High School

Skylar Parker is a junior in high-school. This school has one boy she has been in love with since 6th grade. The boy? Louis Tomlinson of course! They have talked a few times, but, not much. Then he invites her to his party! What will happen? Will she fall for another guy? Read to find out!
*The boys ARE NOT famous in this story*


14. Your cousin is WHO? (Chapter 3)

I walked into the house, and Lexi was on the couch watching the tele. "Hey girly." I said walking over to her. "Hey sexy." She said. I giggled. "Oh... There's something I didn't tell you... you know how... there is that one room for my cousin... Well... He's here." She said. "K." I said. "Well... One thing... My cousin is uh.... uh... Daniel... as in your ex boyfriend Daniel." She said nervously. "Your cousin is WHO? Are you serious? And, I was just notified of this?" I asked harshly. "Sorry... It just... uh... didn't come up." She said. Even though I was upset, I couldn't stay mad at her. "Ugh... Fine... I can't stay mad at you... Ain't your fault your cousin happens to be my ex... and a major jerk..." I said. She hugged me. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And, one thing, his friend is here too, which is the guy you slept with, the one and only Louis Tomlinson." She said. "What? But, Louis is a sweet guy. He can't be friends with Daniel. Can he?" I said. She shrugged her shoulders. "Oh. I still need to go get my stuff. Be right back." I said. "No! I'll have Daniel do it." She said. "Okay... Sounds cool." I said and smiled. "Daniel!" She yelled. He came running down the stairs with Louis right behind him. "What do you-" He stopped once he saw me. "Sky?" He asked. I nodded my head. "Yes... And, you have no right to call me that, now that we're over." I said. "Sorry. Skylar. Wh- What are you doing here?" He asked. "What? So now I don't have a right to come see my Best Friend." I snapped. "Just go get her stuff from her car, and bring it in the guest room." Lexi said. Daniel and Louis nodded and went to get my stuff. "Wanna stay here, go to my room, or go to the guest room?" She asked. "Guest room, so I can get things put up in it." I said. She nodded. We went in there, and the guy came shortly after. "So, I guess you'll be staying in here with Louis." Daniel said. I nodded. There were two beds in the guest room, for two guest. Daniel had his own room there. "Not tonight though... I'm staying at Logan's." I said. "Ooh you are...." Lexi said, wiggling her eyebrows at me, while smirking. "We're not going to do anything! I mean we'll be sleeping in the same bed. But, that's it!" I yelled and playfully slapped her arm. She laughed. "Sure... What ever you say... But, I heard from Spencer, that he only sleeps in his boxers at night..." She said, while smirking. I slapped her arm again. She giggled. Daniel looked mad, and Louis looked sad. Weird.

*Daniel's P.O.V*

I can't believe, after all we went through, she goes to that. What about me? She can't be over me that quickly can she? She won't sleep with him. She said she wanted to wait till she was married. "She won't sleep with him... She said she wanted to wait till she was married." I said. "Well... Thanks for being on my side for once." Skylar said. "Well... She didn't wait last night... Did you Sky..." Alexis giggled. "What?" I yelled. "Lexi!" Skylar screamed angrily. "Ops... Sorry Sky... And, Daniel, do I sense some jealousy going on?" Alexis asked. "What are you talking about?" I asked ignoring Alexis' last comment. 

*Louis' P.O.V.*

I'm upset. 1. Because I still feel horrible about sleeping with Skylar. 2. Hearing about Logan. I maybe a little jealous. Okay! Skylar looked at me and sighed. "I was drunk, so was the guy, we kinda did 'it'." She said. "Who was this guy?"  Daniel asked madly. "You know what... It's none of your business." She snapped. "It was me..." I admitted. "What?" He yelled.

*Daniel's P.O.V.*

"You better be joking Tomlinson. Otherwise you're dead!" I said angrily. "Daniel you leave him alone!" Skylar yelled. I punched Louis in the face, leaving his nose bloody. He punched back. We kept fighting, while Skylar was screaming for me to stop. Skylar ran over to me, and jumped on my back, hitting me continuously. I stopped, she jumped off my back and ran to Louis. We were both bloody. Skylar had tears running down her cheeks. 

*Skylar's P.O.V.*

I ran over to Louis looking at his bloody face. "Oh my gosh. Louis are you okay." I said while crying. He nodded. "No your not... Come with me." I said. I grabbed his hand and went to the bathroom. "Sit." I said pointing to a chair in there he sat down. I found a first aid kit under the sink, and grabbed it. I grabbed a rag and wet it. I carefully wiped the blood away. I then, put some cream on him, that helps heal the cuts. "Thank you, love." Louis said looking at me. I smiled at him, looking into his beautiful blue-grey eyes. Man, how much I wanna kiss him. Wait- no Logan! Hello, Sky! Your boyfriend! Louis stood up, and walked up to me. He put his hand on my cheek. "I'm sorry." He said. "About Wh-" Before I could finish what I had to say, Louis crashed his lips onto mine. I kissed back- wait I kissed back. Why Sky Why? I tried to pull away but, couldn't. Why couldn't I. It just felt so right. He pulled away. " Louis, I-I can't." I said. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't leave Logan for Louis, It would be horribly wrong. "I understand." He said. "It's not that I don't like you, cause I do, it's just I can't leave Logan, you know..." I said. "Yeah... I get it..." He said.



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