And Then They Found Me

Kat has been through so much in her life. From her mum getting killed tragically, being abused maliciously by her dad and to top it all off...she's deaf. She now lives in an orphanage and is bullied by the head mistress and by some of the kids. Kat starts to give up all her dreams of becoming a singer and being loved by a family...that is until a certain boy band adopts her and gives her the love she so desperately deserves.


9. Welcome to the family


I'd like to thank everyone who has read this story so far I didn't expect y'all to like it. I'm very humbled by the kind words so thank you.


Niall's POV

 I was shocked. I mean when Ms. Pitt said Katherine was different and would be difficult to live with I was expecting her to be troubled or depressed but I didn't see that coming. I didn't know what to do. I looked at boys and their faces showed nothing put shocked expressions on them. I didn't understand we were given her file, and then it hit me she didn't have medical papers. I could tell she was confused and I had to say something so I did. "I'm sorry if we stare but we didn't know you were deaf. I'm sorry." I didn't know if she could understand me but she must've because she then started talking " No it's fine, you didn't know." We all nodded though the boys were still trying to process this in. Then she started talking again " Listen I can tell this is a big shock to you. I can also tell that you didn't bargain for this." She paused for a second trying to find the right words and I could see her eyes starting to get a little misty. " You guys are such wonderful people. Y you don't deserve me. Families don't w want children l like me. They want kids who can h hear. If any child you should've adopted S Sally. She deserves it more than me and she's obsessed with you. I don't f fit into your life. I'm not gonna be the key to your h happiness." She was  trying to hold back tears but they just fell and I my ached for her. I couldn't believe she thought of herself that way. My heart really went put for her.

Kat's POV

 I couldn't help it I tried not to cry but they fell. I looked down at feet so they didn't see my face. I was caught off guard when I was tackled to the floor in a giant group hug. We stayed this way for a few minutes until they broke off. Niall was the one to speak " I told Ms. Pitt that I didn't care how hard she'd be to live with I wanted to adopted her. If anything you most certainly deserve this. We want you here Katherine no matter what. No, you don't fit our complete them. Right now you are the only thing that is the key to my happiness. Your my daughter I'm not gonna abandon you." By now I was crying like crazy. I looked at the other boys and they were nodding with sad smiles their faces and I couldn't help but feel happiness. ". Thank you...much." I breathe out and I was then enveloped into another hug. We stayed they for another few minutes like that. Then we all break the hug and I'm given a question by Niall "Well you know that we all want you here. Do you wanna be here?" Then Liam finishes for him "What do ya Katherine? Will you adopt us?" I was too happy to say no so I just nodded my head with more tear coming down my face and were pulled into another hug. "Welcome to the family." Niall says before giving me a hug as well. "Thank you soooo much. I don't know what to say other than thank you. You can call me Kat by the way." I say and I gues Niall chilled because his back moved back and forth. I just smiled and closed my eyes and thought " I have a family and they absolutely, 100% wanted me.



  I'm sorry this chapter is very short and skimpy I'll do better next time, I promise. Please leave reviews I in courage it. Thank you and have a awesome night guys! It's 1:00AM here so I'm going to bed. Night guys!! 


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