And Then They Found Me

Kat has been through so much in her life. From her mum getting killed tragically, being abused maliciously by her dad and to top it all off...she's deaf. She now lives in an orphanage and is bullied by the head mistress and by some of the kids. Kat starts to give up all her dreams of becoming a singer and being loved by a family...that is until a certain boy band adopts her and gives her the love she so desperately deserves.


11. The Nightmare


Hey I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. Y'know school. Also I was watching 1D Day yesterday. I'm sad when it ended! Comment your thoughts about 1D Day. 


Kat's POV

***Beginning of Nightmare***

 My mom and I were outside having a wounderful time. We were laughing so much. Then I was chasing after something that rolled into the rode. I didn't see what was comin towards me. I looked up to see a big truck rig coming  towards me. I then found myself  on the ground. I turned around on my back and sat up quickly and let out a blood curtling scream. I then find myself on the floor with my dad hitting and kicking me in the stomache my arm getting stabbed. Me running to the neighbors house. The police  arresting my dad. My dad's last words to me before going jail, " I will always be in your nightmares you little bitch! I will find you someday!!" He was then pushed into the car and I couldn't help but cry and scream. Then I find my self on a bed with my dad cutting me and he's pouring alcohol on me and I start sobbing. He then gets all up in my face and whispers in my ear "I told you I would always be with you and that I would find you." With that I let out the most horrible scream I didn't know I could make.

***End of Nightmare***

Niall's POV

We were halfway through The Conjuring and the boys and I were enjoying it. I looked over at Kat and her eyes were open wide of fright but before I could ask her she was ok she got up and said goodnight to us and we said goodnight in return. I couldn't help but smile to myself. She was such a beautiful girl. I'm so glad she's mine. When the movie ended the boys and I said our goodnight as well. I was really looking forward to tomorrow. Though something was troubling me. I didn't know about Kat's past yet. What happened to her parents? I then shrugged it off and did my nightly ritual before I go to bed. I then buried myself in the comforters and I was half asleep when I heard the most terrible scream I've ever heard in my life. I practically jumped out of my bed and sprinted to Kat's room with the lads close behind me. When we were in her room she was sobbing and screaming. She was having a nightmare. I ran to her and I just enveloped her in my arms and started rocking her back and forth whispering "shhhh sh sh. It's ok. Your ok. I'm here." She woke and she looked at me and started crying again. I looked over at the boys and there was shock and confused and worry all over their faces. "God what happened you?" I said.  

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