Don't Forget

A typical tragic romance, with a twist.

Raven McCleary is your above average American teenager. She excels in school, enjoys the Holidays with her family. Despises her mother's nagging and falls for a guy who could be the one.

Devon Martin is your typical jock. Except he likes school, he loves to read, and he secretly hides a dark secret that could kill his chances with Raven...for good.


1. Don't Forget



Don't Forget


It seems to most people tragedy passes and soon you are expected to forget the event ever happened. I  am not one of those people who grieve and then forgets. No matter how many years pass,  I will not forget my first love. No I will not because his story deserves to be told. My name is Raven McCleary and this is the story of Mr. Devon Martin. My first, and only true love.

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