Change of Plans

When high-class Abigail Mitchell meets low-class Niall Horan her life turns up side down. And the rest you'll have to read to find out.

** Warning: Contains sexual scenarios.


1. Photograph

My hair flowed down gently against my back as maid experimented different hairdos for the evening. We sat in front of the mirror that took up about three quarters of my bedroom wall. The wooden edges were decorated with sparkling rubies. I whined as she pulled and tugged on my hair.

"Quit whining or you'll do you hair all on your own" She threatened.

"Can I?" I joked, glancing at her through the mirror.

She tugged even harder on my long strands of hair.

"So that's your way of doing things" I giggled.

"Has been for the last 15 years" she smiled, pulling my hair back into a tight ponytail.

Maid, or as I'd call her, Kate had arrived at our land when I was three years old. My mother decided to hire her to take care of me. Though mother was home each day, she rarely saw me, therefore that lead her to the conclusion that it should be someone else who spends the days with me. My way of thinking of mother is as a principal in a big school, I see her every once in a while when walking down the corridors of our home. At least that's what I think happens in school. I've been homeschooled my whole life but I like to think of my house as a school since it's as big as one.

"How's this one?" She asked, stepping back while admiring her creation in my hair.

I moved my head around, examining what she had done. About half my hair was pulled behind my ears and into a tight pony tail in the back while the rest was down, ends curled.

"I must say, I'm quite impressed" I said, playing around with the bouncy curls created in my hair.

"You know, I don't want to go to this thing" I sighed.

"You say that every year" she said disappointedly while searching through my walk-in closet.

I glanced out the window, imagining myself at this yearly event. Every year since I was 15 I had to attend this social gathering where my parents would see which rich person was right for me and soon enough plan out my wedding with that person. There's dancing, dining and many other things rich people do. No normal towns people are allowed inside, only those with a golden invitation worth millions of dollars are allowed in to this oh-so-special event. I hated going to it but to please my parents I attended each year.

"This one would look very nice for tonight" she said, returning with a long, pouffy ball gown.

"Alright I'll try it on" I sighed, standing up from my wooden stool. I wore only my undergarments as she helped me get into the gown.

"Stand straight" she demanded as she tightened the back of my dress, I straightened my back and sucked in my stomach.

I ran my hands down my sides, staring at my waist in the mirror. This gown was tight at the top then around my hip area it turned big and pouffy.

"Can I wear this shade on my lips?" I asked, grabbing my favourite lip colouring from my makeup table. Maid nodded and smiled as I applied the bright red colour on my lips.

I returned the item back to the table and stared at the picture that sat under my books. I pulled it out.

"What if I don't want to get married?" I asked quietly, admiring the photograph I held in my hand.

"Silly girl, you have to get married, you should be thankful your parents have picked such a wonderful gentleman for you" she answered.

"What if I don't want to marry the prince? What if I want to marry someone else?" I asked, still holding the picture.

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