High School

Skylar Parker is a junior in high-school. This school has one boy she has been in love with since 6th grade. The boy? Louis Tomlinson of course! They have talked a few times, but, not much. Then he invites her to his party! What will happen? Will she fall for another guy? Read to find out!
*The boys ARE NOT famous in this story*


6. Party Invitation (Chapter 1)

Skylar's P.O.V.

*beep* beep* *beep* 

I quickly woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. "Ugh..." I groaned. I got out of bed, grabbed a towel, and dragged my feet to the shower. As soon as the steaming hot water hit me, I was wide awake. After my shower I blow dried my hair and walked back into my room. I grabbed a dark blue, long sleeved aeropostale shirt, a pair of hollister jeans, a bra and underwear, a gold cross necklace, and some gold hoop earrings, and put them on. I also put on some deodorant and perfume. I then brushed through my hair, and slipped on some navy blue toms. I brushed my white teeth and ran downstairs. I warmed up some french toast sticks for breakfast. After I was finished I grabbed my keys to my totally AMAZING car:

It's a Purple Lamborghini Aventador. Amazing right? Let's just say my mums business trips has its ups. I have the best car in school. I got it on my 16th birthday. It's my dream car. And, I have it. I drove to Lexi's House, like I do everyday to pick her up. "I still can't believe this car is actually yours, It's too- too- Wow." Lexi said while coming to the car, making me laugh. "So... the school's annual fall dance is coming up..." Lexi said. The school has a dance for every season. The spring dance is in April. The Summer dance is on the last day of school. The fall dance is in November. And, the winter dance is in January. Then, there is a Valentines dance, a Christmas dance, a Halloween dance, an Easter dance, A St. Patrick's dance, A 80's dance, A 30's dance, and of course Prom and Homecoming. Let's just say our school loves dances.  "Yeah..." I said. "Well, I think either Louis or Logan are going to ask you to the dance!" She screamed. Ouch... She thinks Logan likes me. Which, I have to admit, I have a little bit of feelings for him. But, there is no way he likes me. I chuckled. "Yeah, right. 1. Logan doesn't like me. 2. Louis doesn't like me, I would never get that lucky..." I sighed. "I think they both do..." She teased. "What ever... What about you and Ryan... I think he will ask you..." I teased. She blushed. Lexi has a HUGE crush on Ryan. Which I have to admit, she has a good way on hiding it. I didn't even figure it out until, she told me. And, I'm her best friend! I should be able to figure these things out! We arrived at school, and got out, walking to our normal spot. The picnic table under the largest tree on school campus. Every group had their own spot, and ours is there. Conner, Logan, Ryan, and Spencer were already there. Which is normal. The normal order everyone got here is, Conner, then, Logan and Spencer, then, Ryan, then, Alexis and I, and Isabella was always last. "Hey... Can I speak to you... um... in private?" Logan asked me. I nodded. We stepped away to a place no body was at. He looked as if he was nervous. "I was wondering if you would like to.... uh.... go... to the... dance with me?" He asked. Suddenly, my heart started beating out of my chest, and, I got butterflies in my stomach. Why am I feeling this way? "Y-Yes." I said while smiling. "Yes." He whispered to himself. He smiled.  "I was afraid you might of said no." He admitted. "How could I say no to a guy like you." I said. Where did that come from? He laughed. "I never knew you felt that way." He said. "Me either." I mumbled. We walked back to the table. Lexi pulled me away from everyone. "What's going on. Did he ask you to the dance?" Lexi asked excitedly. I nodded. "Did you say yes?" She asked. I nodded. She squealed. "I always knew you guys had a thing for each other." She said. "You knew before I even did." I admitted. She giggled. "Wait, what if he doesn't like me? Maybe he just asked me as a friend?" I said realizing he might not like me like that. "Really... Sky, of course he likes you like that! Have you seen the way he looks at you. It's not a friend kind of look, it's a 'I love you!' kind of look!" Lexi exclaimed. I giggled. We walked back over to everyone and Isabella was finally there. "Skylar, can I please speak to you?" Spencer asked. "Sure. What up with everyone wanting to speak to me?" I laughed. Everyone laughed, and Spencer and I walked away. "So, did Logan finally ask you out?" Spencer asked. "Well... he didn't ask me out but, he asked me to the dance..." I said. "Ugh... at least he did that.... That boy needs to man up, and ask you out already... I mean he won't shut up about you at home! Ops... I probably shouldn't told you that..." Spencer said. I blushed. So... he really does like me like that... "I didn't know if he really had feelings for me... or if he just asked me as a friend..." I said. "Are you kidding me! He freaking loves you! He has for years!" Spencer exclaimed. "Really... I never knew..." I said blushing. We walked back to the group. I smiled at Logan, and he blushed. The school day went by quickly and before I knew it, it was already lunch. Our group got our food, and went to our spot. "Logan. Let's talk." I said. He nodded, and we went somewhere private. "So... Logan... I wanted to know... If when you asked me to the dance if you meant... As friends or... As more than friends." I said. "What would you like?" Logan asked. "Well... If it's okay with you, I was wondering if more than friends would work..." I said. He quickly nodded. He looked into my eyes and down to my lips. I knew what he was thinking about doing but, probably too afraid to do. Kiss me. Suddenly, he lips crashed onto mine and I kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck, while he held my waist. Our lips moved in sync. I pulled back, smiled, and looked into his beautiful brown eyes. "I-I'm sorry... I couldn't help it..." He said letting go of my waist. "Don't be sorry..." I said smiling. He smiled back and kissed my neck. "W-will you maybe b-be my girlfriend." He asked. "Of course." I said. He kissed my neck again, and we walked back hand-in-hand. My lunch period went by, along with the rest of the school day, and it was soon the end of the day. I was at my locker packing my things, when Louis came up to me. "Hey... I was wondering if you would maybe... like to come to my party, tonight, starts at 9..." He said. "Oh... Uh... maybe... I'll think about it." I said. "Cool... see you there... maybe... Any of your friends can come..." He said and walked off. O.M.G. Did Louis Tomlinson really just invite me to HIS party? Wait- I'm with Logan now... I need to forget about Louis. But- It couldn't hurt going to his party. Could it? I drove back home. Mum, came back today while I was at school, and she was staying for a few days. She doesn't have a car, a limo drives her home. I unlocked the door, and walked inside. "Mum... I'm home!" I yelled. 

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