping with her. I sat in the car talking to my best friend Cynthia about Devon and the dance.


           "He sounds nice Ray, I'm glad you're finally getting over He who must not be named." No, I did not date Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. 


         "Yea, you know I think he could be the one! God I wish you were here!"


          "Yeah sweetie I know. I miss you so much. I wish I was in Cliff Edge too,"


          "Cliff Edge?"


         "That's where you're new home rests, on a cliff."


           "Oh. Yes Bradbury Connecticut is very interesting."


            "I bet. I also bet your studies have decreased because of Devon."


           "No! I'm a straight A student and so is he!"


            "Lucky you. Miss. Chasovobitch gave all F's after you left."


            "Miss. Chasovovitch is a great teacher."


            "To you yes, To me, not so much."


            "Well Cynthia my mom is coming. I'll talk to you soon."


            "Okay. I want details from the dance!"


            "Alright," I hung up on her as my mother opened the passenger door.


           "Hello dear."


          "Hi mom."


          "To the mall dear." I drove out of my drive way and towards the strip mall. I reached the mall and parked. My mother pulled down the visor and reapplied her lipstick, I groaned a protest, she was forty three years old, she didn't need to be wearing hooker make up. I got out of the car; not giving her the chance to finish whatever she was doing. I was half way to the entrance when she caught up with me. I parked far way from the entrance and I knew she would complain. She looked at me when she finished applying the unnecessary make up.




         "There's plenty of closer parking spaces."


         "Those are handicapped. The only handicap you have is laziness." And I got out of the car and headed off towards the mall.


          "Mother, really you should go jogging with me."


          "Excuse me young lady! How dare you speak to me that way!"


          "Mother, what mother? All I see is an unhealthy stick of a woman who is so stuck up she thinks my friends are maids!"


           "This is not about my health its about your lack of respect to your aging mother." I suppressed my anger towards her and continued walking to the dress shop. I have never personally been to a dress shop, no my mother had been the one picking up the dresses and having them tailored to my size. They have all been beautiful and I couldn't understand why she needed me today.


     "Its true isn't it?"


     "No comment."


         We walked in silence towards the dress shop my mother frequented as of late. The walls were pink, the floor was pink, the only other color was the dresses. I walked off towards the black dresses and saw to my amazement a dress I liked. The dress was mermaid style, strapless with a sweetheart neckline, jewels encrusted the bodice and golden vine like swirls lined the sides of the dress. A slit ran up to mid thigh of the dress, it was beautiful and I wanted it.






      "This one." I said holding up the dress for her to see. The look in her eyes told me she agreed. She quickly found matching shoes ,bracelet, and a diamond heart necklace to match. With purchase in tow, I led my mother towards the food court. Men and boys cast me their stares of want and desire while women cast my mother looks of envy. I sat at a nearby table, a crossed from the merry go round. I waited for my mother when she sat down she asked;


     "Where are the menus?"


     "Mom, this is a food court. There are twenty different restaurants to choose from."


     "How mundane. "


     "Deal with it, Being rich has softened your brain." I joked.


       "Maybe. What tastes good?":


        "Arby's is amazing oh don't get Taco Bell, your 250 dollar undies will be ruined."


         "Duly noted." my mother laughed She actually laughed. I know it might sound common, but my mother never laughed and certainly not in public. It was a nice sound, unique and bell like. 




The Day of the Spring Formal



I woke that morning to the sight of my beautiful dress hanging on my closet door. I smiled and got up to shower. The dance didn't start until seven but; I wanted this to be perfect. I could hear my mother starting her morning routine; she rose when my father did but she always went back to bed for a few hours until I had to get up to get to school. 


"Morning Mom!"


"Good morning dear, are you excited?"


"Extremely." I replied. I kissed her cheek and went into my bathroom. I resisted doing a happy dance and entered the walk in shower with eight, eight! Shower heads and steamer. I enjoyed my shower immensely to get to the point. I hummed the chorus of 'My Songs Know What you Did in the Dark' while I applied my make up and did my hair. I sighed in frustration when I couldn't decide on a hairstyle. Curly, straight, up, down, bun, pony tail, a braid? I couldn't decide. Every hairstyle I've ever learned how to do escaped me at that moment. I wished I had my friends here to help me. I wish Cynthia were here, she'd know exactly what to do. That's when the light bulb went off in my head. Skype! Duh, I folding my robe around me and went to get my phone. I typed in her address and her face popped up instantly.


"Its the day isn't it?" was the first thing she asked,


"Yes, I need help."


"With what?"


"My hair."


"Let me see the dress darling." She requested, in her best Project Runway voice. I showed her the dress and she squealed with excitement. "I know exactly what to do."




"Do your hair in waves. Not curls but not straight either. It'll totally be fifties chic or something. Pin it to the side with that diamond barrette I got you for your going away present."


"Oh! What would I do without you Cynthia?"


"No idea. I love you; but I've got to go to school. Send me pictures!"


"I will. Love." I hit end call and went to work on my hair. I did as Cynthia requested and I had to admit she was a genius when it came to style. I loved her for that. I checked the time, and was surprised at how much time the call had taken up. It was 5:30, Devon would be here at 6:00 to take me to dinner. I hurried and shimmied in my dress, put on the accessories, and put on my shoes. When I was finished I looked myself up and down in the mirror. "Very nice." I whispered. I grabbed the essentials; make up, phone, money. I walked down the steps into the foyer. My mother was fixing the flower arrangements and she turned when she heard the 'click clack' of my stilettos on the marble stairs.


"Oh Raven, you look amazing."


"Thanks mom."


"Your hair; its so..."


"Flawless, indescribable?"


"Did you call Cynthia?"




"I knew that girl was good for something. And look only moments to spare to." I looked at the time, 5:55. I resisted the urge to barf and waited until the doorbell rang its disgusting angel like melody. My mother answered the door, to reveal an angel himself. Devon was dressed to impress; in a black tuxedo, matching shoes and a corsage in a clear plastic container. I blushed seeing that it was a black rose; to match my dress, and my hair. I walked forward and fastened his own flower to his jacket. 


"You look like heaven." he whispered. I blushed as he twirled me into his arms so my mother could take a picture.


"Oh that's perfect. Have fun you two. I make your father pay for missing this!"


"Bye mom," I laughed as Devon led me towards his black Dodge Charger.


******The Dance********


We pulled up to the school and Devon helped me out, handing the keys to the valet. He led me inside; handing over the tickets to a teacher. The gym had been decked out with everything 'Under the Stars' as in we were transported to the moon or something. Planets hung from the rafters, and stars floated among them; strands of white Christmas lights made everything with glitter shine like well stars; it was different, it was perfect. Devon led me to a table and we sat with the few friends I had made; and were comfortable with talking to.


Dancing was a whole different story. Devon could dance, me on the other hand...could not. Not even to save my life. You know in the cartoons where the bad guy would make the hero dance to escape certain death? Yep, me I would me a pile of ash because I can't dance, and the bad guy would turn me to ash with his laser gun. Devon didn't care how many times I stepped on his feet though, he was just happy to be there; under the galaxy with me, and I him. My heart felt like I had found a new chamber; and the gears had just began to work, and if Devon would disappear my whole heart would be out of whack and I would die; figuratively speaking. The dance went on until midnight, by which time both Devon and I were equally as tired as the other. He drove me home, and parked on the curb. He got out and went around to my side.




"No problem." He looped my arm around his as he led me to the door. "I had a great time tonight."


"Me too. Thanks again for asking me."


"My pleasure. I'm glad I did." Devon whispered, I turned to face him to say goodnight when he leaned closer. I froze; and melted as soon as his lips touched mine. Our lips moved in blissful symphony. Silent music started to play in my head as I envisioned what our song would be. When we pulled apart; that newly found chamber of my heart was in overdrive. Was I in love? Impossible, someone didn't fall in love with someone in two weeks...did they? I shook the thought from my mind, and kissed his cheek and whispered,


"Good night," I opened the door and watched him return to his car. I closed the door, slowly; as if I was trying to keep the night going for awhile more; as if by closing the door the night would end and with it the happy memories Devon and I had created. I finally closed the door and retreated up to my room. I fell onto my bed without bothering to undress. I fell into blissful sleep, filled with dreams of Devon, our kiss, and us dancing on clouds. 


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